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See you at the Classic on 7 February!

January 14, 2019

The Box Hill Classic event will be held at Hagenauer Reserve, Barwon St, Box Hill North, on Thursday 7 February.

The event will start at 5.30pm with seeded heats over 200m, followed by 800m and 3000m events.

Entry is $15 for Athletics Victoria members and $20 for non-members.

More details here.

AV Shield Round 9

January 12, 2019


Men Open

100m: Jiakai Fan 12.77 (-3.8); James Shaw 13.07 (-5.4); Marcus Johnson 13.65 (-3.4);

400m: Marcus Johnson 64.88;

1500m: Nicholas Baggott 4:29.2h; Russell Clowes 4:36.6h;

800m Relay: Box Hill  1:38.85;

Discus: Marcus Johnson 17.84m;

Javelin: Samuel Mcdonald 43.14m; William Seton 42.63m; Harry Blackburn 40.18m;

Long Jump: Jiakai Fan 5.18m; Marcus Johnson 3.91m;

Men 40+

100m: Robert Mayston 13.90 (-3.4);

400m: Robert Mayston 65.61;

1500m: John Meagher 4:45.0h; Andrew Tunne 6:32.1h;

3000m Steeple: John Meagher 11:48.5h;

Long Jump: Robert Mayston 4.92m;

Men U18

100m: Anton Zangl 12.65 (-3.8);

400m: Oliver Blackburn 60.91;

Discus: Oliver Blackburn 24.60m;

Javelin: Oliver Blackburn 42.91m;

Long Jump: Anton Zangl 5.69m;

Men U16

100m: Axel Woods 12.20 (-4.0); Jordan Liang 12.32 (-3.8); Bailey Culbert 12.48 (-3.5); Matthew Dougan 13.08 (-3.3); Darcy Beamish 13.31 (-3.4); Ewan Webber 13.37 (-3.5); Jordan Culbert 14.25 (-4.8);

400m: Bailey Culbert 54.63; Ewan Webber 56.04; Jordan Liang 57.33; Darcy Beamish 58.99; Advaith Prabha 66.66;

800m: Izak Bibile 2:18.6h;

2000m Steeple: Thomas Diamond 7:43.0h; Zachary Matters 9:11.3h;

800m Relay: Box Hill  1:39.19;

Javelin: Matthew Dougan 25.10m; Ewan Webber 22.65m;

Long Jump: Bailey Culbert 6.20m (3.5); Jordan Culbert 4.90m;

Triple Jump: Zachary Wong 12.31m;

Women Open

100m: Catherine Hoh 14.57 (-1.9);

1500m: Marlie Campton 5:02.3h; Sharron Meager 6:55.4h;

Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 25.53m;

Javelin: Panayiota Carabourniotis 24.77m;

Long Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.01m;

Women U18

400m: Amy Atkinson 62.71;

3000m: Christine Ashton 11:40.4h;

Women U16

100m: Jennifer Lim 13.39 (-1.6); Carly Senior 13.67 (-1.9); Holly Nieuwenhuizen 13.68 (-3.0);

200m: Ella Doherty 27.00;

400m: Carla Dreyer 62.34; Eve Parry 63.83; Chavella Tanubrata 64.43;

1500m: Roxy Phipps 5:21.9h;

100m Hurdles: Ella Doherty 15.64 (4.6);

AV Shield Round 7

December 1, 2018


Men Open

100m: Harry Blackburn 11.46 (2.9); Jiakai Fan 11.64 (3.2);

200m: Sam Dipnall 29.44;

800m: Sam Dipnall 2:09.36;

5000m: Sam Dipnall 16:19.0h; Jack Hill 20:46.2h;

Discus: Harry Blackburn 26.85m;

Javelin: Harry Blackburn 44.41m;

Long Jump: Harry Blackburn 5.62m;

Men 40+

100m: Cameron Baker 12.89 (3.8); Peter Mcdonald 15.40 (2.3);

400m: David Dougan 65.15;

1500m: Andrew Egginton 4:52.9h;

5000m: Christopher O’Connor 21:20.8h; Andrew Tunne 25:35.9h;

110m Hurdles: Cameron Baker 19.14 (0.5);

Discus: Cameron Baker 22.39m; Peter Mcdonald 18.35m;

Javelin: Andrew Egginton 29.50m; Peter Mcdonald 13.29m;

Long Jump: Peter Mcdonald 2.76m;

Men U18

100m: Anton Zangl 11.69 (4.0); Oliver Blackburn 13.27 (1.8);

400m: Oliver Blackburn 60.72;

Discus: Oliver Blackburn 29.67m;

Javelin: Oliver Blackburn 35.45m;

Long Jump: Anton Zangl 5.45m;

Men U16

100m: Axel Woods 11.14 (4.5); Jordan Liang 11.59 (3.3); William Moxey 12.02 (4.0); Sebastian Beck 12.03 (4.0); Jeremy Shum 12.16 (2.9); Elijah Tsatas 12.75 (5.1); Darcy Beamish 12.76 (+0.0); Ewan Webber 12.77 (3.7);

400m: Matthew Dougan 55.25;

1500m: Jack Armstrong 4:22.6h; Ewan Webber 4:40.1h; Harry Chen 5:12.8h;

3000m: Jack Mclean 10:13.2h; Jordan Abbott 10:21.6h;

100m Hurdles: Elijah Tsatas 15.42 (3.0); William Moxey 15.91 (3.3);

Discus: Jeremy Shum 24.18m; Thomas Tsatas 21.02m;

High Jump: Eli Taylor 1.70m;

Javelin: Axel Woods 24.62m; Jeremy Shum 20.22m; Thomas Tsatas 21.68m;

Women Open

100m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 11.97 (2.8); Rachel Limburg 13.07 (4.9);

200m: Sophia Davis 27.41 (-0.3);

400m: Rachel Limburg 61.40;

100m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 15.22 (2.8);

3000m Walk: Cassandra Knight 16:57.9h;

Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 27.65m;

Javelin: Rachel Limburg 35.82m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 23.51m;

Long Jump: Rachel Limburg 5.66m; Adelaid Hawkins 4.40m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 3.78m;

Women 40+

1500m: Sharron Meager 6:52.5h;

5000m: Rachel Johnson 21:17.5h;

Women U18

400m: Wednesday Shiel 60.46; Danica Dreyer 75.48;

100m Hurdles: Becky Lim 14.88 (3.7);

400m Hurdles: Anastasia Purcell 65.89;

Women U16

100m: Holly Nieuwenhuizen 12.82 (5.8); Eve Parry 13.37 (1.4); Tess Parry 14.17 (3.0);

400m: Eve Parry 60.97; Carla Dreyer 62.42; Chavella Tanubrata 63.91; Ella Doherty 65.11;

1500m: Breanna Croall 5:11.7h;

100m Hurdles: Ella Doherty 15.93 (1.5);

Discus: Ella Doherty 15.44m;

What a night at the Whitehorse Twilight!

November 29, 2018

Box Hill Athletic Club’s inaugural Whitehorse Twilight event on Thursday attracted hundreds of athletes from near and far, all hoping to record strong performances on the new track.

There were many personal and season bests, and the success of the event bodes well for the Box Hill Classic in March next year.

A big thank you to chief organisers Peter Stefanos and Steve Dinneen, as well as the contingent of Athletics Victoria officials who gave their time and expertise to make the night a success and ensure those national qualifying performances were sanctioned.

Results and video coverage



Ten medals to Box Hill at Victorian Relay Championships

November 24, 2018

Congratulations to all the athletes who took part and especially to our medallists.
A huge thank you to those who helped on the day running the canteen and a very successful BBQ.

