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XCR Round 1 – Jells Park relays

April 21, 2018

In bright sunshine and warm conditions, Box Hill had 17 teams and over 60 competitors taking part in this event. Competition was fierce and Box Hill still came away with two gold, two silver and a bronze medal.

In the Premier Men’s Division, Will Potter, Nick Baggott, Harry Summers, Sam Dipnall, Steve Dinnee and Andre Waring combined to grab the silver medal, while our Women’s Premier Division team of Georgia Griffith, Steph Kondogonis, Marlie Campton, Amy Rives and Georgia Hansen finished a close 5th.

Our Over 50 men’s team of Peter Stefanos, John Meagher and Chris O’Connor came away with a gold medal as did our women’s over 40 team of Pia Hunter, Julie Norney and Rachel Johnson.

The Under 20 men’s team of Finn Macken, Darcy Powne and Scott McKenzie, also put in a great performance, winning the silver medal, as did the Over 40 men’s team of Barry Lynch, Chris Bradford and Kynan Dawes who won a bronze medal.

A big welcome to our new members who competed for the club for the first time, Bob McHugh, Brett Smith, Marlie Campton, Eliza St. Hill, Belinda Dutton, Danica Dreyer and Maya Diamond and a welcome back to Harry Summers, Barry Lynch, Dino Crivelli and Julie Norney.

Also a huge thank you to John Rives, Simon Atkinson and Megan Sloane who helped as officials on Saturday and to all those who helped out with time keeping and other duties.


Jells Park Results

Men Premier Division Team Place 2nd
1. Will Potter 17.54
2. Nick Baggott 18.26
3. Harry Summers 18.34
4. Sam Dipnall 19.17
5. Steve Dinneen 18.43
6. Andre Waring 18.03
Men Division 2 Team Place 4th
1. Matt O’Donnell 18.39
2. Alex Ritchie 19.46
3. Zac Hunter 20.26
4. Josh de Stefanis 21.27
5. Klarie McIntyre 20.33
6. James O’Connell 19.04
Men Division 3 Team Place 9th
1. Jackson Deane 21.29
2. Russell Clowes 22.43
3. Carlos Norman 24.28
4. Bob McHugh 24.11
5. Jack Hill 24.31
Men Division 5 Team Place 11th
1. Stephen Ross 25.36
2. Brett Smith 31.17
3. Simon St. Hill 27.21
4. Andrew Tunne 32.01
Men 40.1 Team Place 3rd
1. Barry Lynch 19.46
2. Chris Bradford 22.27
3. Kynan Dawes 21.48
Men 40.2 Team Place 8th
1. Anthony Whitby 24.13
2. Dino Crivelli 24.04
3. Simon Watson 23.00
Men Over 50 Team Place 1st
1. Peter Stefanos 22.59
2. John Meagher 20.38
3. Chris O’Connor 22.15
Men Under 20 Team Place 2nd
1. Finn Macken 20.27
2. Darcy Powne 21.32
3. Scott McKenzie 19.33
Men Under 18 DNF
1. Josh Macken 10.04
2. Kennedy Chen 11.07
Men Under 16 Team Place 6th
1. Lachlan Doehmann 10.14
2. Ewan Webber 11.02
2. Izak Bibile 10.44

Women Premier Division


Team Place 5th

1. Georgia Griffith 21.06
2. Steph Kondogonis 24.19
3. Marlie Campton 24.58
4. Amy Rives 23.27
5. Georgia Hansen 22.18
Women Division 4 Team Place 3rd
1. Katherine Foley 25.40
2. Amy Atkinson 24.18
3. Chloe Rosenberg 27.30
Women Division 5 Team Place 9th
1. Eliza St. Hill 35.53
2. Belinda Dutton 33.21
3. Caroline Fox 31.33
Women 40.1 Team Place 1st
1. Pia Hunter 24.27
2. Julie Norney 23.29
3. Rachel Johnson 25.39
Women 40.2 Team Place 5th
1. Fiona Hansen 28.19
2. Caitlin Harrison 29.56
3. Kerry Putt 29.45
Women Under 18 Team Place 11th
1. Carly Atkinson 11.47
2. Carla Dreyer 11.55
3. Danica Dreyer 16.36
Women Under 16 Team Place 5th
1. Dee Dee Deng 11.09
2. Roxy Phipps 12.11
3. Maya Diamond 13.58

