Cross Country Relays – Jells Park

Box Hill had one of its most successful days at the cross country relay championships for more than 20 years at Jell’s Park on Saturday 19th April, with wins by the Under 20 and Over 40 men’s teams, the men’s Dvision 1 team finishing a close second and the men’s Division 3 team finishing third.

Men’s Division 1

The highlight of the day was a high quality, closely fought race in the men’s top division between Box Hill, Geelong and Knox. Our team of Matt Coloe, Steve Kelly, Daniel Clark, Andrew White, Chris Hamer and Steve Dinneen performed consistently well to take the silver medal. This is our best placing in Division 1 at the cross country relays for over 20 years. Chris Hamer ran one of the fastest times for the day to move the team from 3rd to 1st place with one leg to go. Steve Dinneeen ran well on the last leg to extend our lead over Knox, but he was unable to hold out Geelong’s Craig Mottram.

Go to to see the youtube coverage of the event.

1. Matt Coloe       18:26
2. Steve Kelly      18:56
3. Daniel Clark     18:41
4. Andrew White     18:46
5. Chris Hamer      17:55
6. Steve Dinneen    18:23
Place: 2nd

Men’s Division 3

Several late withdrawals meant that our division 3 team was not at full strength, but good runs from Paul Boxshall and Luke Yeatman (on the comeback trail) saw the team finish in 3rd position.

1. Bill Dyer          23:07
2. Luke Yeatman       20:19
3. Dave Featherston   23:24
4. Steve Griffin      21:20
5. Paul Boxshall      19:53
Place: 3rd

Men’s Division 5

Andrew Nagle put in a good performance, to show he should have been rated in a higher team! Andrew Tunne performed well in his first competition for the club.

1. Dave Stevens     28:08
2. Andrew Tunne     26:27
3. Scott Boxshall   25:04
4. Andrew Nagle     22:10
Place: 11th

Men’s Under 20

Our under 20 men performed brilliantly to take the gold medal. Special mention to Mitchell Milnes who stepped up into higher age group (and a longer distance) and helped the team to a win.

1. Mark Poli            20:27
2. Mitchell Milnes      20:50
3. Josh De Stefanis     20:40
Place: 1st

Men’s Under 18

The under 18 team finished in 7th place. We are expecting this to be one of our strongest age groups when all our runners are available. Welcome to new club member Daniel Balassone who ran a very strong first leg for the team in this 3km event.

1. Daniel Balassone 10:16
2. Jack Hill        12:04
3. Cameron Nagle    12:22
Place 7th

Men’s Over 40

The Box Hill over 40 team took out the gold medal. John Meagher ran well to finish his leg in second place, Graeme Olden put the team in front and Chris O’Connor managed to hold on to first position.

1. John Meagher     19:57
2. Graeme Olden     20:36
3. Chris O'Connor   21:09
Place: 1st

Women’s Division 1

Unfortunately we had many of our women’s team unavailable for the first event, but there were still some outstanding performances. Rachel Johnson got the team off to a great start and Harriet Hodgkinson came up from the under 20s to fill in the first division team.

1. Rachel Johnson        22:18
2. Hayley Tomlinson      23:50
3. Talitha Crawford      26:24
4. Harriet Hodgkinson    26:25
Place: 7th

Women’s Division 2

Rosemary Cleland who ran her first “official” race for the club ran 2 races, one to get to the start line and one around the cross country course! Emily De Luca volunteered to step up from the under 18s to fill in the team and complete the 6km course.

1. Rosemary Cleland     31:17
2. Kerry Putt           28:20
3. Suzanne Andrews      26:27
4. Emily De Luca        27:09
Place: 11th

Women’s Under 18

Penny Townshend got the team off to a good start, while Ollie Turnbull (returning from illness) and Bridget Aughton also performed well on the tough 3km course.

1. Penny Townshend     11:30
2. Ollie Turnbull      13:05
3. Bridget Aughton     12:15
Place: 4th

Thanks to all those who turned out and did their best for the club. A special thanks also to Chris O’Connor for organising the teams and providing afternoon tea, Vivienne Lee for sorting out all the registrations and to Julie Milner, Paul Milnes, Sue Coloe and Jill, Clare Hill, Joe De Luca, Dave Boyd and Adrian Vincent who helped out as timekeepers or officials.