Sandown Road Race

Congratulations to Hayley Tomlinson, Chris Hamer and Matt Coloe, who all won medals at the state road racing championships at Sandown on Saturday 26th May 2007.

In the most favourable conditions for years, Box Hill had an excellent representation of runners and some very good individual results. There was a fairly strong headwind blowing into the runners’ faces in the back straight, but conditions were otherwise excellent, temperate and sunny.

The field was a very large one, and on starting a group of twenty-five runners established a break over the rest of the field after half on the first lap of the 3.2 k. course. Michaels Shelley broke clear before the end of the second lap and about 15 seconds adrift of him, Clint (Perrett (Mentone), David McNeill (Doncaster) and Richard Jeremiah (Deakin) were fighting out the minor placings. He maintained and extended his lead to win comfortably. Eventually, McNeill prevailed to place second, with Perrett finishing third, and Jeremiah fourth. Steve Moneghetti (Ball. YCW) entered and ran moderately following his participation in the great Ocean Road 45 k. “Marathon”, the preceding weekend. Lee Troop (Geelong) was in the same situation, and these two internationals finished 10th (30:10) and 11th (30:27) respectively.

We had strong male representation, with fourteen athletes in the senior men’s division. Unfortunately, several athletes who had entered failed to show up so we were weakened in our Division 1 team and were one short of finishing a third team.

Alan Craigie ran strongly the whole way to place 19th overall, just ahead of Chris Hamer one place back. Chris also ran very impressively, and was the second Under 20 athlete to finish behind Ben Ashkettle (Doncaster) who recoded 14th place. Andrew White continued his return to form and started of modestly, building his cadence and position through the race to be the third Box Hill athlete over the line (26th), slightly ahead of Daniel Clarke, twenty or so metres behind in 27th position. Matt Coloe also ran impressively to win the Bronze medal in the Under 20 race, and was 32nd overall. Next in was John Meagher who ran an even race to place 35th. David Jimenez was our 5th Division 1 competitor, followed in by Navin Arunasalam (Under 20) and Paul Boxshall, who completed our Division I team.

Our Under 20 men excelled themselves, with Chris Hamer placing second and Matt Coloe placing third as noted above. Navin Arunasalam also ran well to finish 79th overall and was probably in the top 10 of the Under 20 men. As runners were not wearing identifying tags it was difficult to separate out who was in the junior race as it was run as part of the senior race.

Jocelyn Keage was our best placed female athlete, completing the race in 40:03. Amanda Harper, Talitha Crawford and Christine Hopkins made up the Division 1 women’s team.

Men’s Results

Place   Name                          Finish time 
1       Michael Shelley (Inv)         29:20
2       David McNeill (Doncaster)			
3       Clint Perrett (Mentone)			
4       Richard Jeremiah (Geelong)			
19      Alan Craigie                  30:55
20      Chris Hamer(U/20)             30:56
26      Andrew White                  31:30
27      Daniel Clarke                 31:36
32      Matt Coloe (U/20)             31:51
35      John Meagher                  31:55
66      David Jimenez                 33:25
79      Navin Arunasalam (U/20)       33:59
83      Paul Boxshall                 34:00
99      Alex Diorietes (U/20)         34:35
131     Chris O'Connor                35:13
169     Andrew Robinson               36:10
181     John Vaitkunas                36:22
301     Scott Boxshall                39:02
316     David Ayers                   39:27
324     Bill Dyer                     39:35
322     Barry Whittle                 41:00
494     Adam Pepper                   44:13
566     Cameron Nagle (U/18)          46:49

Women’s Results

Place   Name                          Finish time
344	32  Joc Keage                     40:03
411	48  Amanda  Harper                41:27
490	70  Talitha Crawford              44:05
495	71  Kristine Hopkins              44:14
559	98  Priscilla Barrington          46:33

Underage 3000 m Road race
1       Hayley Tomlinson (U/20)       10:46
15      Liz Dobson (U/20)             12:21