Gold Medals

4x1500m Men Open:     Nick Baggott, Michael Dowel, Alex Ritchie, Will Potter

4x1500m Men 50+ :       Andrew Egginton, Scott Lawrence, Michael Eury, John Meagher

Medley Relay Men U16: Will Moxey, Axel Woods, Matt Dougan, Connor Ogilvie

Silver Medals

Medley Relay Women Open: Kate Walker, Sophia Davis, Wednesday Shiel, Marlie Campton

Medley Relay Women U16: Ella Doherty, Eve Parry, Charli Power, Ashlee Treagus

4x400m Women U16:   Eve Parry, Dee Dee Deng, Carla Dreyer, Charli Power

4x100m women U14:    Tess Parry, Carly Senior, Ali Seal, Chavella Tanubrata

Bronze Medals

4x400m Men 50+:          David McConnell, David Dougan, Andrew Egginton, Scott Lawrence

Medley Relay Women U18: Archisa Sharma, Becky Lim, Amy Atkinson, Hayley McGoldrick

4x100m Men U16:         Jordan Liang, Hugo Akse, Jeremy Shum, Axel Woods

AV Shield Round 6

November 17, 2018


Men Open

100m: Jiakai Fan 12.25 (-2.7); James Shaw 12.85 (-3.1); Marcus Johnson 12.98 (-1.3); William Seton 13.03 (-4.0); Michael Tempone 13.05 (-5.3); Sam Dipnall 14.37;

400m: Jack Stummer 51.58; Harry Blackburn 52.34; Sam Dipnall 62.90; Marcus Johnson 63.80;

1500m: Michael Dowel 4:07.6h; Darcy Powne 4:10.4h; Sam Dipnall 4:16.98; Jack Stummer 4:17.1h;

400m Relay: Box Hill  49.54;

Discus: William Seton 37.05m; Harry Blackburn 29.18m; Marcus Johnson 17.69m;

Javelin: Harry Blackburn 44.48m; William Seton 43.83m; Marcus Johnson 11.00m;

Long Jump: Harry Blackburn 5.79m; Marcus Johnson 4.00m;

Pole Vault: Joel Pocklington 4.90m; Dalton Di Medio 4.75m;

Men 40+

100m: Neville Gardner 22.28 (-1.8);

200m: Peter Mcdonald 39.54 (-3.6);

400m: Andrew Egginton 65.22;

1500m: Andrew Tunne 6:23.2h; Neville Gardner 8:47.5h;

3000m Walk: Simon Evans 16:53.5h; Andrew Egginton 19:18.7h;

Discus: Neville Gardner 18.99m;

High Jump: Peter Mcdonald 1.15m;

Javelin: Neville Gardner 10.16m;

Pole Vault: George Schillinger 2.95m; David Mcconnell 2.65m;

Shot Put: Peter Mcdonald 5.74m;

Triple Jump: Peter Mcdonald 6.13m;

Men U18

100m: Oliver Blackburn 13.58 (-1.7);

3000m: Anton Zangl 11:45.0h;

Discus: Oliver Blackburn 27.13m;

Javelin: Oliver Blackburn 38.10m;

Long Jump: Oliver Blackburn 4.64m;

Triple Jump: Anton Zangl 11.49m;

Men U16

100m: Bailey Culbert 12.39 (-4.8); William Moxey 12.69 (-4.7); Jeremy Shum 13.21 (-5.3); Darcy Beamish 13.36 (-2.5);

200m: Jordan Liang 25.39 (-5.0);

400m: William Moxey 57.03; Darcy Beamish 59.70; Rupert Clemenger 60.57; Thomas Diamond 62.99;

800m: Jack Armstrong 2:13.1h;

1500m: Thomas Diamond 4:33.3h; Rupert Clemenger 4:38.6h; Jordan Abbott 4:42.9h;

100m Hurdles: William Moxey 16.23 (-1.2);