XCR season begins with 5km club handicap

April 14, 2018

The Box Hill winter season was launched with the annual club 5km handicap event, along the bike tracks of Gardiners Creek.
Sharron Meager beat the handicapper and the rest of the field as she improved her time of last year by more than two minutes. Behind Sharron, Katherine Foley, Belinda Dutton, Dalton Di Medio and Josh Macken all ran faster than expected to take out the next four places.
Despite the windy conditions, the back marker, Sam Dipnall, managed to run 15:35 to win the Frank Tutchener trophy for the fastest time of the day. Alex Ritchie (16:03), Zac Hunter (16:24), Finn Macken (17:00) and Thomas Diamond (17:40) were next in line.

Handicap Results

1 Sharon Meagher 28.02
2 Katherine Foley 28.49
3 Belinda Dutton 29.16
4 Dalton Di Medio 29.19
5 Josh Macken 29.22
6 Carla Dreyer 29.27
7 Russell Clowes 29.29
8 Dan Boulton 29.3
9 Finn Macken 29.3
10 Pia Hunter 29.34
11 Kieren Scarfe 29.45
12 Rachel Johnson 29.46
13 Danica Dreyer 29.52
14 Stephen Ross 29.56
15 Izak Bibile 29.58
16 Dino Crivelli 30.00
17 Thomas Diamond 30.00
18 Zac Hunter 30.04
19 Peter Stefanos 30.05
20 Kerry Putt 30.06
21 Andrew Hester 30.09
22 David Featherston 30.12
23 Kennedy Chen 30.12
24 Alex Ritchie 30.13
25 Anthony Whitby 30.14
26 Yvonne Chen 30.21
27 Sam Dipnall 30.25
28 Caitlin Harrison 30.30
29 Georgia Pearson 30.36
30 Chloe Rosenberg 30.43
31 Carlos Norman 31.03
32 Andre Di Medio 31.51
33 Eliza St. Hill 31.58
34 Liam Harris 32.32

Fastest Times

1 Sam Dipnall 15.35
2 Alex Ritchie 16.03
3 Zac Hunter 16.24
4 Finn Macken 17
5 Thomas Diamond 17.4
6 Josh Macken 17.52
7 Kieren Scarfe 18.05
8 Russell Clowes 18.09
9 Andrew Hester 18.4
10 Dino Crivelli 19
11 Peter Stefanos 19.05
12 Kennedy Chen 19.22
13 David Featherston 19.27
14 Izak Bibile 19.43
15 Anthony Whitby 19.44
16 Katherine Foley 20.19
17 Dalton Di Medio 20.19
18 Pia Hunter 20.19
19 Carlos Norman 20.33
20 Stephen Ross 20.36
21 Yvonne Chen 21.06
22 Georgia Pearson 21.06
23 Rachel Johnson 21.16
24 Carla Dreyer 21.27
25 Chloe Rosenberg 22.13
26 Liam Harris 23.32
27 Kerry Putt 23.36
28 Andre Di Medio 23.51
29 Caitlin Harrison 24.3
30 Eliza St. Hill 26.28
31 Belinda Dutton 26.46
32 Dan Boulton 27.3
33 Sharon Meagher 28.02
34 Danica Dreyer 29.22

Nana qualifies for World Junior Championships

April 10, 2018

Congratulations to Nana Owusu-Afriyie, who has been selected to compete in the World Junior Championships in Finland in July.

Nana will represent Australia as part of the 4x100m relay.

This is a great reward for Nana who had a terrific summer season, winning a silver medal and a bronze medal in the national under 20 200m and 100m events respectively.

Nana clocked 23.89 in the heats of the 200m to claim the under 20 and under 19 club records for that distance.


Georgia to share her Games experiences

The Box Hill Athletic Club annual general meeting and presentation night will be held at the clubrooms on Friday, April 27.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this event.

