Club 10 Mile Championship

On Sunday 20th August a large group of athletes and supporters assembled at the Frank Sedgeman Reserve to run the club’s 10 mile championship or to opt for the shorter 8 Kilometre distance.

In sunny, cool conditions 17 runners started out at just after 9:00 running on the path which runs next to the Freeway. Andrew White and Chris Hamer quickly established a lead over other runners, with Graeme Olden, Bill Dyer and David Jimenez holding the next positions. The course covered just over 8 kilometres and runners needed to run two laps to complete the full distance. At the halfway point Andrew White and Chris Hamer were running stride for stride and held a 1:10 break over Graeme Olden in third place.

Later in the race Chris Hamer stretched the tempo to gain a break over Andrew White and Chris gradually increased the pace after opening up the initial break. Crossing the line in 54:40, Chris won the 2006 Frank Tutchener 10 mile championship and joined many illustrious predecessors in winning the trophy. Andrew White completed the course in 56:51 to place second, and Graeme Olden recorded the time of 59:18 to finish third. Bill Dyer and Dave Featherston were next over the line, followed by Chris Wall and Wes Windsor.

Megan Sloane was the first female to complete the course running 74:20 in her Sunday morning training run. Davis Jimenez completed one lap of the course and was first over the line in the shorter race, followed by Jess de Bruin and Kate Wall.

Thanks to Julie Milner for assisting with officiating, photography and providing breakfast and to Ian Sloane for recording times.


10 Mile Championship  5 mile split   10 Mile time
1. Chris Hamer          27:56           54:40
2. Andrew White         27:56           56:51
3. Graeme Olden         29:06           59:18
4. Bill Dyer            31:02           65:42
5. Dave Featherston     34:04           67:03
6. Chris Wall           34:04           67:52
7. Wes Windsor          35:25           72:30
8. Megan Sloane         37:44           74:20

5 Mile race
1. David Jimenez        31:27
2. Jess de Bruin        33:00
3. Kate Wall            34:41
4. Maggie Connelly      37:31
5. John Mullally        37:50
6. Kerry Putt           38:13
7. Priscilla Barrington 39:03
8. Liz Dobson           39:03