High Jump: Connor Assauw 1.65m;

Long Jump: Bailey Culbert 6.45m; Jeremy Shum 5.36m;

Pole Vault: Andre Di Medio 3.85m;

Women Open

100m: Catherine Hoh 14.44 (-2.7);

400m: Catherine Hoh 69.21;

1500m: Marlie Campton 4:43.5h;

3000m Walk: Cassandra Knight 16:51.4h;

Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 27.28m;

Javelin: Panayiota Carabourniotis 25.29m;

Long Jump: Rachel Limburg 5.37m (2.1); Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.18m; Adelaid Hawkins 4.09m;

Pole Vault: Adelaid Hawkins 2.35m;

Women 40+

1500m: Pia Hunter 5:41.5h; Sharron Meager 6:53.1h;

Women U18

200m: Wednesday Shiel 27.02 (-5.7);

1500m: Hayley Mcgoldrick 4:48.5h; Tamsyn Lovass 5:06.1h; Christine Ashton 5:19.8h;

High Jump: Bethany Hayen 1.50m;

Pole Vault: Sarah Melsom 3.25m;

Women U16

100m: Dee Dee Deng 14.11 (-1.9); Sienna Hillberg 14.38 (-2.3);

400m: Dee Dee Deng 62.32; Ashlee Treagus 62.92; Carla Dreyer 63.34; Sienna Hillberg 67.28;

1500m: Ashlee Treagus 4:46.0h; Mia Pope 5:02.9h; Breanna Croall 5:10.2h;

Pole Vault: Georgia Tayler 3.55m;

Women U14

400m: Chavella Tanubrata 65.27;

Pole Vault: Tess Parry 2.80m;

AV Shield Round 5

November 15, 2018


Men Open Division 1

100m: Oliver Wong 12.42 (-1.8);

200m: Matthew Harcourt 23.09 (-0.6); Harry Blackburn 23.70 (-1.1); Matt Zwarts 24.13 (-1.6); Marcus Johnson 26.83 (-0.6); Sam Dipnall 28.71 (0.3);

800m: Sam Dipnall 2:09.26;

5000m: Sam Dipnall 16:14.00;

400m Hurdles: Matthew Harcourt 54.82;

Discus: William Seton 36.17m;

High Jump: Harry Blackburn 1.75m;

Javelin: William Seton 46.31m; William Seton 48.79m;

Pole Vault: Dalton Di Medio 4.70m;

Shot Put: Harry Blackburn 11.78m; Marcus Johnson 6.10m;

Men Over 40

200m: Andrew Wilcox 24.75 (-1.1); David McConnell 29.23 (-1.1); Neville Gardner 48.75 (-1.5);

800m: Neville Gardner 4:37.3h;

3000m: Christopher O’Connor 11:04.0h; Neville Gardner 19:05.0h; Andrew Tunne 13:29.0h;

300m Hurdles: David McConnell 51.70;

5000m Walk: Simon Evans 29:18.3h;

High Jump: David McConnell 1.25m;

Javelin: Cameron Baker 25.10m;

Pole Vault: David McConnell 2.60m;

Shot Put: Neville Gardner 5.19m;

Men Under 18

800m: Oliver Blackburn 2:23.6h;

Hammer: Oliver Blackburn 26.73m;

Shot Put: Oliver Blackburn 9.26m;

Triple Jump: Oliver Blackburn 10.54m;

Men Under 16

100m: Jordan Liang 12.21 (-2.1); Ewan Webber 13.27;

200m: Darcy Beamish 26.98 (-1.6); Prakhar Khare 28.66 (-0.6); Elijah Tsatas 43.15;

400m: Ewan Webber 56.95;

800m: Jack Armstrong 2:09.14; Advaith Prabha 2:32.1h; Darcy Beamish 2:40.7h;

3000m: Jack Mclean 9:42.3h;

2000m Steeple: Jordan Abbott 7:00.4h;

