Tan Relays

In a magnificent team display, Box Hill’s Division 1 team was victorious for the second time in three years at the Tan Relay meeting. Anchored by Andrew White, who ran the team’s fastest leg, a brilliant lap of 11 minutes 15 seconds and converted a one second deficit behind Geelong into a 38 second victory, the team was remarkably even in the lap times that our athletes ran.

Even better, Geelong has been practically unbeatable the whole year, so to finish the Winter season on such a high note was a tremendous achievement. An added bonus was the Division 3 team’s victory, opening up the possibility of a promotion to Division 2.

The Division 1 team got off to an excellent start with Daniel Clark being the second athlete in Division 1 to cross the line, 17 seconds in arrears to Ben Toomey (Knox). Daniel has had an impressive season this year, and improved his time from the 11:30 lap he ran last year and the 12:12 lap he ran the year before. Steve Dinneen took over and brought Box Hill up to first position, gaining a 20 second lead over Sandringham. Glenhuntly moved from 5th to 3rd just ahead of Knox, Geelong and Doncaster. He recorded the twelfth fastest lap of the day in the Senior men’s divisions. Chris Hamer was our third runner and he also ran a very solid leg. He was being chased hard by Mark Tucker (Geelong), who ran the fastest lap of the day in 11:04. Box Hill held an advantage of 9 seconds over Geelong, now in second place, with Glenhuntly 3rd and Sandringham 4th. Chris ran the same time as Daniel Clark in the first lap and this was ranked equal seventh fastest on the day.

Matt Coloe ran his fastest time around the tan, recording 11 m 31 for the fourth leg and he stretched the lead over Geelong to 24 seconds, with Glenhuntly a further 31 seconds further back. This ranked 9th fastest time of the day. Sandringham, Doncaster and Knox had fallen out of contention. Barry Lynch was our fifth athlete and he was matched with Scott Rantall, Geelong’s second athlete in form. Rantall made a bold surge and caught Barry about two-thirds of the way around the Domain. Barry held on gamely, being perhaps eight metres behind Rantall at the conclusion of his lap. The official margin was a deficit of one second. Andrew White was our last Division 1 runner and he had a look of quiet determination about him as he took over. He had caught his Geelong opponent, Brett Coleman well before Anderson Street and pulled well clear to reach the finish line in first place, 38 seconds in advance of Geelong. Glenhuntly came third, 62 seconds adrift of Geelong. Andrew recorded the fourth fastest senior men’s time of the day.

Geelong’s second place in the Tan relays propelled it to its first Winter Premiership, breaking a ten year domination by Glenhuntly. Our Tan Relay performance could well be a portent for 2008, when we look sure to be more competitive.

Our Division 3 team was also ascendant, with particularly good legs from Bouchaib Chefnaoui (11:37), Adrian Vincent (12:04) and Otmane Tirhazouine (12:05). The Division 3 team won by 58 seconds from Geelong with Ringwood two-and-a-half minutes further back in third place.

Our Divsion5 team was placed 6th, though two teams which beat Box Hill were recorded as competing by invitation in the official results. Our Division 7 team was placed fourth.

Our 40 plus team (Graeme Olden, John Meagher and Chris O’Connor) placed second, being overtaken for the gold medal position late in the last lap.

The Under 20 men’s team, comprising Alex Dioretes, Mark Poli and Matthew O’Connor won the silver medal, finishing a little over 90 seconds behind Knox. Our Under 20 team won the Winter Premiership on the back of excellent performances by all team members throughout the season.

Box Hill’s Under 16 Men’s team placed 5th in their race.

Box Hill Women placed 8th in the Women’s Division 1 race with the two fastest performances coming from Amanda Harper and Emma Steer. The Division 2 team, competing by invitation came 11th. The two main highlights were bronze medals for the Under 20 Women’s team (Hayley Tomlinson, Kate Wall and Coreena Cleland) and the Under 18 team (Helen McRae, Ali Wilson and Harriet Hodgkinson) in an even performance. Hayley Tomlinson, in particular, ran a very smart lap recording 14:00, clearly our fastest female performance on the day. Our Under 16 female team placed 5th in their relay competition.

At the time of writing, official results for the Winter premiership were not available on the Athletic Victoria Web site. Geelong won the Division 1 Championship from Glenhuntly with Box Hill third. Our Division 3 team is expected to finish in the top three positions. With the larger number of junior teams competing in the Tan relays, we are hopeful that this will lead to improved results for our club and stronger representation during 2008.

Thanks to club members and supporters who acted as officials and recorders for our various teams. Ian Sloane, Chris O’Connor, Graeme Olden and Julie Milner are thanked for their efforts during the Winter season, providing the administrative support for our strong performances. Many thanks also to Megan Sloane and Chris O’Connor for providing a wonderful spread for afternoon tea after all the races which was enjoyed by our athletes, parents and friends.

