Club 10 Mile Championship

A larger than normal group assembled for the 2005 Frank Tutchener 10 mile championship and the inaugural running of the Women’s 5 mile championship on Sunday 19 June. Seventeen starters lined up in somewhat miserable conditions at the Frank Sedgeman reserve in Box Hill North adjacent to the Freeway. Chris O’Connor laid out the new course this year (and is thanked for his efforts in doing so).

Andrew White was victorious after a reasonable close race where he was pursued by Graeme Olden and Chris O’Connor. David Jimenez has commenced racing again after a long layoff with pneumonia and it was great to see him return to contest this race, where he finished fourth. David distinguished himself by running faster for the second half of the race that for the first 5 miles.

The women’s 5 mile race had numerous competitors, with Fiona Turner proving victorious from Alice Baquie, recently returned from overseas. Alice looks to be in tremendous form, actually running the full 10 mile distance in a very even time. Jess de Bruin was placed third, closely followed in by Haley Tomlinson, and Joc Keage.

Many thanks to Julie Milner and Chris O’Connor for providing breakfast after the race for those athletes who returned to the club. Thanks also to Julie Milner for her efforts in recording and encouraging athletes.

Full Results

 Name        5 mile time    10 mile time    Place
Andrew White    28:51          57:53          1
Graeme Olden    29:16          58:45          2
Chris O’Connor  29:31          59:32          3
David Jimenez   30:40          61:19          4
Chris Wall      32:03
Fiona Turner    32:10                         1  (5 mile)
Alice Baquie    32:19          64:40          5  (Second in Women’s 5 mile)
Alan Craigie    32:28          65:00          6
Jess de Bruin   33:34                         3  (5 mile)
Haley Tomlinson 34:10                         4  (5 mile)
Joc Keage       34:13                         5  (5 mile)
Adam Pepper     34:51          72:34          7
Kate Wall       37:20                         6  (5 mile)
Kerry Putt      37:33                         7  (5 mile)
Kylie King      37:43                         8  (5 mile)
Megan Sloane    39:50                         9  (5 mile)

Chris Hamer also started and ran part of the course but did not complete the race.