200m Hurdles: Bailey Culbert 27.50 (-0.1); Elijah Tsatas 30.47 (1.0);

High Jump: Connor Assauw 1.60m;

Long Jump: Jordan Liang 4.68m; Ewan Webber 4.09m;

Shot Put: Milton Simopoulos 13.29m; Bailey Culbert 12.33m;

Triple Jump: Milton Simopoulos 10.26m;

Men Under 14

Pole Vault: Johnny Suares 2.90m;

Women Open Division 1

100m: Kate Walker 13.22 (0.2);

400m: Jessica Mourney 58.00; Samantha Olsen 58.55; Rachel Limburg 61.46; Nana Owusu 56.30;

100m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 15.80 (-1.4);

5000m Walk: Cassandra Knight 29:42.7h;

Hammer: Panayiota Carabourniotis 19.96m;

High Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.50m;

Javelin: Rachel Limburg 36.48m; Rachel Limburg 37.22m;

Long Jump: Rachel Limburg 5.19m;

Pole Vault: Phillipa Hajdasz 3.20m;

Shot Put: Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.74m;

Women Over 40

100m: Victoria Carmody 17.37 (-1.2);

3000m: Pia Hunter 11:47.9h;

Women Under 18

400m: Wednesday Shiel 58.87; Amy Atkinson 60.25;

High Jump: Bethany Hayen 1.50m;

Pole Vault: Ripley Tornya 2.45m;

Women Under 16

100m: Charli Power 13.57 (0.2);

200m: Eve Parry 27.94 (-0.2); Sienna Hillberg 28.91;

400m: Charli Power 61.26;

800m: Thalia Worsam 2:59.6h;

400m Hurdles: Eve Parry 77.30;

Triple Jump: Sienna Hillberg 9.12m (-1.7);

Women Under 14

200m: Carly Senior 27.41 (-0.2);

Pole Vault: Tess Parry 2.75m;

AV Shield Round 4

November 1, 2018


Men Open Division 1 (Team placed 2nd)

100m: Jiakai Fan 11.79 (1.4); Oliver Wong 11.83 (3.0); Marcus Johnson 12.79 (2.4);

200m: Matthew Harcourt 23.16 (-0.1); James Shaw 25.69;

400m: Samuel McDonald 52.08; Marcus Johnson 63.92;

5000m: Alexander Ritchie 15:49.2h; Russell Clowes 18:24.1h;

Discus: William Seton 42.19m; Marcus Johnson 15.37m;

Javelin: Harry Blackburn 42.93m;

Long Jump: Samuel McDonald 5.95m; Oliver Wong 5.85m; Jiakai Fan 5.61m; Marcus Johnson 4.12m;

Men Over 40 (Team placed 1st)

100m: Andrew Wilcox 12.25 (1.4); Cameron Baker 12.75 (2.4); Andrew Egginton 14.75 (2.0); Elvis Cross 13.85 (1.8); Neville Gardner 22.42 (1.9);

200m: Grant Mackenzie 36.08 (1.8);

400m: Andrew Egginton 66.39; Cameron Baker 60.60;

800m: David Dougan 2:25.8h; Grant Mackenzie 3:03.6h;

1500m: Andrew Tunne 6:12.6h; Neville Gardner 9:11.6h;

100m Hurdles: Grant Mackenzie 28.49 (-1.7);

5000m Walk: Simon Evans 29:42.8h;

Discus: Neville Gardner 19.74m; Cameron Baker 23.87m; Peter Mcdonald 18.24m;

High Jump: Grant Mackenzie 1.25m;

Javelin: Andrew Egginton 26.32m; Cameron Baker 32.44m;

Long Jump: Cameron Baker 5.07m; Peter Mcdonald 3.16m;

Shot Put: Grant Mackenzie 6.05m;

Men Under 18 (Team placed 4th)

200m: Kennedy Chen 30.75 (-0.7);

