Tan Relays

The final race on the 2008 Winter program was held on Saturday, September 20 at the King’s Domain, otherwise known as “The Tan”.

It was a cool, grey day, and this seemed to impact on runners’ performances. It began raining in the fourth leg. This event is a happy hunting ground for Box Hill having won the inaugural Division 1 event in 2005, the silver medal in 2006, the gold medal in 2007, and a host of victories in the Division 3 and 5 men’s competition as well as the Under 20 men’s and Under 18 men’s team competitions.

Presentations were postponed because of the inclement weather.

With four of Box Hill’s best performers from 2008 unavailable for various reasons (Chris Hamer, Steve Dinneen, Bouchaib Chefnaoui and Barry Lynch), and a host of others with injuries, our team sheet looked a little depleted. However, fortunately, as far as our Division 1 team was concerned, Luke Yeatman was available and Navin Arunasalam returned from America whiich meant that we had a decent team on paper. The start was a shemozzle, with the starter firing the gun as an afterthought when the field was already on its way. Luke Yeatman excelled himself in the first lap, running the smart time of 11:43, and although behind our main rivals, he was close enough to give us hope that we could overtake a number of other clubs when their less accomplished runners stepped out. Essendon stormed to the lead in this leg through Liam Adams who ran the fastest time of the day. His time, taken from when he actually started, rather than when the gun fired, was 11:01. Yuer Doa from Eureka, running for Ballarat City was not far behind running the second fastest lap of the day in 11:09. Box Hill held 9th position after the first leg. Navin Arunasalam set off on the second circuit and at the conclusion was still in ninth position, although Box Hill had dropped a little time on other Division 1 clubs. In this leg, Ballarat City’s Tyson Popplestone passed Essendon’s Michael Brown by a very small margin and Geelong remaining in third place ahead of Knox, fourth, followed by Glenhuntly, 5th. Box Hill was 91 seconds from the lead.

Matt Coloe ran our third leg, and ran a smart time, recording 11:37 which propelled us forward by two places and reduced the deficit behind all the other teams, now 65 seconds down on third place. We could see that there was a strong chance if all remaining runners could run competitive times we could hope for a medal. Matt handed over to Steve Kelly who held sixth place and brought us closer to the other clubs in front and reduced the deficit behind third to just 49 seconds.

Glenhuntly assumed the lead in this lap following a brilliant individual effort from Toby Rayner who recorded 11:11. Geelong moved into second place with Knox in third. Ballarat City had expended all their best runners and they held fourth but had lost momentum. A medal looked like a possibility with Daniel Clark and Andrew White still to come.

Daniel strode off purposefully on his lap and held it together particularly well, moving past two opponents and finishing just 28 seconds behind Glenhuntly which occupied third place, so we were now only 41 seconds down on the leaders, Geelong. One slight problem was that Lee Troop was Geelong’s last runner. Knox took the lead at the end of the fifth lap, from Geelong by seven seconds, with Glenhuntly, third, a further six seconds behind. Daniel had set up the possibility of a medal placing with his lap, and he tagged Andrew White at the changeover.

Andrew White sprinted off looking extremely determined, and he ran down everyone but Geelong, with Lee Troop beating him to the line by just 20 seconds. Andrew overtook his Glenhuntly and Knox opponents during the lap as well as reducing the lead which Geelong held by a significant amount. He ran a brilliant lap of 11:13, the fifth fastest of the day, meaning he anchored the team to the silver medal position. In doing so he also ensured that Box Hill won the Winter Championship for the first time ever, since the Cross Country and Road Championships merged 28 years ago. Box Hill last won a Winter Cross Country or Road Championship in 1979, so this was an extra special occasion.

Congratulations to all our Winter athletes and their coaches who combined so well throughout the long season to ensure such a stunning result.

Probably just as pleasing was the victory we scored by finishing seventh in Division 3 which ensured the Division 3 Winter Championship was also ours. Team members Andrew Nagle, Steve Griffin, Scott Boxshall, Nic Baggott and Adrian Vincent acquitted themselves well to place seventh, in a team depleted somewhat by illness and injury.

Our Division 5 team finished 10th to secure fourth place for the season. We didn’t start a Division 7 team, and so we finished 10th overall for the season.

Without John Meagher and Graeme Olden, and with Chris O’Connor sporting a calf injury and unable to exert pressure on his competitors, our Over 40 team had their leanest competition for the season in sixth position, meaning a clear second place for the year (with two victories and three silver medal placings meaning a successful year, if not the championship).

Our Under 20 men excelled themselves yet again, with another victory. Congratulations to Josh di Stefanis, Mark Poli and Michael Dowel on their performance, securing the gold medal and the Winter Championship, an outstanding effort. Stuart Watson was unavailable due to injury, and he has contributed to this exceptional result in a major way as well. Our Under 20 men recorded five wins and two seconds for the season with one DNS and they won the Championship from Western Athletics by six points.

We fielded two Under 18 teams and Daniel Balassone, Kyle Martin-Alcaide and Anthony Alosio performed well to finish fourth, just 20 seconds out of a bronze medal. The second team also ran well, with Danny Schneider, Mitchell Milnes and Johnathon Tree combining to place 10th in the race. The Under 18 team placed 9th in the Winter Championship in their age group.

Our women’s teams performed soundly. Our Division 1 team placed 8th with Emma Steer recording the fastest leg in 15:13. The Division 1 team secured overall 6th position in the Winter Championship. The Division 2 team placed 12th with Megan Sloane running the fastest leg in 16:06. The Division 2 Women’s team finished equal 12th for the season and will be relegated to Division 3 in 2009.

Our Under 20 Women finished seventh, with Coreena Cleeland running the fastest lap in 15:13.

