“The Pizza Hut” 5k Handicap Race Results

Tom Waters Wins Major Club Event

This year’s “The Pizza Hut” Annual 5 k. Handicap was the closest in overall terms yet . We have had several close finishes but this was a scintillating race, with the lead changing about five times in the last 600 metres, as the backmarkers caught the rest of the field, and twice in the last 130 metres. Richard Sloane who improved his best time by 26 seconds from 1998, and Tina Takagaki, who were the frontmarkers, took it in turns to lead the race for over four kilometres, with the lead changing hands on a number of occasions. Then, with 800 metres to go, Wes Winsor surged to the lead, and appeared the likely winner. But with only 300 metres or so to travel, and almost within sight of the finish line, first Tom Waters and then Marcus Tierney claimed the lead. Tom Waters sat back behind Marcus Tierney, until around 80 metres from the finish and then unleashed a powerful finishing kick to eclipse his opponent by two or three metres.

Both runners slashed the times which they had recorded in 1998, with Marcus recording the fastest-ever time in the eight years this event has been run. He improved his time by a massive 44 seconds from last year in recording the extremely impressive performance of 14 m. 34 s. Tom Waters has run this event many times previously, last year running 16 m. 46, a modest performance. But over the last year, Tom has improved his race performances enormously, running brilliantly in the 1500 m. and other distances, repeatedly setting Personal Bests during the Track season. He sliced an enormous 68 seconds off his ’98 time to record the winning time of 15 m. 38 s. Just behind the first two placegetters, was Wes Winsor, who improved his ’98 performance by 26 seconds, finishing 12 seconds behind Tierney for third, followed by Chris O’Connor, fourth, four seconds further back and Graeme Olden, fifth, one second behind O’Connor. This was a rare year with Graeme Olden, perennial fastest runner in the field, being eclipsed by Marcus Tierney’s brilliant effort. Graeme must have been dealt with leniently by the handicapper, as he recorded one of his highest placings.

There were a number of other fine performances in the race. These included Adam Pepper’s best ever performance, timewise, in this race. Four runners outside the top 5 broke 17 minutes – Phil Pelgrim, who surprised himself with a meritorious run (16 m. 51), Jamie Strudley, returning to form (16 m. 49), Sam Hassett, a former winner, (16 m. 18), and Simon Bromley (16 m. 40). Other younger runners, Nathan Roberts, David Tyler and Tim Renowden also showed promise. Michael Bourne, twice a previous winner, recorded his fastest time this year. Well done, Michael! Congratulations to Marion Gamble who was the fastest female this year (20 m. 13). It was pleasing to see Ian Jones and his nephew, Nick, compete, and also Noel Dunstan’s return to racing, after a frustrating run with injury.

Thanks to Jamie Strudley for his exceptional efforts gaining sponsorship from “The Pizza Hut” Doncaster, “The Pancake Parlour” Doncaster, and “New Balance”. These companies were very supportive of Box Hill and are thanked for their sponsorship. Thanks to Doug Bourne for his generous donation of prizes for leading runners. “McDonalds” at Box Hill Central were also extremely generous to the club with the provision of prizes in offering over one hundred and fifty prizes for competitors. Thanks also to Stuart Livingston and Angela Robbie for their preparation for the after-race function.

We strongly encourage club members to support Club sponsors. They won’t help us if we don’t support them.

Actual race performances

PlaceNameElapsed TimeEst. Race TimeHandicapAct. race time
1.Tom Waters25 m. 2316 m. 159:4515 m. 38
2.Marcus Tierney25 m. 2415 m. 1010:5014 m. 34
3.Wes Winsor25 m. 3619 m. 156:4518 m. 51
4.Chris O’Connor25 m. 4016 m. 509:1016 m. 30
5.Graeme Olden25 m. 4115 m. 2510:3515 m. 06
6.Nathan Roberts25 m. 4317 m. 308:3017 m. 13
7.David Tyler25 m. 4517 m. 458:1517 m. 30
8.Adam Pepper25 m. 4917 m. 308:3017 m. 19
9.Phil Pelgrim26 m. 0116 m. 509:1016 m. 51
10.Jamie Strudley26 m. 0416 m. 359:2516 m. 39
11.Sam Hassett26 m. 0816 m. 109:5016 m. 18
12.Marion Gamble26 m. 1320 m. 006:0020 m. 13
13.Richard Sloane26 m. 1621 m. 454:1522 m. 01
14.Tina Takagaki26 m. 1721 m. 454:1522 m. 02
15.Ian Jones26 m. 2019 m. 406:2020 m. 00
16.Dave Boyd26 m. 2417 m. 408:2018 m. 04
17.Elizabeth Bird26 m. 2521 m. 005:0021 m. 25
18.Nick Jones26 m. 3018 m. 207:4018 m. 50
19.Simon Bromley26 m. 3016 m. 109:5016 m. 40
20.Tim Renowden26 m. 3216 m. 309:3017 m. 02
21.Michael Bourne26 m. 4120 m. 006:0020 m. 41
22.Noel Dunstan26 m. 5219 m. 106:5019 m. 52
23.Kerry Walker27 m. 0921 m. 005:0022 m. 09
24.Simon McGuinness27 m. 2020 m. 105:5019 m. 00
25.Tim Conrad27 m. 4717 m.009:0018 m. 47

History of the race

Previous WinnersFastest Time
1992Leigh Miller17 m. 06Graeme Olden14 m. 56
1993Nick Luxton16 m. 48Graeme Olden15 m. 09
1994Dale Bickham17 m. 16Scott Jackson15 m. 08
1995Sam Hassett18 m. 38Graeme Olden15 m. 17
1996Michael Bourne24 m. 40Graeme Olden15 m. 27
1997Michael Bourne20 m. 50Glenn Tooze15 m. 58
1998Ashley Boyd20 m. 11Graeme Olden15 m. 07
1999Tom Waters15 m. 38Marcus Tierney14 m. 34