400m: Oliver Blackburn 59.13;

800m: Joshua King 2:14.4h; Anton Zangl 2:15.8h; Kennedy Chen 2:34.1h;

3000m: Kennedy Chen 10:30.4h;

Discus: Oliver Blackburn 28.41m;

Javelin: Oliver Blackburn 36.95m;

Long Jump: Oliver Blackburn 4.39m;

Triple Jump: Anton Zangl 12.53m;

Men Under 16 (Team placed 1st)

100m: Axel Woods 11.49 (1.5); Jordan Liang 11.92 (3.0); William Moxey 12.01 (3.0); Jeremy Shum 12.12 (1.4);

200m: Eli Taylor 25.85 (0.3);

400m: William Moxey 57.15;

1500m: Jack Armstrong 4:27.6h; Thomas Diamond 4:33.0h; Jack Mclean 4:35.1h; Harry Chen 5:14.4h; Darcy Beamish 5:15.9h;

3000m: Jordan Abbott 10:04.6h;

100m Hurdles: Bede Waters 16.09 (2.5); Hugo Akse 16.75 (0.6);

200m Hurdles: Jeremy Shum 28.37 (1.7); William Moxey 29.62 (1.7);

High Jump: Bede Waters 1.75m; Eli Taylor 1.70m; Connor Assauw 1.55m;

Long Jump: Axel Woods 5.34m; Jordan Liang 5.07m;

Men Under 14 (Team placed 3rd)

200m: Sebastian Beck 25.40 (0.9);

2000m Walk: Zachary Matters 11:28.0h;

Triple Jump: Sebastian Beck 10.01m;

Women Open Division 1 (Team placed 1st)

200m: Samantha Olsen 25.78; Jessica Mourney 27.21 (0.8); Rachel Limburg 27.32 (0.8); Kate Walker 28.53; Catherine Hoh 29.18 (1.7);

100m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 15.26 (0.7);

5000m Walk: Cassandra Knight 29:53.0h;

1600m Relay: Box Hill  3:57.72;

Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 26.35m;

Hammer: Panayiota Carabourniotis 19.39m;

High Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.50m;

Javelin: Panayiota Carabourniotis 24.98m;

Long Jump: Adelaid Hawkins 4.23m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.21m;

Shot Put: Rachel Limburg 11.91m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.79m; Rachel Limburg 12.36m;

Women Over 40 (Team placed 5th)

100m: Victoria Carmody 17.01 (1.3);

5000m: Rachel Johnson 20:34.0h; Pia Hunter 20:33.2h;

Women Under 18 (Team placed 4th)

200m: Wednesday Shiel 26.24 (4.2); Amy Atkinson 27.63 (2.1);

1500m: Christine Ashton 5:27.8h;

3000m: Tamsyn Lovass 11:41.4h;

High Jump: Bethany Hayen 1.55m;

Women Under 16 (Team placed 1st)

200m: Eden Lloyd 26.44 (4.2); Sienna Hillberg 29.06 (0.3); Ella Doherty NT (0.8);

400m: Dee Dee Deng 63.62;

1500m: Mia Pope 5:02.8h;

3000m: Ashlee Treagus 10:30.2h;

90m Hurdles: Ella Doherty 14.33 (0.6);

Shot Put: Ella Doherty 7.92m;

Triple Jump: Sienna Hillberg 9.53m;

Women Under 14 (Team placed 4th)

200m: Carly Senior 28.20; Roxy Phipps 30.12 (1.7);

800m: Roxy Phipps 2:28.6h;

AV Shield Round 3

October 20, 2018


Men Open Division 1 (Team placed 2nd)

100m: Jiakai Fan 11.97 (-0.5);

200m: Dalton Di Medio 24.59 (-1.1); Harry Blackburn 24.91 (-2.4); William Seton 26.02 (-3.4);

400m: Michael Dowel 53.73;

1500m: Michael Dowel 4:02.0h;

