Road Relays – Sandown

Congratulations to everyone who competed for the club at the Sandown relays on Saturday 9th July 2005. As the weather changed from cold and wet to cold and wet and windy, Box Hill athletes performed well in both the men’s and women’s senior and junior competition.

Highlights of the day included a run away win by our under 18 boys, a good win in the men’s division 4 and a steady 4th place in men’s division 1.

Although times were generally slow on the day there were still a number of excellent individual performances.

Special thanks to Julie Milner, Doug Bourne and Simon Bromley who braved possible exposure! by acting as officials for the day.

Thanks also to Lachlan Aspinall and Chris Wall who stood out in the cold as timekeepers after they had run.

Men’s Division 1

Ballarat YCW called up their veterans, Steve Moneghetti and Shaun Creighton and lead most of the way to win from Glenhuntly, with Geelong region in 3rd place and Box Hill 4th.

Although our team was not at full strength, we had an even team performance in very tough conditions.

NAME            Lap 1   Lap 2    TIME
Alan Craigie    9:31    10:10   19:41
Simon Watson    9:44    10:36   20:20
John Meagher    9:40     9:56   19:36
Daniel Clark   10:18    10:19   20:37
Andrew White    9:55    10:02   19:57
Adrian Vincent 10:04    10:12   20:16

Men’s Division 4

Box Hill had strong opposition from Doncaster, but a good start by Lachlan Aspinall kept us in touch and a strong run by Marcus Tierney (claiming to be unfit) gave us a lead which was extended to about 50 seconds in the end.

NAME             Lap 1   Lap 2   TIME
Lachlan Aspinall 10:11   10:29   20:40
Tim Renowden     10:27   10:40   21:07
Marcus Tierney   10:08   10:05   20:13
Graeme Olden     10:39   10:39   21:18
Chris O’Connor   10:55   10:41   21:36

Men’s Division 7

In his first winter of competition Chris Wall showed continued improvement running the first leg. He handed over to Luke Yeatman who ran 2 laps, only to find there was no one to hand off to… he ran another 2 laps hoping that maybe our 4th runner might show. After 12.4km Luke decided that was enough for the day.

NAME             Lap 1   Lap 2   TIME
Chris Wall       11:31   11:52   23:23
Luke Yeatman     11:41   11:11   22:53
Luke Yeatman       ?       ?      ??

Men’s Under 18

Our under 18 team always looked like winners. Navin Arunasalam handed over to Steve Kelly in equal first place and Steve and Chris Hamer extended the lead on each lap.

NAME             TIME
Navin Arunasalam    9:55
Steve Kelly         9:39
Chris Hamer         9:27

Women’s Division 2

With a number of runners unavailable, we still managed to put out a competitive team which finished in third place. Amanda Harper continued her best ever form, Jess De Bruin ran a strong second leg and Jocelyn Keage ran well after working a night shift and 3 hours sleep!

NAME            Lap 1   Lap 2    TIME
Amanda Harper   12:34   12:21   24:55
Jess De Bruin   12:01   12:24   24:25
Jocelyn Keage   12:38   12:18   24:56

Women’s Division 3

Kylie King put in a good performance for her first ever race, Inge Magher struggled with a back problem and Megan Sloane back from illness completed the team.

NAME            Lap 1   Lap 2    TIME
Kylie King      15:26   14:31   29:57
Inge Magher     15:15   15:58   31:13
Megan Sloane    13:31   13:33   27:04

Women’s Under 18

Again a number of runners were unavailable over the school holidays, but our girls competed well, with Harriet Hodgkinson running a good time in the worst of the conditions.

NAME                   TIME
Kate Wall             12:35
Anna Drutschinin      13:06
Harriet Hodgkinson    12:05