Tan Relays

In another fantastic conclusion to the Winter Season, Box Hill came away with wonderful results, probably the equal of the sensational performance recorded in 2005, on Saturday 16th September at the second Tan Relay competition.

Box Hill men performed remarkably winning the Silver medal in Section 1, winning the Section 3 and the Section 5 relay events, and placing second in Section 7. The Under 20 men won the silver medal in a very fine even team performance and the Under 18 won the state title, winning the Gold medal in a tremendous race. Congratulations to all members of the team. First or second in every event is a tremendous result.

The Women’s Section 1 team finished sixth, whilst the Section 2 team placed 10th. Congratulations to the Under 20 women’s team won the state title, winning the Gold medal. Our second Under 20 women’s team placed sixth. What a day!!

There were some magnificent individual performance and a large number of Box Hill runners recorded a Personal Best Tan time. Several athletes, including Steve Kelly, Daniel Clark and Steve Dineen improved their times from 2005 by over 20 seconds, a remarkable achievement.

The Tan Relays see each runner in the team run one lap of the Tan track. The fastest time recorded for a lap was run by Craig Mottram, not in the Tan Relays, over 12 months ago, in around 10 minutes 10 seconds. This year’s fastest lap was run by Collis Birmingham (Eureka) in 10 m. 52 s.

Weather conditions were ideal, sunny and still, for the second consecutive year after a dull start to the morning. The race commenced from near the Swan Street Bridge at 9.00 a.m. for the men and 9.05 a.m. for the women. Our Under 18 Men’s team made a brilliant start with Damian Nugent running the amazing time of 11:59 for his circuit. Danny Krause, aged 14, was running out of his age group and ran very well in the second leg. Mark Poli also ran really impressive leg to overtake the leading team and win the race, in a barnstorming effort. Our Under 20 Men’s team also ran very well, led off by Ruben Arunasalam. Duayne Christou ran a very solid leg and also recorded the team’s fastest lap. Navin Arunasalam anchored the team and claimed the Silver medal. These were two fine team performances which our club is extremely proud of. Well done to all team members. The Under 20 Women also excelled themselves, with Sarah Grahame, Sarah Cant and Kate Wall combining to win the race conclusively, with very closely matched times for each of their laps. Each of these young women has great potential and we look forward to seeing even better things in 2007 from them. Our second team comprised of Harriet Hodgkinson, Priscilla Barrington and Hayley Tomlinson also did well and ran 6th. Congratulations to our winning team members.

We have commented about the great potential we have in our junior teams and this was confirmed again today with these results. We have high hopes of continued success in future years.

Our Division 1 Women’s team was comprised of Jess de Bruin, Amanda Harper, Georgie Davies and Rachel Johnson. They finished sixth. Rachel ran a very good lap, breaking 14 minutes.

Our Division 2 team placed 10th, with Inge Watson, Kris Hopkins and Suzanne Andrews representing Box Hill.

We had four Senior Men’s teams competing, which was very pleasing to have such depth. Even better was the result, with Box Hill winning two Divisions and placing second in the others. This was a great result and a fitting finish to the season.

Daniel Clark was our first runner in the Men’s Division 1 race and he improved his race time dramatically from 2005 by 42 seconds, a stunning improvement. Daniel chased in Grant Schmidlechner (Doncaster) and the Knox athlete, handing over to Andrew White in third place in Division 1, 15 seconds behind the two leading clubs. Collis Birmingham (Eureka), Liam Adams (Essendon) and Clint Perrett (Mentone) were the quickest athletes in the competitive first leg, all running for Division 2 and 3 teams. This was a workmanlike beginning to our race, keeping in touch with the leaders, and well clear of Geelong and Glenhuntly, whom with Doncaster, we expected to be the strongest competitors on the day, but were well back in the field.