3000m: Alexander Ritchie 8:55.6h;

High Jump: Harry Blackburn 1.65m;

Pole Vault: Dalton Di Medio 4.35m;

Shot Put: William Seton 12.68m; Harry Blackburn 10.66m;

Men Over 40 (Team placed 2nd)

100m: Grant Mackenzie 15.30 (0.3);

200m: Andrew Wilcox 25.26 (-2.7); David Mcconnell 29.57 (-3.0);

400m: Grant Mackenzie 79.25;

800m: Andrew Egginton 2:24.3h;

1500m: David Dougan 5:11.6h; Grant Mackenzie NT;

3000m: Andrew Tunne 13:27.8h;

100m Hurdles: David Mcconnell 20.39 (1.6);

3000m Walk: Simon Evans 17:02.0h;

High Jump: David Mcconnell 1.25m;

Long Jump: Grant Mackenzie 3.68m;

Pole Vault: David Mcconnell 2.55m;

Shot Put: Andrew Egginton 8.33m;

Men Under 18 (Team placed 4th)

100m: Anton Zangl 12.05 (-0.3);

Long Jump: Anton Zangl 5.63m;

Men Under 16 (Team placed 1st)

200m: Axel Woods 23.63 (-1.5); Jordan Liang 25.16 (-3.4); Bede Waters 26.50 (-3.3); Jeremy Shum 27.05 (-3.3); Darcy Beamish 27.55 (-2.0); Ewan Webber 27.68 (-2.1);

800m: Ewan Webber 2:19.3h; Darcy Beamish 2:27.7h;

3000m: Jack Mclean 9:50.0h; Jordan Abbott 10:05.5h;

100m Hurdles: Jeremy Shum 15.05 (-1.1); Bede Waters 15.29 (-1.1);

400m Relay: Box Hill  49.87;

High Jump: Bede Waters NM;

Pole Vault: Andre Di Medio 3.75m;

Men Under 14 (Team placed 4th)

1500m Walk: Zachary Matters 8:06.3h;

Pole Vault: Johnny Suares 2.85m;

Women Open Division 1 (Team placed 2nd)

100m: Kate Walker 13.48 (-0.0);

800m: Marlie Campton 2:17.56;

3000m Walk: Cassandra Knight 16:48.6h;

Hammer: Panayiota Carabourniotis 18.55m;

High Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.50m;

Pole Vault: Phillipa Hajdasz 3.30m;

Shot Put: Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.60m;

Women Over 40 (Team placed 5th)

100m: Victoria Carmody 17.77 (-0.0);

Women Under 18 (Team placed 3rd)

400m: Wednesday Shiel 59.90;

3000m: Christine Ashton 11:34.7h;

Pole Vault: Sarah Melsom 3.30m;

Women Under 16 (Team placed 1st)

100m: Charli Power 13.67 (-0.0);

200m: Ruby Maher 30.08 (-2.9);

400m: Charli Power 60.02; Eve Parry 63.09; Ashlee Treagus 63.39;

800m: Ruby Maher 2:19.52; Carla Dreyer 2:27.11;

1500m: Ashlee Treagus 4:44.8h;

Pole Vault: Georgia Tayler 3.15m; Lara Wittey 2.85m;

Women Under 14 (Team placed 2nd)

800m: Chavella Tanubrata 2:39.6h;

Pole Vault: Tess Parry 2.70m;

Triple Jump: Chavella Tanubrata 10.07m;

AV Shield Round 2

October 13, 2018


Men Open Division 1 (Team placed 2nd)

100m: Marcus Johnson 12.89 (0.8);

200m: Jiakai Fan 25.43 (-1.6); Marcus Johnson 27.05 (+0.0);

400m: Harry Blackburn 53.20; Robert Owen 54.47;

800m: Alexander Ritchie 2:09.3h;

5000m: Alexander Ritchie 16:18.4h;

