2012-2013 Summer Bulletin No. 16

January 25, 2013


The final round of Shield competition before the finals will be held at the Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, on Saturday week, February 2. Some athletes must compete in this final round in order to be eligible to run in the finals (you must have competed in at least 4 round of shield competition to compete in the final)



Congratulations to Steve Kelly, who has been selected to represent Australia in the World Cross Country Championships in Poland in March. Steve has had a breakthrough season, running a PB to win the state 5000m track championships in December and then placing 4th in the world cross country selection trials last weekend. Well done Steve and good luck in Poland.



Congratulations to Steve Dinneen who won the 28km Two Bays trail run from Dromana  to Cape Shank. Steve ran this hilly course over varied surfaces in 1:46:19 to win by more than 4 minutes. In the women’s race, Bec Rosel finished 3rd in a time of 2:10:35



Congratulations to Nathan Brill who won the 5000m walk at the Australian Youth (U18) Olympic Festival in Sydney. Nathan walked a PB of 20:08.02 to finish ahead of athletes from China and New Zealand.



Women Open

100m: Hannah Deal 13.82; Angela Phillips 13.89; Vivienne Lee 14.59;  400m: Natalie Ambrose 62.95; Vivienne Lee 64.62; 1500m: Natalie Ambrose 4:46.1h; Helen McRae 4:48.7h; Julie Norney 5:08.3h; June Petrie 5:14.8h; Caitlin Harrison 6:26.4h; 4x100m Relay: Box Hill  53.73; 100m Hurdles: Vivienne Lee 18.66; Talitha Crawford 22.47; 3000m Steeple: Julie Norney 12:16.3h; Long Jump: Natalia Kremenchutskaya 5.22m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.24m; Pole Vault: Katherine Houston 2.45m; Javelin: Vivienne Lee 12.02m;

Women Under 18

100m: Olivia Gray 14.64; 400m: Amelia Savige 71.31; 1500m: Amelia Savige 5:28.3h; Pole Vault: Paris McCathrion 3.80m; Verity Cooper 3.20m; Discus: Phoebe Sloane 31.97m;

Women Under 16

100m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 13.01; Jackie Fredricksen 13.82; Gemma Watkins 14.34; 400m: Emily Goessler 64.22; 1500m: Emily Goessler 4:52.6h; Lucy Steele 5:41.1h; Zoe Schwerkolt 6:15.5h; Monique Hoskin 6:43.6h; 4x100m Relay: Box Hill  53.26; 90m Hurdles: Zoe Schwerkolt 18.63; 2000m Walk: Zoe Schwerkolt 11:38.2h; Long Jump: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 5.09m; Pole Vault: Emily Taylor-Brown 2.60m; Javelin: Kathryn Brooks 39.53m; Monique Hoskin 18.73m; Discus: Monique Hoskin 23.43m;

Men Open

100m: Mohamad Zeed 11.64; James Filshie 12.14; Stephen Vincent 12.45; Cameron Baker 12.84; Marcus Johnson 12.85; 400m: Daniel White-Alikakos 49.81; Braeden Cross 53.67; Hanson Wong 54.02; Marcus Johnson 57.46; Stephen Vincent 60.81; Danny Wang 66.45; 1500m: Daniel Clark 3:57.0h; Michael Dowel 4:01.8h; Sam Dipnall 4:04.8h; Nicholas Baggott 4:09.8h; Peter Green 4:17.8h; Hanson Wong 4:18.9h; Andrew Hester 4:39.3h; David Featherston 4:42.0h; Jack Hill 5:12.1h; Danny Wang 5:14.6h; 4x100m Relay: Box Hill  45.37; 2000m Walk: Simon Evans 9:23.1h; 3000m Steeple: Michael Dowel 10:06.8h; Andrew Hester 12:13.8h; Long Jump: James Spry 5.85m; Pole Vault: Blake Lucas 4.70m; Brodie Cross 4.55m; James Filshie 4.55m; Cameron Baker 3.05m;  Javelin: David Featherston 33.98m; Cameron Baker 33.39m; Discus: James Spry 41.25m; David Rankin 39.18m; David Featherston 31.47m; Cameron Baker 23.41m;

Men Over 40

100m: Andrew Wilcox 12.33; Neville Gardner 20.11; 400m: Andrew Wilcox 53.45; Hendrik Dreyer 56.53; Andrew Egginton 60.27;  1500m: Kynan Dawes 4:15.5h; Steven Griffin 4:28.1h; Andrew Egginton 4:40.6h; David Ayers 4:42.3h; Christopher O’Connor 5:06.5h; Peter Stefanos 5:12.8h; Andrew Tunne 5:56.3h; Neville Gardner 8:08.1h; 2000m Walk: Graeme Olden 12:02.5h; 3000m Steeple: Graeme Olden 11:49.9h; Long Jump: George Schillinger 3.64m; Pole Vault: Rob Barclay 2.75m; George Schillinger 2.60m; Javelin: Andrew Egginton 32.50m; George Schillinger 24.88m; Christopher O’Connor 18.06m; Michael Seton 16.82m; Neville Gardner 11.57m; Discus: Andrew Egginton 25.23m; Michael Seton 21.17m; Neville Gardner 21.15m;

Men Under 18

100m: Beau Williams 12.77; 400m: Tom Snibson 59.89; 1500m: Daniel Young 4:13.7h; Tom Snibson 4:31.5h; Liam Fahey 4:35.1h; Mitchell Cooper 4:38.0h; Long Jump: Beau Williams 5.99m;

Men Under 16

100m: Ned Snibson 13.10; Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 14.41; 400m: Nicolas Paidoussis 53.12; Ned Snibson 55.08; Thomas Paidoussis 55.60; 1500m: Matthew O’Donnell 4:20.5h; 110m Hurdles: William Seton 16.91; Long Jump: William Seton 5.37m; Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 4.24m; Javelin: William Seton 48.49m; Discus: William Seton 38.75m;



January 20, Sunday, High Velocity Club, Sandringham

Mohamad Zeed (400m Hurdles)           61.04

January 20, Sunday, AV Throwers, Frankston

Phoebe Sloane (Discus)            37.61m

January 22, Tuesday, Rare Air Club, Albert Park

Women’s PV

Verity Cooper U20                  3.70m

Emily Taylor-Brown U16          2.70m

Jamie Roubin U18                    2.60m

Men’s PV

Blake Lucas Open                    5.00m

Brodie Cross U20                    5.00m

James Filshie Open                   4.80m

Beau Williams U18                   3.80m

George Schillinger Open           2.70m

Rob Barclay Open                    2.50m

January 22, