Ballarat Cross Country

The 8 km cross country returned to Ballarat University at Mt Helen on August 4th. Eight senior male and three senior female athletes journeyed to Ballarat, together with a number of juniors in various age groups, competing on the undulating grassed course which was soft and muddy in various parts.

The women’s race was over quickly, as Anna Thompson quickly strode clear of Lisa Jane Weightman. The only real interest was by how much Thompson would win and who would place third. Kate Seibold Crosbie defeated Anna Worland for third. Only three Box Hill athletes completed. Rachel Johnson and Amanda Harper looked to run well up to expectation and they both placed well, in 25th and 29th positions respectively in a small field. Megan Sloane placed 53rd and was one of the leading overage athletes.

The Under 20 Box Hill Men’s team was successful in winning the team’s event. The team consisting of Duayne Christou, Navin Arunasalam and Ruben Arunasalam defeated rivals Knox by one point in a very tight contest. Duayne won the individual silver medal and Navin won the bronze medal in a very pleasing result.

Kate Wall also impressed in her race, the Under 20 women’s race, placing fourth with a very steady run. She started well and held her form through out the race, and her supporters urged her to try and pick up 3rd place, but her opponent had too much of a lead. This was Kate’s best performance for Box Hill to date, and promises well for the future.

The four lap course men’s attracted around 325 senior competitors. At the front of the field, Lee Troop, Collis Birmingham, Liam Adams and Andrew White (holding sixth or seventh position) were prominent in the group which broke away from the rest of the field. John Meagher was, holding 19t h or 20th position, with a small margin between him and Daniel Clark. Adrian Vincent was prominent, a little further behind these two. Paul Boxshall and Liam Rourke were also near the front end for the field. Graeme Olden, 64th, was next, followed by Bill Dyer, who was mid-field, with Scott Boxshall completing the Box Hill contingent.

By the time the leading runners reached the finish for the first time, prior to completing their second lap, Birmingham and Troop were effectively moving clear of other runners. Andrew White looked assured of a top 10 finish in the somewhat depleted field. The other Box Hill runners looked to be holding their ground, although Daniel Clark seemed to look strained. Troop and Birmingham broke clear by the end of the third lap and would fight out the race between them. Andrew White moved up to fourth place and John Meagher was running a steady race in around 20th position. Daniel Clark drifted back a bit as the early effort told on him. Adrian Vincent also appeared to be over a difficult period and was running steadily. Paul Boxshall was around 55th a little ahead of Liam Rourke who has also suffered from early exertion, but steadied. He was within sight of Graeme Olden. The other Box Hill runners were further back in the field.

In the concluding stages of the race, Birmingham surged up the rises and got the better of Troop who was also running strongly. Birmingham increased the slender margin to a 26 second victory. Liam Adams held onto 3rd place in an impressive effort. Clinton Perrett and Brad Dyson booth passed Andrew White in the last lap relegating Andrew to 6th place, which was one of his best winter placings. Other Box Hill athletes maintained their relative placing s in the last lap and their positions are published below. Box Hill’s Division 1 team placed third (and the 40+ contingent was 4th).


Open Men
1. Collis Birmingham  Eureka       24:42
2. Lee Troop          Geelong      25:08
3. Liam Adams         Essendon     25:27
4. Clinton Perrett    Mentone      25:45
5. Brad Dyson         Glenhuntly   25:52
6. Andrew White       Box Hill     26:01
19. John Meagher      Box Hill     27:02
30. Daniel Clark      Box Hill     27:28
31. Adrian Vincent    Box Hill     27:33
51. Paul Boxshall     Box Hill     28:27
66. Liam Rourke       Box Hill     29:23
75. Graeme Olden      Box Hill     29:40
160. William Dyer     Box Hill     32:29
194. Scott Boxshall   Box Hill     33:21

Men Division 1 
1. Glenhuntly              94 points
2. Geelong Region         127
3. Box Hill               203

Men 40 Plus
1. Keilor St Bernards      24 points
2. Ballarat YCW Harriers   33
3. Athletics Waverley      50
4. Box Hill Athletic Club  57

Men Under 20
Individual Results
1.Sam Crowther      Knox      12:46
2.Duayne Christou   Box Hill  13:30
3.Navin Arunasalam  Box Hill  13:41
8.Ruben Arunasalam  Box Hill  14:56
Team Results
1 Box Hill Athletic Club   13 points
2 Knox Athletic Club       14

Women Under 20
4. Kate Wall        Box Hill  16:47

Open Women
25. Rachel Johnson  Box Hill  24:45
29. Amanda Harper   Box Hill  25:06
53. Megan Sloane    Box Hill  26:50

Under 14 Men
14. Mitchell Dyer   Invitation 7:41

Under 16 Men
17. Jackson Dyer    Invitation 12:48