2012-2013 Summer Bulletin No.13

December 24, 2012


On behalf of the Box Hill Athletic Club committee we would like to wish all members and friends a merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year. We hope that you enjoy the Christmas break and look forward to seeing you at the track in 2013.




The next round of shield competition will be held at Doncaster on Saturday, January 12.

Many of our teams, including our men’s and women’s division open 1 teams are poised to make the Shield Finals to be held on February 16.

To be eligible to compete in the finals you must have competed in at least 4 rounds of competition and you must have competed in that particular event at least once throughout the season. Please make every effort to make yourself eligible for the finals in as many events as possible!




Women Division 1

100m: Alexandra Pocklington 14.15;

400m: Hannah Deal 58.82; Talitha Crawford 61.51; Katherine Foley 65.02; Tanya Higgs 65.98; Alexandra Pocklington 71.21;

1500m: Hannah Deal 4:45.0h; Hayley Tomlinson 5:00.9h; Katherine Foley 5:07.2h; June Petrie 5:10.7h; Brigitte Wolhuter 5:24.9h; Louise Rait 5:29.6h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill  52.24;

100m Hurdles: Tanya Higgs 17.88;

2000m Walk: Chelsea Dyer 11:19.5h; Pia Hunter 12:28.0h;

3000m Steeple: Amanda Harper 14:21.0h;

Long Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.54m; Talitha Crawford 3.86m;

High Jump: Hannah Deal 1.40m;

Pole Vault: Katherine Houston 2.70m;

Javelin: Chelsea Dyer 35.07m; Tanya Higgs 33.17m;

Discus: Chelsea Dyer 35.19m; Catherine McCowan 34.21m;


Women Under 18

100m: Rebecca Fredricksen 13.60;

400m: Amelia Savige 69.00;

1500m: Amelia Savige 5:28.8h; Bethany Hosking 6:27.3h;

Long Jump: Iman Balla 5.72m;

Discus: Phoebe Sloane 41.86m;


Women Under 16

100m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 12.51; Sarah Driscoll 13.94; Emma Marsden 14.01; Jessie Muirden 14.04; Gemma Watkins 14.10; Claire O’Brien 14.71;

400m: Emma Marsden 65.41; Jessie Muirden 66.04; Lucy Steele 69.66;

1500m: Georgia Hansen 4:56.3h; Zoe Schwerkolt 5:35.1h; Lucy Steele 5:37.4h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill  53.81;

80m Hurdles: Claire O’Brien 14.64;

90m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 15.30;

2000m Walk: Zoe Schwerkolt 11:19.8h;

2000m Steeple: Zoe Schwerkolt 8:30.8h; Claire O’Brien 9:26.3h;

Long Jump: Rachel Limburg 4.78m; Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 4.57m; Jessie Muirden 4.27m;

High Jump: Lucy Steele 1.35m; Jessie Muirden 1.15m;

Pole Vault: Emily Taylor-Brown 3.00m; Claire O’Brien 2.40m;

Javelin: Kathryn Brooks 40.24m; Rachel Limburg 26.45m;

Discus: Emily Taylor-Brown 28.40m;


Men Division 1

100m: Mohamad Zeed 11.58; Blake Lucas 11.81; Marcus Johnson 12.22; Cameron Baker 12.25; Hanson Wong 12.27; Stephen Vincent 12.39;

400m: David Featherston 53.69; Hanson Wong 53.74; Nicholas Baggott 54.83; Stephen Vincent 57.08;

1500m: Ben Noske 3:58.9h; Michael Dowel 4:06.3h; Samuel MacKie 4:06.9h; Nicholas Baggott 4:08.5h; Stephen Dinneen 4:11.4h; Sam Dipnall 4:11.9h; Hanson Wong 4:19.3h; Peter Green 4:19.6h; David Featherston 4:33.0h; Andrew Hester 4:33.9h; Jack Hill 5:03.4h; Stephen Kelly 5:21.8h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill  48.96;

2000m Walk: Simon Evans 9:23.7h;

Long Jump: James Spry 6.18m; Marcus Johnson 4.66m;

High Jump: Cameron Baker 1.55m;

Pole Vault: Brodie Cross 4.95m; Cameron Baker 3.75m;