The evening begins at 7:30pm with a brief Annual General Meeting followed by presentations, supper and a question and answer session with Commonwealth Games athlete Georgia Griffith.

Date: Friday, April 27

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: Graeme Olden Room (upstairs at the clubrooms)

Entry Cost: $10 or $20 per family

No need to RSVP, just show up on the night.

Jells Park relays – enter now!

The XCR’18 season begins with the cross country relays at Jells Park, Wheeler’s Hill, on Saturday week, April 21.

We hope to enter teams in all age groups.

In order to take part you need to register with AV and Box Hill via the AV online portal on or after April 1. There is no need to register for any of the competition packages in order to take part in the relays, although we encourage all runners to buy an XCR or Max package.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you will be available for this event, so that we can enter teams. Email for more information or to enter.



Georgia claims silver at nationals

February 18, 2018

To secure her selection for the Commonwealth Games, Georgia’s race plan was to make the race fast and unrelenting. Going through the first lap in 59.2, Georgia destroyed the hopes of half the field. By the 600m point, the field was scattered. At 700m, Georgia’s brave front running began to wear on her and by midway down the straight Brittany McGowan (three-time National Champion) passed her as did Angela Petty (NZ Champion).

Georgia pushed herself to the limit to cross the line in 3rd (2nd Australian) in 2.02.09. As the second Australian across the line, and having achieved an “A” qualifier through the season, her position in the Australian Commonwealth Games team was assured.

Runners Tribe speaks to Georgia


AV Shield Final

February 11, 2018

Box Hill Results

Men Division 1 (team placed 3rd)

200m: Mohamad Zeed 23.60; Harry Blackburn 23.75; Samuel McDonald 23.84; James Greaves 24.12; James Shaw 25.17; William Seton 30.73;

800m: Scott McKenzie 2:00.50; Nicholas Baggott 2:01.7h; Alexander Ritchie 2:06.4h; Samuel Rattray 2:06.5h; Harry Blackburn 2:06.7h; Stephen Dinneen 2:09.2h;

3000m: Stephen Dinneen 8:57.3h; John Dutton 8:57.5h; Klarie McIntyre 9:00.2h; Nicholas Baggott 9:01.0h; Samuel Rattray 9:01.7h; Daniel Clark 9:42.2h;

2000m Walk: Simon Evans 10:58.2h;

Triple Jump: Russell Clowes 10.17m;

High Jump: Liam Harris 1.80m; Samuel McDonald 1.75m; Matthew Harcourt 1.70m;

Shot Put: William Seton 12.59m; Matthew Harcourt 9.26m; Russell Clowes 8.22m;

Hammer: William Seton 27.83m;

Men 40+ (Team placed 2nd)

200m: Andrew Wilcox 24.62; Cameron Baker 25.74; Alexis Kokkinos 26.39; Robert Mayston 26.53;

800m: Kynan Dawes 2:08.9h; Robert Schwerkolt 2:15.7h; Michael Eury 2:21.7h; John Meagher 2:23.1h;

3000m: Bouchaib Chefnaoui 8:44.7h; Robert Schwerkolt 9:27.3h; John Meagher 9:43.7h; Christopher O’Connor 10:55.8h;

4x200m Relay: Box Hill 1:41.67;

400m Hurdles: David Featherston 63.36; Cameron Baker 69.28;

2000m Walk: Robert Mayston DQ;

Triple Jump: Cameron Baker 9.64m; Robert Mayston 9.53m;

High Jump: Simon Watson 1.55m; Robert Mayston 1.30m;

Shot Put: David Featherston 9.11m; Simon Watson 7.70m;

Hammer: David Featherston 19.11m; Peter McDonald 17.53m;

Men Under 16 (Team placed 4th)

200m: Axel Woods 23.42; Anton Zangl 23.95; Jeremy Shum 24.89; Bailey Culbert 24.93;

800m: Darcy Beamish 2:21.8h; Milton Simopoulos 2:31.4h; Jack McLean 2:36.2h;

3000m: Douglas Buckeridge 10:18.0h; Jack McLean 10:55.4h;

4x200m Relay: Box Hill 1:37.73;

