Training Rules for Hagenauer Reserve

** Click here for a copy of the training rules outlined below **



  • Health and safety of all track users.
  • Fair and efficient use of the track and facilities.
  • To minimize wear and tear on the track.
  • To create an enjoyable, inclusive atmosphere for training.


  1. No training should be conducted in lane one.
  2. Whenever it is practical, run-throughs should be done in the back straight.
  3. Starting practice should not be done from the 100m start line or any other place that is showing wear.
  4. Hurdles should not be placed in any of the inside four lanes.
  5. Equipment should not be left on the track after use. Hurdles should be returned to the concrete blocks beside the track, starting blocks and throwing implements should be returned to the store room immediately after use.
  6. The weight room should be left in a neat and tidy manner with weights returned to the racks provided.
  7. Extreme caution should be used when crossing the infield, particularly when throws training is taking place.
  8. All athletes should show caution when using the track and field and be aware of any possible obstacles or dangers.
  9. Young children are not allowed on the track or infield unless supervised by an adult.
  10. Whenever others are using the track, running should be done in an anti-clockwise direction.
  11. Runners should move to the outside lanes when jogging or walking recoveries in between repetitions.
  12. Balls should not be kicked or thrown close to where other athletes are training.
  13. The last person to leave the track should make sure that internal lights are switched off and that all doors and gates are locked shut.
  14. All track users are expected to act in a courteous and cooperative manner, respecting the rights of others.


  1. Coaches are expected to advise their athletes of these Rules.
  2. If athletes are not following the Rules, please remind them in a polite and courteous manner.
  3. If they continue to ignore the Rules, please report the matter to the Club Committee. Immediate action need only be taken if the action is presenting a danger to the safety of other track users.