Andrew White was our second runner in Division 1, and he performed very well, recording our second fastest leg time, but remaining in 3rd place behind Doncaster and Knox, but clear of Melbourne University who had a faster leg. Geelong, Glenhuntly and other Division 1 teams, were some distance behind Box Hill, and we looked like we would be in contention for a medal at this stage.

Matt Coloe ran the third leg, running solidly, sprinting right to the line 23 seconds behind his Knox opponent and 41 seconds down on Doncaster, the leaders. Geelong and Glenhuntly both made up significant ground on our team with fast legs from Toby Rayner (GH) and Rowan Walker (Geel.) who both ran around 11 minutes 14 for the lap to be 22 seconds down on Box Hill. APS and Melbourne University dropped out of contention in this leg. Steve Kelly was next off for Box Hill. In this leg Doncaster stretched their lead to a minute over Know and Steve hauled in Knox to be only 11 seconds behind the silver medal position. However, Glenhuntly and Geelong were only 10 seconds behind us in equal fourth position, and there was real competition for second to fifth places. Spectators were offering strong support for their club mates because it was so close. Steve gave it everything through to the line holding onto third place and Steve Dineen set off on his leg. Steve ran a very impressive race in the National Cross Country several weeks earlier, so was very confident of his form. He reduced the deficit behind Knox to seven seconds, and extended our lead to 32 seconds over Glenhuntly and Geelong who were running stride for stride in fourth and fifth. Doncaster, however, held a lead over Box Hill of 72 seconds.

Our last runner was Chris Hamer, who had performed brilliantly in the inaugural running of the relays in 2005. He quickly passed his Knox opponent, who dropped out of contention by the top of Anderson Street, and then set about working on catching Adrian Patti, Doncaster’s final runner. He reduced the deficit to approximately 50 seconds at the conclusion of the lap, and brought Box Hill into clear second place. He extended the gap over Geelong from 10 seconds to 53 seconds. Geelong narrowly held off Glenhuntly for the Bronze medal position. Chris’s lap was the fastest time recorded by a Box Hill athlete on the day. The times of our Division 1 athletes were very even with only 16 seconds separating them. Our Division 1 team was a young team and this suggests that next year will be a very good one.

We won both Division 3 and Division 5 Men’s races, a mighty effort, with some outstanding individual efforts. In Section 3, three runners bettered 12 minutes which was the reason why Box Hill won by such a big margin. John Meagher, Barry Lynch and Alan Craigie all performed especially well, which kept the pressure on the Division 1 runners, although the teams had been graded accurately. The Division 5 team was simply too strong for the opposition and Lachlan Aspinall, who recorded the team’s fastest time, Tim Heron and Graeme Olden all broke 13 minutes to win the Division 5 race convincingly.

Our Division 7 team performed very well too, placing second to cap off an exceptional day. Michael Bourne, running the first leg, ran a tick over 13 minutes which was a good time for this section.

It seems the Tan Relays are definitely to Box Hill’s liking, given this impressive set of results.

Over the course of the season we have not replicated last year’s form, where we won second place and our placing will be fourth, behind Premiership winners Glenhuntly, Doncaster and Geelong. Our result at Ballam Park in the 16 K Cross Country was weak and we scored only two points, whereas in most other competitions we placed around fourth. The season did culminate with a highlight, and with such excellent juniors coming through, there is great potential for us to win the Winter season if we can get greater consistency. Our Women’s Division 1 team had been promoted after winning the Section 2 Premiership, and we lacked the depth and consistency from 2005. Our Division 3 Men’s team was competitive, but we missed fielding a team three times and were generally not as strong as Mentone and Nunawading. The simple truth is that we need every registered runner to represent Box Hill every competition, and then we will succeed.

Thanks to Doug Bourne and Julie Milner for officiating for the club as recorders and timekeepers. Your efforts were appreciated.


