Burnley Half Marathon

Box Hill had a good turn out for the longest of the AV winter premiership events at the Burnley Half Marathon on Sunday 9th September.

Andrew White ran a great race to finish 4th, while Steve Kelly also ran well in his first half marathon to finish in 12th place. Adrian Vincent and David Jiminez ran together for most of the race before Adrian pulled away in the conclduing stages to finish 19th, with David not far away in 21st place. Chris O’Connor gradually worked his way through the field to finish in 57th and help our Division 1 team into second place.

Amanda Harper ran a 2 minute PB to take 14th place in the women’s event.

Both our men’s and women’s division 1 teams finished in 2nd place.

Men’s Results

Men Division 1: Team 2nd
4.  Andrew White     1:08:24
12. Steve Kelly      1:12:13
19. Adrian Vincent   1:12:59
21. David Jiminez    1:13:17
57. Chris O’Connor   1:18:55

Men Division 3: Team 5th
92.  Graeme Olden    1:21:55
94.  John Vaitkunas  1:22:17
98.  Steve Dineen    1:22:30
155. Bill Dyer       1:27:41

Men Division 5: Team 3rd
164. Chris Wall      1:28:25
192. Barry Whittle   1:32:33
200. Scott Boxshall  1:33:55
240. Dave Stevens    1:43:38

Wes Windsor (INV)    1:30:50

Women’s Results

Women Division 1: Team 2nd
14. Amanda Harper    1:28:10
19. Rachel Johnson   1:29:59
21. Jocelyn Keage    1:30:44
45. Catherine Pease  1:39:09