200m Hurdles: Jeremy Shum 28.89; Ewan Webber 31.92;

Triple Jump: Anton Zangl 12.47m; Jeremy Shum 11.66m;

High Jump: Bede Waters 1.60m; Connor Assauw 1.55m;

Shot Put: Milton Simopoulos 12.49m; Oliver Blackburn 8.62m;

Hammer: Oliver Blackburn 24.23m;

Men Under 14 (Team placed 7th)

200m: Andre Di Medio 27.98;

800m: Mostyn Drieberg 2:29.5h; Jordan Abbott 2:38.2h;

3000m: Jordan Abbott 10:38.9h;

200m Hurdles: Elijah Tsatas 31.63;

High Jump: Eli Taylor 1.65m;

Shot Put: Eli Taylor 11.68m; Andre Di Medio 9.96m;

Hammer: Eli Taylor 23.14m;

Women Division 1 (Team placed 7th)

200m: Bianca Boyle 30.50;

800m: Georgia Pearson 2:41.8h;

3000m: Pia Hunter 11:41.9h; Georgia Pearson 11:54.7h; Rachel Johnson 12:00.1h; Chloe Rosenberg 13:06.6h;

2000m Walk: Pia Hunter 11:23.3h;

High Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.45m;

Shot Put: Anna Di Medio 9.17m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.47m;

Hammer: Anna Di Medio 28.36m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 19.13m;

Women Under 18 (Team placed 6th)

200m: Sophia Davis 25.97; Jessica MacKenzie 26.43; Tara Samaranayake 29.45;

800m: Jess Hepworth 2:27.6h; Tamsyn Lovass 2:28.4h; Sophie Westcott 2:29.3h; Amy Atkinson 2:30.7h;

3000m: Amy Atkinson 10:53.7h;

Triple Jump: Skye Cody 10.22m;

High Jump: Jessica MacKenzie 1.50m;

Shot Put: Jessica MacKenzie 12.31m;

Women Under 16 (Team placed 4th)

200m: Wednesday Shiel 26.31; Carla Dreyer 27.70; Ella Doherty 28.01; Eleanor McFarlane 28.04;

800m: Hayley McGoldrick 2:18.9h; Carla Dreyer 2:19.4h; Ashlee Treagus 2:19.7h; Carly Atkinson 2:32.8h;

3000m: Mia Pope 10:37.4h; Carly Atkinson 11:30.8h; Jordyn Oatley 12:25.3h;

4x200m Relay: Box Hill 1:49.01;

200m Hurdles: Ella Doherty 49.68;

Triple Jump: Bethany Hayen 10.16m;

High Jump: Eleanor McFarlane 1.55m; Bethany Hayen 1.50m;

Shot Put: Ella Doherty 8.00m;

Women Under 14 (Team placed 2nd)

200m: Eden Lloyd 26.66; Dee Dee Deng 27.24; Mia Wilson 27.47; Eve Parry 28.55;

800m: Ruby Maher 2:20.1h; Dee Dee Deng 2:25.4h; Roxy Phipps 2:34.0h; Breanna Croall 2:41.7h;

3000m: Breanna Croall 11:07.9h;

4x200m Relay: Box Hill 1:50.42;

200m Hurdles: Aimee Traverso 39.28;

Triple Jump: Aimee Traverso 9.44m; Breanna Croall 7.60m;

High Jump: Dee Dee Deng 1.30m; Aimee Traverso 1.20m;