Men's Division 1 Individual Performances
Leg  Runner      Lap time  Pos  Leader’s time  BH time
1  Daniel Clark  11: 30     3     11:15         11:23
2  Andrew White  11: 26     3     22:34         22:56
3  Matt Coloe    11: 40     3     33:55         34:36
4  Steve Kelly   11: 41     3     45:06         46:17
5  Steve Dineen  11: 31     3     56:36         57:48
6  Chris Hamer   11: 25     2     68:22         69:13

Men's Division 1 Performance Running Sheet 
   Leg 1           Leg 2            Leg 3           Leg 4           Leg 5           Leg 6	
Don   11:15     Don     22:34    Don   33:55     Don   45:06     Don   56:36     Don   68:22
Knox  11:15     Knox    22:48    Knox  34:13     Knox  46:06     Knox  57:41     BH    69:13
BH    11:30     BH      22:56    BH    34:36     BH    46:17     BH    57:48     Geel  70:06
APS   11:33     M Uni   23:32    Geel  34:58     Geel  46:27     Geel  58:20     GH    70:11
GH    11:49     APS     23:36    GH    34:59     GH    46:27     GH    58:21     Knox  71:02
Geel  11:57     GH/Geel 23:44    APS   35:39     APS             M Uni 74:49

Men's Division 1 Placings
1. Doncaster   68:22
2. Box Hill    69:13
3. Geelong     70:06
4. Glenhuntly  70:11
Leading Times
Collis Birmingham    Eureka         10:52
Liam Adams           Aths Essendon  11:04
Clint Perrett        Mentone        11:04
Lachlan McArthur     Doncaster      11:11
Steve Moneghetti     Ballarat       11:12
Toby Rayner          Glenhuntly     11:14
Grant Schmidlechner  Doncaster      11:14

Men's Division 3 Times
John Meagher	11:49
Barry Lynch	11:42
Paul Boxshall	12:22
Simon Watson	12:15
Alan Craigie	11:59

Men's Division 3 Placings
1. Box Hill   62:36
2. Geelong    62:54
3. Mentone    63:48
Men's Division 5 Times
Tim Heron         12:36
Graham Craigie    13:21
Graeme Olden      12:54
Lachlan Aspinall  12:31

Men's Division 5 Placings 
1. Box Hill      51:22
2. Sandringham   51:49
3. APS           54:35

Men's Division 7 Times
Michael Bourne  13:05
Mitchell Milne  14:53
Barry Whittle   15:47
Brett Nuske     15:36

Men's Division 7 Placings 
1. Knox         59:13
2. Box Hill     59:21
3. Knox 2       60:43

Men's Under 20 Times 
Navin Arunasalam  12:35
Duayne Christou   12:27
Ruben Arunasalam  12:36

Men's Under 20 Placings
1. Knox          37:30
2. Box Hill      37:40
3. Ballarat YCW  39:11
Men's Under 18 Times
Damien Nugent   11:59
Danny Krause    14:56
Mark Poli       12:25
Men's Under 18 Placings
1. Box Hill         39:21
2. Williamstown     39:37
3. Ballarat Region  39:55

Women’s Division 1 Times
Jess De Bruin            15:15
Amanda Harper            14:49
George (Connell) Davies  14:59
Rachel Johnson           13:54

Women's Division 1 Placings
1. Knox         52:45
2. Sandringham  56:21
3. Eureka       56:25
6 Box Hill      58:56

Women's Division 2 Times
Inge Watson      17:04
Suzanne Andrews  16:08
Kris Hopkins     15:35

Women's Division 2 Placings
1. Geelong       42:54
2. Glenhuntly    42:56
3. Doncaster     44:12
10. Box Hill     48:42

Women's Under 20 Women’s Times
Sarah Grahame   14:27
Sarah Cant      14:34
Kate Wall       14:49

Team 2
Harriet Hodgkinson      15:17
Priscilla Barrington    16:36
Hayley Tomlinson        16:03

Team Placings
1. Box Hill    43:50
2. Geelong     46:06
3. Knox        46:19
6. Box Hill 2  48:47