Sandown Road Races

Box Hill AC fielded 17 male athletes in the men’s 10 K road championship and 8 in the women’s 10 K race, held on Saturday 13th May at Sandown Race Course. The Sandown race comprises three plus laps of the 3.1 kilometre course, with the start 700 metres from the finish at the bottom of the home straight. Weather conditions were cool but fine.


The women’s race was run simultaneously with the men’s race. Box Hill was represented by Alice Baquie, Rachel Johnson, Sarah Grahame, Fiona Turner, Jess de Bruin, Amanda Harper, Hayley Tomlinson and Megan Sloane. In the Men’s race we saw Andrew White, Daniel Clark, Steve Dineen, John Meagher, Barry Lynch, Adrian Vincent, Simon Watson, Duayne Christou, Ruben Arunasalam, Dipnall, Graeme Olden, John Vaitkunas, long-time member Bill Dyer, Barry Whittle and Brett Nuske.

Alice Baquie ran off from the start extremely fluently, exhibiting great cadence, in touch with a number of the leading women. Anna Thompson soon broke clear from Kylie Dick and Lisa Jane Weightman. Rachel Johnson looked like she was enjoying herself, and was performing strongly a little further back, just behind Sarah Grahame our well credentialed junior. Fiona Turner, Jess de Bruin, Hayley Tomlinson and Amanda Harper were just behind these two. Further back was Megan Sloane.

ResultsAlice continued to run really well during the race, finishing a close 5th, two seconds behind Kylie Dick of Doncaster, who was 4th. The winner, Anna Thompson, Glenhuntly, pulled away from Lisa Jane Weightman, Ringwood, second, early in the race and Robyn Millard, APS, was third. Box Hill’s other female competitors continued to run well, especially Rachel Johnson who looks likely to enjoy a very strong winter season. The Section 1 team combined to secure second place and the Section 2 team placed third, good results for Box Hill.


The Men’s race, although competitive until the end, appeared to lack depth and the leading times were modest by comparison to previous years on this relatively fast, although unprotected course. Leading Runners at the end of the first lap included Rod de Highden, Toby Rayner, Craig Semple who took the lead, Michael Chettle, Rowan Walker, Magnus Michelsson, Lee Troop, Liam Addams and Andrew White from Box Hill was tucked in the leading bunch, holding seventh place. Daniel Clark, who later withdrew with a breathing difficulty, John Meagher and Steve Dineen were running in close proximity to each other. A little further back was Barry Lynch, followed by Adrian Vincent, with a long gap to Simon Watson, returning from Achilles problems, Sam Dipnall and Duayne Christou.

The leading bunch hadn’t changed greatly at the conclusion of the second lap, although several athletes had become detached, and Lee Troop had exerted his influence, and Michael Chettle was responding with Andrew White in contact but not looking as comfortable as he had been in the first lap.

A sprint finish occurred to decide the race with Lee Troop outlasting Toby Rayner by five or so metres with Rowan Walker a further five or six metres further back. Andrew White led in Box Hill’s fourth placed Division 1 team, slipping back to 10th place, a creditable performance. Steve Dineen moved past John Meagher in the final lap to record one of his highest placings, 19th, from John Meagher, 20th. Adrian Vincent ran a solid third lap to place 34th, with Barry Lynch fading in the third lap, 47th. Duayne Christou, 96th completed the Division 1 team.

The official results seemed at variance with the running watch times at the finish, so athletes who timed themselves might do well to rely on their own time.

Leading Open Men’s 10 K Road Performances

Athlete Club Time
1 Lee Troop Geel 29:58
2 Toby Rayner GH 29:59
3 Rowan Walker Geel 30:00
4 Michael Chettle GH 30:10
5 Liam Adams Ess 30:12
6 Rod De Highden Don 30:13
7 Magnus Michelsson Coll 30:22
8 Craig Semple GH 30:29

Box Hill Performances (note that Lap 1 times include the extra distance from the start)
Open Men’s 10 K Road

Position Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Race time
10 Andrew White 11:25 20:59 30:51
19 Stephen Dineen 11:41? 21:35 31:24
20 John Meagher 11:39 21:34 31:26
34 Adrian Vincent 12:02 22:16 32:11
47 Barry Lynch 11:59 22:19 32:42
94 Simon Watson 12:32 23:16 34:17
96 Duayne Christou 12:52 23:42 34:20
107 Ruben Arunasalam 12:53 23:51 34:39 (7th U20)
118 Sam Dipnall 12:42 23:51 34:56
122 Graeme Olden 12:57 23:52 34:59
186 John Vaitkunas 13:37 25:02 36:33
280 Bill Dyer 14:04 25:40 38:22
316 Christopher Wall 15:18 27:20:00 39:07 (Inv)
395 Barry Whittle 17:18 28:16 41:02
562 Brett Nuske 16:53 ? 46:03
Teams Division 1
1. Glen Huntly   70
2. Doncaster     85
3. Geelong      147
4. Box Hill     190
5. Knox         299
6. APS          356

Division 3
1. Glen Huntly  445
2. Mel. Uni     609
3. Geelong      646
4. APS          738
5. Mentone      765
6. Box Hill     793

Men’s 40+
1. Keilor St Bernards 23 
2. APS United         37 
3. Box Hill           58 
Open Women Name Lap 1 Lap 2 Final
5 Alice Baquie 13:16 24:15 35:23
21 Rachel Johnson 14:28 26:30 38:11
30 Sarah Grahame 14:23 27:05 39:12
33 Fiona Turner 14:34 27:05 39:30
(350) Hayley Tomlinson 14:39 27:21 39:45 (Inv)
35 Amanda Harper 14:54 27:24 39:52
43 Jessica De Bruin 14:54 27:45 40:40
57 Megan Sloane 15:50 28:59 41:58
Teams Division 1
1. Glenhuntly 48
2. Box Hill   89
3. Eureka     99

Teams Division 2
1. Geelong    67
2. Traralgon 127
3. Box Hill  136

Under 16 5K Men
13 Danny Krause  19:47

Under 20 5K Women
5 Kate Wall 20:26