2012-2013 Shield Competition – Shield Final – Albert Park – Saturday 16 February 2013

February 16, 2013


Congratulations to the Box Hill under 16 girls team that comprehensively won the Athletics Victoria Shield Premiership on Saturday.

Thanks also to Chris Muirden for his help with team management and for his report on the final below:

Under 16s win Shield Final

Congratulations to all our girls who took part in yesterday’s final at Olympic Park and thank you also to all those girls who took part in events during the season to help get them there.

We ended up comprehensive winners with our nearest rival Knox 178.5 points behind.

While there were many highlights on a hot day, a few who made a massive contribution were:

Zoe Schwerkolt who did four events including the walk, steeple and 1500m and clocked up around 120 points on her own.

Nana Owusu-Afriyie and Jackie Fredriksen, both U16s again next year, who had great runs in the 100m and then finished 1-2 in the Long Jump before being part of our gun 4x100m relay team that clocked 50.05 seconds.

Emily Goessler who did the difficult 1500 and 400m double and again impressed.

Emily Taylor-Brown who completed a rare Javelin, PV, Discus treble with distinction.

Kate Boulter who ran up a few age groups and took on former state junior champion Mikaela Davis in the 400m and pushed her all the way before scoring big points in the discus.

Thank you also to all those girls who came in for just one event and racked up a few points to make sure we were never in danger.

Hopefully next year we can expand on our dominance and claim titles in both the U16s and U18 age groups.

Team Results:

Box Hill      783.0

Knox          624.5

Essendon   616.5

Doncaster   597.0

Frankston   575.0

Keilor St B. 372.0

Geelong       97.0

Bendigo       57.0

Ballarat        27.0

Individual Results:

100m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 12.60; Jackie Fredricksen 13.35; Annabel Cator 13.38; Monique Hoskin 13.49;

400m: Emily Goessler 61.94; Annabel Cator 62.38; Kate Boulter 62.60; Emma Marsden 64.33;

1500m: Emily Goessler 5:02.2h; Lucy Steele 5:20.3h; Zoe Schwerkolt 6:10.0h; Christina Bell 6:17.3h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill  50.05;

90m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 14.47; Zoe Schwerkolt 17.47;

2000m Walk: Zoe Schwerkolt 11:53.0h;

2000m Steeple: Zoe Schwerkolt 8:29.8h;

Long Jump: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 5.20m; Jackie Fredricksen 5.13m;

Pole Vault: Emily Taylor-Brown 3.05m; Claire O’Brien 2.30m;

Javelin: Kathryn Brooks 30.56m; Emily Taylor-Brown 30.02m;

Discus: Kate Boulter 26.66m; Emily Taylor-Brown 26.37m;



For the second year in a row our men’s over 40 team finished 2nd to Waverley in the the shield final.

Unfortunately a few things didn’t fall our way on the day, but everyone on the team should be congratulated for a great effort throughout the season and hopefully next year will be our year! Special thanks to Andrew Wilcox for all his work in organising and managing (as well as running in) this team.

Team Results:

Waverley          694.0

Box Hill            634.5

Diamond Valley 598.5

Geelong           463.0

Keilor St B        381.5

Vic Masters      360.5

Western Aths    277.0

Ballarat            140.0

Individual Results:

100m: Andrew Wilcox 12.01; Hendrik Dreyer 12.76; David Cross 15.15; James Tennant 15.33;

400m: Andrew Wilcox 52.52; Hendrik Dreyer 55.00; Kynan Dawes 58.21; Andrew Egginton 59.45;

1500m: Kynan Dawes 4:15.5h; Connor Carson 4:17.4h; John Meagher 4:26.3h; Andrew Egginton 4:31.2h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill  50.04;

100m Hurdles: David Cross 20.68;

110m Hurdles: Hendrik Dreyer 18.92;

2000m Walk: Graeme Olden 11:19.8h;

3000m Steeple: John Meagher 11:19.2h; Graeme Olden 11:53.9h;

Long Jump: Hendrik Dreyer 4.82m; George Schillinger 3.84m;

Pole Vault: Rob Barclay 2.75m; George Schillinger 2.75m;

Javelin: Andrew Egginton 31.10m; George Schillinger 27.92m;

Discus: George Schillinger 28.57m; William Dyer 27.33m;



After leading halfway through the program our Division 1 women’s team finished 2nd in the shield final. Despite some great efforts on the day, the injury, illness and unavailability of several key athletes took its toll at the end of the day. There were a number of outstanding efforts, but special mention to Viv Lee who took part in five events and to June Petrie who came as a spectator but ended racing in the 1500m after we had a late withdrawal. It was disappointing not to defend our women’s premiership, but we went close and can hopefully win back the title next year.

Team Results:

Glenhuntly         477.0

Box Hill             388.0

Sandringham     361.0

Essendon          290.0

Diamond Valley 269.0

Keilor St B        269.0

Individual Results:

100m: Angela Phillips 13.53; Kate Ackland 13.72; Vivienne Lee 13.80; Alexandra Pocklington 14.09;

400m: Talitha Crawford 62.08; Vivienne Lee 63.27; Helen McRae 64.98;

1500m: Helen McRae 4:39.8h; Hayley Tomlinson 4:57.5h; Julie Norney 5:00.7h; June Petrie 5:31.0h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill  52.49;

100m Hurdles: Vivienne Lee 18.24;

2000m Walk: Chelsea Dyer 11:52.4h; Pia Hunter 12:22.4h;

3000m Steeple: Julie Norney 11:54.2h; Amanda Harper 13:36.7h;

Long Jump: Natalia Kremenchutskaya 5.38m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.56m;

Pole Vault: Katherine Houston 2.75m;

Javelin: Chelsea Dyer 35.48m; Vivienne Lee 12.11m;

Discus: Chelsea Dyer 37.88m; Angela Phillips 31.85m;



After closing in on the leading teams after the 1500m, our division 1 men’s team faded to 4th in the shield finals on Saturday. Unfortunately weaknesses in some events and the unavailability of of several athletes mean that we were unable to match the top teams at the end of the day.  But congratulations to all those athletes who represented the club so well on the day.

Team Results:

St Kevins     1,003.0

Essendon        929.5

Glenhuntly       885.5

Box Hill           718.0

Melbourne Uni 534.5

Knox              468.5

Individual Results:

100m: Blake Lucas 11.05; Daniel White-Alikakos 11.21; James Filshie 11.65; Braeden Cross 11.69; Cameron Sherry 11.93; Brodie Cross 12.21;

400m: Daniel White-Alikakos 48.84; Hanson Wong 52.06; Cameron Baker 54.67; Nicholas Baggott 55.07; Marcus Johnson 55.82;

1500m: Stephen Kelly 3:53.9h; Stephen Dinneen 3:54.5h; Samuel MacKie 4:07.1h; Ben Noske 4:07.4h; Sam Dipnall ; Nicholas Baggott ;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill  44.17;

110m Hurdles: Cameron Baker 18.91;

2000m Walk: Simon Evans 9:19.1h;

3000m Steeple: Michael Dowel 9:42.6h; William Potter 9:57.5h; Andrew Hester 11:43.7h;

Long Jump: Victor Jakobbson 5.85m; Cameron Baker 5.09m; Marcus Johnson 4.57m;

Pole Vault: Brodie Cross 4.55m; James Filshie 4.55m;

Javelin: Cameron Baker 36.36m;

Discus: David Grant 45.12m; Cameron Baker 24.02m;