Club 10 Mile Championship

This year’s annual Box Hill “Frank Tutchener” 10 mile Championship was held on the bike path from near the Frank Sedgeman Reserve. The conditions were benign, cool with little cloud.

A small group congregated for the start and women outnumbered the men. The race commenced at about 9.10 a.m. and four runners moved ahead of the rest of the pack. David Jiminez, who turned up just prior to the start took the early lead with John Vaitkunas, Graeme Olden and Chris O’Connor in close proximity. John was forced to stop in the early stages receiving a call from his work about a computer calamity but rejoined the race shortly after.

As the runners passed the finish point on the first of four occasions, David Jiminez held a lead of 8 seconds over Graeme Olden and Chris O’Connor. John Vaitkunas was 97 seconds further back. Erin Barlow was the first of the female competitors to come into sight – she was intending to run the five mile course, which she led in. The remaining four women competitors were bunched with Inge Watson and Amanda Harper running a pace ahead of Priscilla Barrington and Talitha Crawford, running again after injury.

David maintained his lead for the remainder of the race and by 41 seconds from John Vaitkunas, who picked up his tempo in the second have of the distance, overtaking Chris O’Connor and Graeme Olden in the concluding stages of the race. Chris O’Connor felt the effects of the Melbourne Marathon oin the concluding stages of the race. Amanda Harper was the leading female.


10 Mile Race          4km    8km   12km   16.09km
1. David Jiminez     15:10  30:31  46:22  62:26
2. John Vaitkunas    16:45  32:14  47:46  63:07
3. Graeme Olden      15:18  30:58  47:19  63 :25
4. Chris O’Connor    15:18  30:44  48:59  68:57
5. Amanda Harper     20:02  39:29  60:05  80:00

5 Mile Race
1. Erin Barlow       19:07  38:15
2. Inge Watson       20:02  39:19
3. Talitha Crawford  20:03  39:29  60:05
Priscilla Barrington 20:03  DNF