Club 10 Mile Championships

Running in pretty ordinary cold and wet conditions, with a blustery wind hitting runners in the face in various parts of the paved course, four runners contested this year’s race, although 11 Box Hill people were down on the course to support, compete or train.  Dale Bickham raced away with the title this year, improving his time by nearly 5 minutes from 2002 on the course, which runs adjacent to the Eastern Freeway.  Chris Bunney was very competitive, trailing Dale in by the small margin of 16 seconds, with Graeme Olden placing third in 56:23.  Chris O’Connor had a fast paced training run to finish fourth.  Others to run were Joc Keage and Jess de Bruin, who started a few minutes earlier.  Tom Waters, Amanda Harper, and Megan and Ian Sloane also ran part of the course.

Thanks to Julie Milner for standing out in freezing conditions to take times and offering words of encouragement to the participants.

10 km 10 miles
1. Dale Bickham 34:15 55:00
2. Chris Bunney 34:18 55:16
3. Graeme Olden 34:38 56:23
4. Chris O’Connor 38:00 62:59

Also running the full course:

Joc Keage                        74:24
Jess de Bruin                        74:24