Road Racing Championship – Latrobe Uni

In very cool, moist conditions, Box Hill AC again had a strong contingent of runners competing in the 15 K. road race around the La Trobe University perimeter. The Men’s Division 1 team performed brilliantly to outclass all other Division 1 teams. Our Division 3 team won their division by over 180 points, and our Division 5 team placed fourth. The Box Hill 40+ team was eclipsed by APS but finished second. And our Under 20 men had yet another win as well.

Our Division 1 Women’s team performed competitively with a fifth placing, their best effort in 2008.

This year has been an exceptional year for our senior men’s team, with outstanding performances from our team in each race of 2008. As competitors lined up for the start, a large group of Box Hill runners congregated together at the front of the field. Daniel Clark was unable to start, having sustained a calf strain during the week but nearly all our other top performers were there.

Steve Moneghetti made the trip down from Ballarat with a strong team which included Shane Nankervis an Australian representative. Geelong were missing their best credentialed runners and Doncaster were lacking depth as well. APS had a fairly strong team on the line, whilst Glenhuntly was missing its top athletes.

The race commenced slightly after 10.00 a.m. and a large group of more than 20 runners immediately forged their way to the front. Four Box Hill runners were in this pack: Steve Dinneen very prominent, Steve Kelly, Matt Coloe and Andrew White all there in the mix too. Shane Nankervis, Ben Toomey, Nathan Hartigan, Clint Perrett, Steve Moneghetti, Magnus Michelsson, Grant Morgan and Ryan Jackson were also showing out.

Steve Dinneen put in a long early surge which dissipated the large pack and four runners found themselves clear of the pack. Steve Dinneen probably paid for this later, for when Steve Moneghetti put in a surge at the 6 km mark Steve Dinneen dropped marginally behind. Matt Coloe was running just behind Steve Kelly in the top 10 with Andrew White about 20 seconds down. John Meagher was running another amazing race, with great cadence and measuring his pace carefully. Two athletes who would have been expected to be prominent early started off easily: Chris Hamer slowly moved through the field, and was nearing race pace by the end of the second lap, picking up thirty or more places, and even more in the third lap. Liam Adams (Essendon) also started off easily, but did not run through over the top of the field like Chris Hamer. A little further back, Luke Yeatman, a welcome returnee to our team, was running a sensible race, and looked comfortable in the way he approached his race. He appeared to be in around 40th to 45th place after 2 laps.

Other members of the Division 3 team were Adrian Vincent who seems to be getting better each week after a layoff with injury, about 65th, with Steve Griffin, a little further back, performing well. Chris O’Connor not much further behind him in the first 90. Antony Van Eeten was just adrift of Chris and also running a strong race. Graeme Olden was the next athlete to appear, probably about 125th, followed by Rachel Johnson and Bill Dyer. Others following included Hayley Tomlinson, Emma Steer, Megan Sloane, Barry Whittle, Talitha Crawford and Andrew Tunne. The leading women were Renate Wyss (Melb Uni), Susie Michelsson (Coll) and Isabella de Castella (APS). Clint Perrett (San.) broke clear of Steve Moneghetti (BYCW) in the third lap and maintained an advantage over him to the finish line. Shane Nankervis (BYCW) held onto third spot, despite Steve Dinneen’s bold attempt to reel him in. Nathan Hartigan (Ballarat Harriers) was next to finish, with Ben Toomey (Knox) in sixth. Steve Kelly capped off a great race for him placing seventh. Not long after Matt Coloe streamed across the line for an excellent 10th placing. Other Box Hill Division 1 team members were Chris Hamer 16th, John Meagher, 25th and Andrew White, 28th.

This strong showing secured another win for Box Hill’s Division 1 team, the third for the season. Also impressive was the Division 3 team’s performance, winning the team race by a huge margin in the competitive Division 3 team’s race.

Rachel Johnson has been running well this year and her performance in coming 15th was clearly one of her best ever. She looked in good form for the whole race and finished off extremely well. The other team members ran consistently and had a season’s best placing, fifth. Our Under 20 men excelled themselves again. In a very even and pleasing result, Joshua de Stefanis, 6th, Mark Poli, 8th, and Stuart Watson, 9th, combined superbly to carry off the Under 20 team title. Well done boys – a mighty team performance.

Michael Dowel also ran very well in the Under 18 division. It was pleasing to see Cameron Nagle and Jonathon Tree out on the road doing their best as well.


Leading performers Open Men
1.   Clint Perrett      Sand       46:08
2.   Steve Moneghetti   Ball. YCW  46:27
3.   Shane Nankervis    Ball. YCW  46:41
4.   Steve Dinneen      Box Hill   47:00
5.   Nathan Hartigan    Ballarat   47:40
6.   Ben Toomey         Knox       47:54
7.   Steve Kelly        Box Hill   47:59
8.   Magnus Michelsson  C'wood     48:13
9.   Tyson Popplestone  Ballarat   48:19
10.  Matt Coloe         Box Hill   48:22

16   Chris Hamer        Box Hill   49:00
25   John Meagher       Box Hill   49:44
28   Andrew White       Box Hill   50:15
42   Luke Yeatman       Box Hill   51:28
64   Adrian Vincent     Box Hill   53:13
79   Steve Griffin      Box Hill   53:57
83   Chris O'Connor     Box Hill   54:24
86   Antony Van Eeten   Box Hill   54:31
119  Graeme Olden       Box Hill   56:19
193  Bill Dyer          Box Hill   60:24
288  Barry Whittle      Box Hill   68:32
306  Andrew Tunne       Box Hill   71:26

Under 20 Men 5 km Road
6    Joshua de Stefanis Box Hill   16:15
8    Mark Poli          Box Hill   16:37
9    Stuart Watson      Box Hill   17:03

Under 18 Men
7    Michael Dowel      Box Hill   16:43
19   Cameron Nagle      Box Hill   21:15

Under 16 Men
9    Jonathon Tree      Box Hill   18:51

Team Results
Division 1
1. Box Hill        90
2. Ballarat YCW   142
3. Geelong        206

Division 3
1. Box Hill          351
2. APS               537
3. Western Athletics 567

Division 5
1 Oakleigh           678
2 Western Athletics  776
3 Melbourne Uni      904
4.Box Hill           906

Over 40 Men
1.APS        19
2.Box Hill   29
3.Traralgon  44

Under 20 Men
1.Box Hill            23
2.Western Athletics   37

Open Women's Results
1.  Renate Wyss          Melb Uni   53:20
2.  Susie Michelsson     Coll.      53:24
3.  Isabella de Castella APS        54:35
15  Rachel Johnson       Box Hill   58:51
31  Hayley Tomlinson     Box Hill   63:00
48  Emma Steer           Box Hill   67:10
54  Megan Sloane         Box Hill   68:05
60  Talitha Crawford     Box Hill   68:53

Women's Division 1 Team Results
1. APS                   43
2. Glenhuntly            73
3. Melbourne University  78
4. Richmond             131
5. Box Hill             148