Men’s Results

Division 1 Individual Performances

Leg     Runner      Time   Pos Leader   BH time
1    Daniel Clark   11: 27  2  11:10    11:27
2    Steve Dinneen  11: 32  1  22:59    22:59
3    Chris Hamer    11: 27  1  34:26    34:26
4    Matt Coloe     11: 31  1  45:57    45:57
5    Barry Lynch    11: 43  2  57:39    57:40
6    Andrew White   11: 15  1  68:56    68:56

Division 1 Performance Running Sheet 
Leg 1           Leg 2           Leg 3           Leg 4           Leg 5           Leg 6	
Knox    11:10   BH      22:59   BH      34:26   BH      45:57   Geel    57:39   BH 	68:56
BH      11:27   Sand    23:19   Geel    34:35   Geel    46:21   BH      57:40   Geel    69:34
Sand    11:32   GH      23:27   GH      35:10   GH      46:52   GH      59:07   GH      70:36
Geel    11:38   Knox    23:29   Sand    35:54   Sand    48:19   Don     60:16   Don     72:41
GH      11:46   Geel    23:31   Knox    36:03   Don     48:21   Knox    61:00   Knox    74:05
Rich    11:48   Don     23:48   Don     36:09   Knox    48:49   Sand    61:21   Sand    74:23

Division 1 Placings
1. Box Hill     68:56
2. Geelong      69:34
3. Glenhuntly   70:36
4. Doncaster    72:41

Leading Times (Open)
Mark Tucker         Geelong     11:04
Ben Toomey          Knox        11:10
Liam Adams          Essendon    11:12
Andrew White        Box Hill    11:15
Scott Rantall       Geelong     11.17
A McGregor          Nunawading  11.25
Daniel Clark        Box Hill    11.27
Chris Hamer         Box Hill    11.27
Matt Coloe          Box Hill    11.31
David Ruschena      Glenhuntly  11.31
Daniel Hornery      Sandringham 11.31
Steve Dinneen       Box Hill    11.32
Bouchaib Chefnaoui  Box Hill    11.37

Division 3 Times
Adrian Vincent        12:04
Otmaine Tirhazouine   12:05
Paul Boxshall         12:18
David Jiminez         12:57
Bouchaib Chefnaoui    11:37

Division 3 Placings
1. Box Hill     61:01
2. Geelong      61:59
3. Ringwood     64:29

Division 5 Times
Steve Griffin   13:30
Chris Wall      13:23
Fu Heng         15:56
John Vaitkunas  13:31

Division 5 Placings 
1. Frankston (Inv) 49:29
2. APS (Inv)       52:08
3. Knox            54:20
4. Collingwood     55:36
5. Bendigo         55:37
6. Box Hill        56:20

Division 7 Times
David Stevens   16:32
Braden Cuss     17:03
Scott Boxshall  14:26
Andrew Nagle    14:21

Division 7 Placings 
1. Wendouree    57:37
2. Collingwood  57:42
3. Waverley     62:04
4. Box Hill     62:22

40+ Division
John Meagher    13:01
Graeme Olden    12:18
Chris O'Connor  12:51

1. APS          38:00
2. Box Hill     38:10
3. Keilor SB    38:37

Under 20 Men's Times 
Alex Dioretes     12:10
Mark Poli         12:18
Matthew O?Connor  12:46

Cameron Nagle     15:31

Under 20 Men's Team Placings
1. Knox         35:37
2. Box Hill     37:13
3. Doncaster    38:00

Under 16 Men's Times
Danny Krause    15:46
Mitchell Milnes 14:28
Michael Dowel   12:55

Under 16 Men's Team Placings
1. Essendon     38:06
2. Williamstown 39:30
3. Malvern      41:50
4. Knox         43:03
5. Box Hill     43:09

Women’s Results

Division 1 Women's Times
Amanda Harper   14:56
Emma Steer      14:56
Kris Hopkins    16:17
Joc Keage       15:17

Division 1 Women's Team Placings
1. Knox         53:46
2. Eureka       57:18
3. Glenhuntly   57:20
8. Box Hill     61:29

Division 2 Women's Times
Kate Ackland     16:45
Suzanne Andrews  16:12
Megan Sloane     16:06
Rosemary Cleland 18:41 (Inv)

Division 2 Women's Team Placings
1. Ringwood      57:27
2. Doncaster     57:50
3. Ballarat YCW  59:27
11. Box Hill     67:44 (Inv)

Under 20 Women's Team
Hayley Tomlinson 14:00
Kate Wall        16:06
Coreena Cleland  16:21

Under 20 Women's Team Placings
1. Keilor St Bernards  44:27
2. Geelong             45:40
3. Box Hill            46:27

Under 18 Women's Team
Helen McRae        15:27
Ali Wilson         15:33
Harriet Hodgkinson 15:47

Under 18 Women's Team 2
Olivia Turnbull    17:28
Emily De Luca      16:05
Bridget Aughton    15:44

Under 18 Women's team Placings
1. Doncaster     43:47
2. Glenhuntly    44:46
3. Box Hill      46:47
5. Box Hill 2    49:17 (Inv)

Under 16 Women's Team
Charlotte Mahoney  17:04
Amy Carrig         17:43
Anna Carrig        15:39

Under 16 Women's Team Placings
1. Glenhuntly    45:16
2. Essendon      46:43
3. Ballarat YCW  47:53
4. MPA           48:01
5. Box Hill      50:26