Discus: Samuel Mcdonald 28.91m; Harry Blackburn 23.58m;

Javelin: Harry Blackburn 43.68m;

Long Jump: Harry Blackburn 5.74m;

Men Over 40 (Team placed 2nd)

100m: Cameron Baker 12.70 (1.2); Peter Mcdonald 15.29 (2.9);

200m: Andrew Wilcox 24.39 (+0.0);

400m: Cameron Baker 61.00;

800m: Andrew Egginton 2:23.5h;

1500m: David Dougan 5:12.2h; Andrew Tunne 6:11.5h; Cameron Baker 6:16.8h;

3000m Walk: Andrew Egginton 19:57.3h; SIMON EVANS 17:29.0h;

Discus: Peter Mcdonald 18.67m;

Javelin: Peter Mcdonald 11.76m;

Long Jump: Cameron Baker 4.97m; Peter Mcdonald 3.03m;

Shot Put: Andrew Egginton 8.12m;

Men Under 18 (Team placed 4th)

800m: Joshua King 2:16.7h; Kennedy Chen 2:27.5h;

5000m: Kennedy Chen 18:39.2h;

3000m Steeple: Kieran Hesse 10:20.1h; Finn O’Donnell 10:41.7h;

Javelin: Oliver Blackburn 37.46m;

Men Under 16 (Team placed 1st)

100m: William Moxey 12.02 (1.8); Andre Di Medio 12.65 (1.2);

200m: Jordan Liang 25.16 (-1.6); Darcy Beamish 27.74 (-1.1);

400m: William Moxey 57.32; Andre Di Medio 57.66;

800m: Harry Chen 2:23.0h; Darcy Beamish 2:22.9h;

1500m: Jack Armstrong 4:26.7h; Jack Mclean 4:41.7h; Mostyn Drieberg 4:46.5h;

3000m: Douglas Buckeridge 9:14.8h; Thomas Diamond 9:47.0h; Murray Lovass 10:47.6h;

100m Hurdles: William Moxey 16.60 (0.1);

Javelin: Andre Di Medio 26.80m;

Shot Put: Milton Simopoulos 12.57m;

Men Under 14 (Team placed 4th)

3000m: Izak Bibile 10:25.5h;

1500m Walk: Zachary Matters 8:27.9h;

Women Open Division 1 (Team placed 2nd)

100m: Catherine Hoh 14.02 (0.7);

200m: Kate Walker 27.68 (-1.6); Rachel Limburg 27.79 (-0.5);

400m: Catherine Hoh 67.98;

5000m: Katherine Foley 19:56.9h;

3000m Walk: Cassandra Knight 17:26.2h;

High Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.45m; Adelaid Hawkins 1.45m;

Javelin: Irene Margaronis 27.90m; Kathryn Brooks 19.94m;

Long Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 3.96m;

Shot Put: Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.56m;

Women Under 18 (Team placed 4th)

100m: Stella Crawford-Rust 14.04 (0.7);

200m: Wednesday Shiel 26.50 (-0.5); Danica Dreyer 31.24 (-0.4);

400m: Amy Atkinson 61.36;

Women Under 16 (Team placed 1st)

100m: Ella Doherty 13.45 (0.5);

200m: Charli Power 27.61 (-0.5); Carla Dreyer 28.00 (-0.5); Eve Parry 28.45 (-1.6);

400m: Ella Doherty 62.90; Ashlee Treagus 63.51;

800m: Carla Dreyer 2:24.2h;

1500m: Ashlee Treagus 4:52.4h; Ruby Maher 4:57.0h;

90m Hurdles: Ella Doherty 14.16 (1.7);

Women Under 14 (Team placed 4th)

100m: Carly Senior 13.32 (1.8);

200m: Chavella Tanubrata 27.90 (-1.6); Roxy Phipps 30.86 (-2.4);

Triple Jump: Chavella Tanubrata 10.08m;