2015 Winter Bulletin No. 25

September 15, 2015


The XCR’15 season culminates with the Tan Relays on this Saturday morning, September 19, starting at 9:00am.

The first draft of teams is listed below. Note that these teams are subject to change.

If your name is listed and you cannot compete, please let us know as soon as possible.

If your name is not listed but you wish to run, please let us know as soon as possible.

Final teams will be sent out later this week.

Please arrive early, as parking may be problematic and last minute changes to teams might be necessary.

We also need helpers as time keepers, so please let us know if you can help.

Draft Teams

Men Premier Division:

  1. Nick Baggott
  2. Will Potter
  3. Michael Dowel
  4. Dion Finocchiaro
  5. James O’Connell
  6. Oscar Robinson

Men Division 2

  1. Sam Dipnall
  2. Michael Vaughan
  3. David Jiminez
  4. Welday Mebrahtu
  5. Trent Collins
  6. Peter Green

Men Division 3

  1. Andrew Hester
  2. Luke Crozier
  3. Russell Clowes
  4. Ryan Martin

Men Division 6

  1. Jack Hill
  2. Andrew Tunne
  3. Simon St. Hill

Men 40+

  1. Tony Langelaan
  2. Dino Crivelli
  3. Michael Eury?

Simon Watson?

Men 50+

  1. John Meagher
  2. Peter Stefanos
  3. Graeme Olden

Men Under 20 (two teams)

  1. Ben Cox
  2. Vaughan Smith
  3. Zac hunter
  4. Carlos Norman
  5. Jack Prendergast
  6. Peter O’Leary

Raymond Chan?

Men Under 18 (two teams of three)


Scott McKenzie

Sebastian Failla

Alex Ritchie

Jordan Hesse

Sam Rattray

Lucas Pamminger

James Bernstein

Men Under 16

  1. Kieren Hesse

Women Premier Division

  1. Julie Norney
  2. Georgia Meehan
  3. Georgia Hansen
  4. Grace Kalac
  5. Courtney Powell

Women Division 2

  1. Hayley Tomlinson
  2. Hannah Deal
  3. Liza Hanshall
  4. Chloe Metzeling

Women Division 5

  1. Amelia Savige
  2. Kelly Ulf
  3. Caitlin Harrison

Women 40+

  1. Amanda Harper
  2. June Petrie
  3. Pia Hunter?

Nicole Smith

Women Under 20

Women Under 18 (two teams)

  1. Louise Ton
  2. Genevieve Wah?
  3. Holly Pedersen
  4. Zoe Schwerkolt
  5. Sophie Schwerkolt


TRACK SEASON IS COMING! Are you registered?

The 2015/16 track and field season Shield competition starts in just over 3 weeks! If you plan to compete this summer, please make sure you are registered. The Athletics year starts on April 1, so those who have registered this winter are covered for the summer season also, but all others must register before the start of the season in order to be eligible to compete. Register online via the AV website.

Shield Calendar

October 10, Saturday, Round 1, Nunawading

October 24, Saturday, Round 2, Yarra Ranges (Mt. Evelyn)

October 31, Saturday, Round 3, Casey Fields (zone vs zone)

November 14, Saturday, Round 4, Nunawading

November 22, Sunday, Round 5, Doncaster

December 10, Thursday, Round 6, Nunawading

December 17, Saturday, Round 7, Nunawading

January 9, Saturday, Round 8, Nunawading (zone vs zone)

January 16, Saturday, Round 9, Lakeside Stadium (zone vs zone)

January 30, Saturday, Round 10, Nunawading

February 6, Saturday, Shield Final, Lakeside Stadium



The Club will be holding a season launch at the club rooms on the evening of Tuesday, October 6, from 7pm. This is great opportunity to meet the club coaches, officials and fellow athletes and pick up information about the upcoming track and field season. You can purchase new uniforms and if you do not have your registration bib numbers for this season, you can collect them at the season launch.

Pizza and soft drink provided.

We encourage all members (especially new members) to attend.



The Club’s biggest social and fund raising event of the year will be held on Saturday, October 17, from 7:00pm at the Chatham Primary School hall. We encourage all members to bring their friends and family to this fun night. You can book a table of 6 – 8 people of just come on your own and we will place you with a team. Book via return email or contact Grace Brown at gracelowdenbrown@gmail.com

We also need auction items for the silent auction, if you can donate anything, big or small, please let us know.



A huge thank you to Jack Hill for organising this highly successful fund raising event. Thanks also to all the helpers who worked throughout the day, cooking and selling sausages.