AV Shield Round 12

January 20, 2018

Women Open Div 1
200m: Bianca Boyle 30.81;
800m: Ellie Sanford 2:11.60;
3000m: Rachel Johnson 12:01.9h; Georgia Pearson 12:07.2h; Sharron Meager 15:27.5h;
100m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 15.18;
3000m Walk: Pia Hunter DQ; Sharron Meager 22:10.2h;
Long Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.02m;
Pole Vault: Isabelle Napier 3.60m; Olivia Green 3.15m;
Javelin: Panayiota Carabourniotis 22.42m; Anna Di Medio 13.53m;
Shot Put: Rachel Limburg 11.49m; Sharron Meager 6.75m;
Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 26.25m; Anna Di Medio 23.93m;
Women Under 18
100m: Jessica MacKenzie 13.40;
200m: Sophia Davis 25.77;
3000m: Amy Atkinson 11:02.0h;
Long Jump: Jessica MacKenzie 4.96m;
Javelin: Jessica MacKenzie 35.03m;
Discus: Jessica MacKenzie 26.75m;
Women Under 16
200m: Wednesday Shiel 26.38; Bethany Hayen 29.42;
400m: Carla Dreyer 60.35;
800m: Eliza Klotz 2:51.9h; Saffi Kiellerup 2:52.7h;
3000m: Mia Pope 10:47.9h;
90m Hurdles: Bethany Hayen 16.11;
High Jump: Bethany Hayen 1.55m;
Women Under 14
400m: Dee Dee Deng 61.15; Eve Parry 63.54; Ruby Maher 63.55;
800m: Breanna Croall 2:34.9h;
Triple Jump: Breanna Croall 8.19m;
Pole Vault: Tess Parry 2.10m;
Men Open Div 1
100m: Harry Blackburn 12.28; James Greaves 12.63;
200m: Daniel White-Alikakos 22.95; Samuel McDonald 24.11; Robert Owen 24.58; James Shaw 25.53; James O’Connell 32.17;
400m: Harry Blackburn 55.51; Marcus Johnson 63.22;
3000m: Stephen Dinneen 8:52.8h; Samuel Rattray 8:54.7h; Nicholas Baggott 9:34.9h; Scott McKenzie 9:38.3h;
3000m Steeple: Callum Evans DNF; Klarie McIntyre 10:23.9h;
Long Jump: Harry Blackburn 5.58m; James Greaves 5.06m;
High Jump: Samuel McDonald 1.75m;
Pole Vault: Liam Harris 4.35m; Blake Lucas NM;
Shot Put: Samuel McDonald 8.68m;
Discus: William Seton 38.13m;
Men Over 40
100m: Alexis Kokkinos 13.09; Neville Gardner 22.60;
200m: Cameron Baker 25.80; David McConnell 27.97; Robert Mayston 28.10; Michael Eury 29.60; Peter McDonald 36.61;
400m: Neville Gardner 1:52.30;
800m: Michael Eury 2:20.5h; David McConnell 2:41.8h;
1500m: Neville Gardner 8:38.5h;
3000m: Bouchaib Chefnaoui 8:33.8h; Cameron Baker 13:00.3h;
Triple Jump: Robert Mayston 9.08m;
High Jump: David McConnell 1.35m;
Pole Vault: Simon Watson 3.00m; George Schillinger 2.70m;
Javelin: Neville Gardner 11.93m;
Shot Put: David McConnell 7.19m; Peter McDonald 5.76m;
Discus: Neville Gardner 19.86m;
Men Under 18
200m: Nick Jones 23.49;
400m: Dalton Di Medio 52.97;
800m: Thomas Sellwood 2:05.9h; Joshua King 2:18.4h;
3000m: Joshua McLeod 9:17.5h;
High Jump: Lucas Rindt 1.95m;
Pole Vault: Dalton Di Medio 4.20m;
Men Under 16
100m: Axel Woods 12.03; Ewan Webber 14.05; Oliver Blackburn 14.78;
200m: Jeremy Shum 25.22; Bailey Culbert 26.11; Bede Waters 26.15; Douglas Buckeridge 28.49;
400m: Ewan Webber 61.09; Oliver Blackburn 68.67;
100m Hurdles: Jeremy Shum 15.07; Bailey Culbert 15.68;
Long Jump: Ewan Webber 4.44m;
Triple Jump: Jeremy Shum 10.98m;
High Jump: Bede Waters 1.70m; Connor Assauw 1.60m; Bailey Culbert 1.60m;
Javelin: Oliver Blackburn 34.47m;
Discus: Oliver Blackburn 29.82m;
Men Under 14
200m: Elijah Tsatas 27.92; Eli Taylor 29.06; Jordan Culbert 29.38;
400m: Andre Di Medio 64.83;
3000m: Thomas Diamond 10:06.7h;
90m Hurdles: Elijah Tsatas 14.86; Jordan Culbert 19.92;
Triple Jump: Elijah Tsatas 9.47m;
High Jump: Eli Taylor 1.65m; Jordan Culbert 1.30m;
Pole Vault: Andre Di Medio 3.00m; Johnny Suares 2.25m;
Shot Put: Eli Taylor 9.68m; Jordan Culbert 6.44m;
Hammer: Eli Taylor 13.87m;