Javelin: James Spry 50.08m; Cameron Baker 33.67m;

Discus: David Grant 46.54m; James Spry 43.93m; Cameron Baker 24.92m;


Men Over 40

100m: Andrew Wilcox 12.09; Hendrik Dreyer 12.77; James Tennant 15.41; Neville Gardner 20.49;

400m: Andrew Wilcox 53.86; Kynan Dawes 55.66; Hendrik Dreyer 56.31; James Tennant 69.79; Neville Gardner 1:39.49;

1500m: Connor Carson 4:27.0h; Steven Griffin 4:29.8h; David Ayers 4:58.2h; Graeme Olden 4:58.9h; Peter Stefanos 5:12.0h; Andrew Tunne 5:58.5h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill  51.66;

110m Hurdles: Hendrik Dreyer 18.92;

2000m Walk: William Dyer 11:02.0h; John Meagher 17:32.9h;

3000m Steeple: Graeme Olden 11:46.5h;

Long Jump: Hendrik Dreyer 4.78m; Andrew Wilcox 4.46m;

High Jump: Mark Stewart 1.15m;

Pole Vault: Mark Stewart 3.00m; Rob Barclay 2.85m; George Schillinger 2.85m;

Javelin: Hendrik Dreyer 34.75m; Neville Gardner 13.22m;

Discus: George Schillinger 28.50m; William Dyer 27.60m; David Cross 23.62m; Hendrik Dreyer 22.09m; Neville Gardner 22.06m;


Men Under 18

100m: Jacob Parlevliet 13.35;

400m: Mitchell Dyer 53.43; Jacob Parlevliet 62.02;

1500m: Joe Hardy 3:57.8h; Danny Smith 4:03.9h; Mitchell Dyer 4:05.0h; Harry Noske 4:07.5h; Tom Snibson 4:28.0h; Liam Fahey 4:29.3h; Zac Hunter 4:34.4h; James O’Connell 4:38.6h;

2000m Walk: Nathan Brill 7:59.1h;

2000m Steeple: Jacob Parlevliet 8:11.2h;


Men Under 16

100m: Connor Sullivan 12.75; Thomas Paidoussis 12.77; Matthew Harcourt 12.84; Stefan Harper 12.93; Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 13.85;

400m: Nicolas Paidoussis 51.54; Thomas Paidoussis 54.91;

1500m: Matthew O’Donnell 4:19.8h; Nicolas Paidoussis 4:23.4h; Ned Snibson 4:25.9h;

90m Hurdles: Harvey Edmanson 14.70;

100m Hurdles: Matthew Harcourt 15.25;

Long Jump: Harvey Edmanson 4.44m;




There were some outstanding performances from Box Hill athletes at the Miler’s Club competition  on December 20 at Albert Park.

Men’s 3000m

Steve Kelly              8:01.44

Steve Dinneen         8:07.21

Joe Hardy               8:15.59         (U18)

Matt Coloe              8:20.20

Michael Dowel         8:33.80

Sam Mackie             8:41.10

Mitch Dyer              8:48.20

Harry Noske            8:51.70         (U18)

Peter Green             9:09.1           (U20)

Matt O’Donnell         9:11.0           (U16)

Charlie Blanch         9:13.7

Tom Snibson           9:35.1           (U18)

Steve Griffin            9:40.5

Mitchell Cooper       9:44.5           (U18)

James O’Connell      9:46.0           (U18)

Zac Hunter              9:55.8           (U18)

Men’s 1000m

Ben Noske              2:27.74         (U20)

Nick Paidoussiss      2:30.83         (U16)

Ned Snibson           2:45.0           (U16)

Women’s 3000m

Helen McRae           10:26.8

Amy Carrig             10:33.3

Georgia Hansen       10:47.9         (U16)

Women’s 1000m

Julie Norney            3:04.8

Katherine Foley        3:12.7           (U20)

Laura Constable       3:17.5

Pia Hunter                  3:44.9




Pole Vault: Men

Blake Lucas 5.10m

Brodie Cross 4.70m

James Filshie 4.70m

Cameron Sherry 4.40m

Pole Vault: Women

Paris Mcatherion 3.70m

Verity Cooper 3.70m PB