Chris O’Connor, Graeme Olden, Rob Falkenberg and Julie Milner offered great support and leadership behind the scenes throughout the season and we have all been rewarded with our best Winter finish in 30 years. In short, a fabulous result for Box Hill Athletic Club and a richly deserved one which all people who have contributed to can take credit and pleasure from.


Men's Division 1 Individual Performances
Leg   Runner           Lap time  Position Leader’s time BH time
1   Luke Yeatman        11:43       9          11:01     11:43
2   Navin Arunasalam    12:25       9          22:27     24:08
3   Matt Coloe          11:37       7          34:20     35:45
4   Steve Kelly         11:52       7          46:28     47:37
5   Daniel Clark        11:38       4          58:34     59:15
6   Andrew White        11:13       2          70:08     70:28

Division 1 Performance Running Sheet  (Running watch)
   Leg 1            Leg 2            Leg 3                Leg 4             Leg 5              Leg 6	
Ess       11:01  Ball City 22:37    Ball City 34:20   GH        46:28   Knox      58:34    Geel      70:08
Ball City 11:09  Ess       22:37    Ess       34:32   Geel      46:34   Geel      58:41    BH        70:28
GH        11:12  Geel      22:42    Geel      34:48   Knox      46:48   GH        58:47    GH        70:45
Geel      11:13  Knox      22:45    Knox      34:49   Ess       46:55   BH        59:15    Knox      70:50
Sand      11:19  GH        23:22    GH        35:17   Ball City 47:14   Ess       59:16    Ess       71:39
Knox      11:23  Don       23:31    Don       35:29   Don       47:30   Don       59:50    YCW       72:41
Ball YCW  11:34  YCW       23:49    BH        35:45   BH        47:37   Ball City 60:19    Don       72:55
Don       11:41  Sand      23:56    YCW       36:42   YCW       48:59   YCW       60:33    Sand      73:50
BH        11:43  BH        24:08    Sand      37:32   Sand      50:17   Sand      62:41    Ball City 75:26

Division 1 Placings
1.  Geelong     70:08
2.  Box Hill    70:28
3.  Glenhuntly  70:45
4.  Knox        70:50

Leading Times (Open)
Liam Adams        Athletics Essendon  11:01
Duer Yoa          Ballarat City       11:09
Clint Perrett     Sandringham         11:10
Toby Rayner       Glenhuntly          11:11
Andrew White      Box Hill            11:13
Craig Huffer      Glenhuntly          11:17
Nicholas Wightman Geelong             11:18
Daniel Hornery    Sandringham         11.19
Luke Hurring      Knox                11:21
Ben Toomey        Knox                11:23
Matt McDonough    Geelong             11:24
Lee Troop         Geelong             11:26
Tyson Popplestone Ballarat City       11:28
Tom Fawthorpe     Ringwood            11:28
Adrian McGregor   Nunawading          11:31
Matthew Brown     Essendon            11:33
Jamie Huggett     Ballarat YCW        11:34
Steve Moneghetti  Ballarat YCW        11:34
Daniel Clark      Box Hill            11.35
Mitchel Brown     Essendon            11:36
Matt Coloe        Box Hill            11.37
Division 3 Box Hill Times
Andrew Nagle    13:42
Steve Griffin   13:13
Scott Boxshall  15:08
Nic Baggott     14:38
Adrian Vincent  13:04

Division 3 Placings
1. Melbourne Uni     64:40
2. Knox              65:05
3. Western Aths      65:55
7. Box Hill          69:54

Division 5 Box Hill Times
Adam Pepper      15:58
Russell Clowes   14:37
Dave Stevens     16:26
Dave Boyd        20:07

Division 5 Placings 
1.  Oakleigh       52:30
2.  Melbourne Uni  53:44
3.  Bendigo        54:11
10. Box Hill       66:59

40+ Division Box Hill Men’s Times
Dave Ayers      13:59
Andrew Tunne    16:18
Chris O’Connor  17:09

40+ Division Placings
1.  APS            38:04
2.  Ballarat City  40:15
3.  Bendigo        41:44
=6. Box Hill       47:43

Under 20 Box Hill Men’s Times 
Josh di Stefanis 12:27
Mark Poli        12:39
Michael Dowell   12:38

Under 20 Men’s Team Placings
1. Box Hill       37:44
2. Western Aths   39:45
3. Doncaster      42:10

Under 18 Box Hill Men’s Times
Team 1
Daniel Balassone      13.30 
Kyle Martin-Alcaide   12.10 
Anthony Alosio        12.20
Team 2
Danny Schneider       14.01 
Mitchell Milnes       13.28 
Johnathon Tree        15.53

Under 18 Men’s Team Placings
1.  Ballarat YCW  37:00
2.  Essendon      37:02
3.  Knox          37:40
4.  Box Hill      38.00
10. Box Hill      43.22

2008 Women’s Team Performances
Division 1 Women’s Times
Emma Steer        15:13
Talitha Crawford  15:42
Emily de Luca     15:44
Kate Ackland      16:06

Division 1 Women’s Team Placings
1.  Knox        54:08
2.  Glenhuntly  55:42
3.  APS         57:59
6.  Box Hill    62:45

Division 2 Women’s Times
Megan Sloane     16:06
Margie Conley    16:12
Rebecca Lau      16:10
Suzanne Andrews  16:53

Division 2 Women’s Team Placings
1.  Knox         56:20
2.  Doncaster    58:58
3.  Traralgon    59:16
10. Box Hill     65:27

Under 20 Women’s Team
Harriet Hodgkinson  16:50
Ali Wilson          17:15
Coreena Cleland     15:13

Under 20 Women’s Team Placings
1.  Sandringham    42:26
2.  Wellington     45:06
3.  Frankston      45:44
7.  Box Hill       49:18