AV Shield Round 11

January 13, 2018


Women Open

100m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 12.00; Catherine Hoh 14.59; Bianca Boyle 14.82;

800m: Georgia Pearson 2:39.0h; Sharron Meager 3:19.9h;

5000m: Pia Hunter 20:20.8h; Rachel Johnson 20:23.6h; Chloe Rosenberg 21:32.5h;

3000m Walk: Pia Hunter 18:07.6h;

Long Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.11m;

High Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.45m;

Pole Vault: Olivia Green NM; Isabelle Napier NM;

Javelin: Irene Margaronis 28.84m; Sharron Meager 11.26m; Panayiota Carabourniotis NM;

Shot Put: Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.70m;

Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 27.37m;

Hammer: Anna Di Medio 26.90m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 16.95m;

Women Under 18

400m: Sophia Davis 59.65; Amy Atkinson 61.79;

800m: Tamsyn Lovass 2:29.6h;

Women Under 16

100m: Anastasia Purcell 12.70;

400m: Anastasia Purcell 59.11; Wednesday Shiel 60.84;

800m: Carla Dreyer 2:20.42; Mia Pope 2:25.8h;

Women Under 14

100m: Eden Lloyd 13.22;

800m: Dee Dee Deng 2:20.91;

High Jump: Dee Dee Deng 1.35m;

Men Open

100m: Dan Iacuone 12.11; James Shaw 12.84;

200m: James Greaves 25.42; Marcus Johnson 26.92; James Shaw 26.95;

400m: Daniel White-Alikakos 49.02; Robert Owen 53.47;

800m: Andre Waring 1:50.72; Scott McKenzie 1:56.54; Stephen Dinneen 2:02.0h; Samuel Rattray 2:02.7h;

5000m: John Dutton 15:38.0h; Andrew Hester 18:41.6h;

110m Hurdles: Mohamad Zeed 15.67; Harry Blackburn 17.15;

400m Hurdles: Matthew Harcourt 55.54;

Long Jump: Harry Blackburn 5.28m;

High Jump: Harry Blackburn 1.55m; Liam Harris 1.55m;

Pole Vault: Harry Blackburn 3.40m;

Shot Put: Harry Blackburn 7.29m;

Hammer: William Seton 33.76m;

Men Over 40

100m: Alexis Kokkinos 12.85; Robert Mayston 13.98;

200m: Andrew Wilcox 25.26; David McConnell 29.18; Robert Mayston 29.78;

400m: David Dougan 65.43; Robert Mayston 66.34;

5000m: Bouchaib Chefnaoui 15:37.6h; Christopher O’Connor 20:20.4h; Andrew Tunne 23:18.8h;

300m Hurdles: David McConnell 52.45;

400m Hurdles: Cameron Baker 71.75;

3000m Walk: Robert Mayston DQ;

Triple Jump: Robert Mayston 8.46m; Cameron Baker 8.38m;

High Jump: Cameron Baker 1.35m; Robert Mayston 1.30m;

Men Under 18

100m: Nick Jones 11.62; Wyn Chong 12.08;

200m: Nick Jones 24.54; Wyn Chong 25.1h;

800m: Kennedy Chen 2:35.7h;

5000m: Kennedy Chen 18:51.8h;

High Jump: Lucas Rindt 1.90m;

Pole Vault: Dalton Di Medio 3.85m;

Men Under 16

100m: Jeremy Shum 12.43; Milton Simopoulos 13.47;

400m: Matthew Dougan 59.30;

100m Hurdles: Jeremy Shum 15.50;

200m Hurdles: Jeremy Shum 29.94;

Long Jump: Jeremy Shum 5.24m; Milton Simopoulos 4.32m;

