Yarra Bend Cross Country

The Victorian Men’s 8 k. cross country championship was held on Saturday 18th August in excellent conditions at the Yarra Bend reserve, a course reasonably well known to most of the athletes participating. Box Hill was well represented in the senior men’s division, with a team in the women’s competition and other competitors in the underage divisions.

The men’s race saw a large group of Box Hill athletes start out with five of our athletes in the first 10 places after 800 metres, namely Andrew White, Steve Dineen, Daniel Clarke, Bouchaib Chefnaoui and Otmane Tirhazouine. Unfortunately this great starting position slowly slipped away as the race progressed, although several of our athletes excelled with high placings and we are getting closer and closer towards the winner’s position.

As the race progressed Lee Troop (Geel.) and Richard Jeremiah (Geel.) broke clear with Liam Adams striving to hold on. Andrew White challenged them briefly in the early stages of the second lap by taking the lead but paid the price in the later stages of the race for this exuberance. Andrew remained at the front of the field in touch with the leaders. Adams ran away from Clint Perrett (Mentone) after trailing him for much of the early stages to take the bronze medal. David Ruschena (GH) overtook Andrew White in the concluding stage. Both Daniel Clarke and Steve Dinneen ran very impressively, both steadying and then lifting their position in the latter stages of the race. Bouchaib Chefnaoui finished solidly in 26th position and then three Box Hill athletes finished very close to each other, headed by Paul Boxshall, 34th, who improved his position significantly during the race, Otmane Tirhazouine, 35th, and Barry Lynch, 37th. Adrian Vincent, 42nd was the second scoring member of our winning Dib=vision 3 team, with Graeme Olden, 92nd, Chris O’Connor, 96th and Anthony Van Eeton, 133rd filling the remaining places. Bill Dyer, Barry Whittle and David Stevens also completed the course. Our Section 1 result was pleasing with Glenhuntly eclipsing us by the slender margin of 2 points for second position. Geelong fielded a very strong team and deserved their win in Section 1.

Hayley Tomlinson won the silver medal in the Women’s Under 20 6 K Cross Country. Hayley improved her position the whole way and closed on the leader until the concluding stages, where her rival, Stephanie Kondogonis (KSB), gradually extended her lead.Our Junior Men’s (Under 20) competitors both performed well on the two lap 4 k. course, with Chris Hamer and Matt Coloe both being in contention at the conclusion of the first lap. After the major rise in the second lap, Chris was holding a clear second place and Matt was a little further back in fourth position. Chris continued in this place until the conclusion of the race winning the silver medal in a strong field, with Matt holding fourth position in the Under20 race, also a very creditable performance. Unfortunately we didn’t field an Under 20 team, but our close rivals, Knox, didn’t benefit as they only fielded two Under 20 athletes as well. Cameron Nagle managed to finish in 24th position in the Under 18 race.

In the Under 16 race, Harriet Hodgkinson finished the 3000 m course in 12 minutes 13 seconds, running tenth, a solid performance.

Men’s Results

1 	Lee Troop           Geelong     24:11
2 	Richard Jeremiah    Geelong     24:19
3 	Liam Adams          Essendon    24:46
4 	Clinton Perrett     Mentone     24:58
5 	David Ruschena      GH          25:04
6 	Andrew White        BH          25:07
7 	Scott Rantall       Geelong     25:23
8 	Daniel Clark        BH          25:37
11	Steve Dinneen       BH          25:55
26	Bouchaib Chefnaoui  BH          26:29
34	Paul Boxshall       BH          26:58
35	Otmane Tirhazouine  BH          27:00
37	Barry Lynch         BH          27:01
42	Adrian Vincent      BH          27:24
92	Graeme Olden        BH          28:50
96	Chris O'Connor      BH          29:06
133	Anthony Van Eeton   BH          30:13
200	Bill Dyer           BH          32:02
269	Barry Whittle       BH          34:52
306	David Stevens       BH          37:13


Men's Section 1
Geelong Region               65 
Glenhuntly Athletic Club    117
Box Hill Athletic Club      119 
APS United                  376

Men's Section 3
Box Hill Athletic Club      389 
Ringwood                    477 
Western Athletics           624 

Men 40+ 
1. Keilor St Bernards                9 
2. APS United                       25 
3. Wendouree Athletic Club          44
4. Traralgon Harriers Athletic Club 54 
5. Box Hill Athletic Club           61 
6. Malvern Harriers Athletic Club   83

Men Under 20 4 k Cross Country
1	Sam Crowther         Knox   12.01
2 	Christopher Hamer    BH     12:13
3	Craig Huffer         GH     12:25
4	Matt Coloe           BH     12:40

Men Under 18 4 k Cross Country
24	Cameron Nagel        BH     16:21

Women’s Results

Open Women's 6 km Cross Country
26  Rachel Johnson  BH  23:41
27  Joc Keage       BH  23:37
36  Amanda Harper   BH  24.22
90  Kerry Putt      BH  27:31

Team Results
1. Knox Athletic Club        32 
2. APS United                92 
3. Glenhuntly Athletic Club 119 
4. Geelong Region           126 
5. Eureka Athletic Club     166 
6. Box Hill Athletic Club   173 

Under 20 Women's 4 k. Cross Country
2 	Hayley Tomlinson    BH    15:20 

Under 18 Women's 3 k. Cross Country
10	Harriet Hodgkinson  BH    12:13