Triple Jump: Oliver Blackburn 9.05m;

High Jump: Bede Waters 1.65m;

Javelin: Oliver Blackburn 32.41m;

Shot Put: Milton Simopoulos 12.01m; Oliver Blackburn 8.49m;

Discus: Milton Simopoulos 35.43m; Oliver Blackburn 23.92m;

Men Under 14

200m: Elijah Tsatas 28.52;

800m: Thomas Diamond 2:22.0h;

5000m: Jordan Abbott 18:50.4h;

200m Hurdles: Elijah Tsatas 33.63;

Triple Jump: Owen Cai 10.52m; Elijah Tsatas NM;

Pole Vault: Andre Di Medio NM;

Javelin: Eli Taylor 32.28m;


AV Shield Round 10

January 7, 2018


Women Open
200m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 24.82; Rachel Limburg 26.64;
3000m: Pia Hunter 11:49.4h; Chloe Rosenberg 12:40.8h;
100m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 15.38;
2000m Steeple: Sharron Meager 10:44.5h;
Long Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.02m;
High Jump: Rachel Limburg 1.80m;
Javelin: Kathryn Brooks 45.13m; Irene Margaronis 28.89m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 21.34m; Sharron Meager 12.74m;
Shot Put: Rachel Limburg 11.31m;
Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 24.83m;

Women U18
2000m Steeple: Sophie Westcott 7:40.2h;

Women U16
1500m: Thalia Worsam 5:44.2h;
3000m: Nicola Hogg 10:55.9h; Carly Atkinson 10:57.7h;

Women U14
100m: Eden Lloyd 12.98; Dee Dee Deng 14.49;
200m: Eden Lloyd 26.42;
400m: Dee Dee Deng 61.12; Ruby Maher 64.70;
1500m: Ruby Maher 4:59.0h;
Triple Jump: Aimee Traverso 9.89m;
High Jump: Aimee Traverso 1.25m;

Men Open
100m: Harry Blackburn 12.06; James Greaves 12.27;
200m: Matthew Harcourt 23.34;
400m: Harry Blackburn 52.88;
1500m: Jack Hill 4:47.0h;
400m Hurdles: Matthew Harcourt 54.51;
3000m Steeple: Callum Evans 10:24.4h;
Long Jump: Harry Blackburn 5.41m; James Greaves 5.35m;
Discus: William Seton 41.01m; Harry Blackburn 30.52m;

Men 40+
100m: Neville Gardner 20.83;
200m: Robert Mayston 28.72;
400m: Neville Gardner 1:48.35;
1500m: Andrew Tunne 6:13.3h; Neville Gardner 8:36.6h;
3000m: Bouchaib Chefnaoui 8:59.5h;
3000m Steeple: Simon Watson 12:43.7h;
Triple Jump: Robert Mayston 9.34m;
Javelin: Cameron Baker 33.98m;
Discus: Neville Gardner 20.21m; Cameron Baker 18.93m;

Men U18
100m: Jiakai Fan 12.28;
400m: Kennedy Chen 68.77;
800m: Darcy Powne 1:57.61;
1500m: Kennedy Chen 5:12.0h;
3000m: Joshua McLeod 9:16.3h;

Men U16
100m: Anton Zangl 12.20; Darcy Beamish 13.32; Oliver Blackburn 14.61;
400m: Bailey Culbert 58.07; Darcy Beamish 59.58; Oliver Blackburn 69.21;
800m: Milton Simopoulos 2:34.2h;
1500m: Lachlan Doehmann 4:22.1h;
3000m: Douglas Buckeridge 9:39.7h;
Long Jump: Anton Zangl 5.39m; Oliver Blackburn 4.10m;
Triple Jump: Milton Simopoulos 9.75m;
Javelin: Oliver Blackburn 31.56m; Bailey Culbert 25.94m;
Shot Put: Milton Simopoulos 11.98m;
Discus: Lachlan Doehmann 37.39m; Oliver Blackburn 29.31m; Bailey Culbert 27.48m;

Men U14
200m: Eli Taylor 32.82;
3000m: Thomas Diamond 9:56.1h;
High Jump: Eli Taylor 1.55m;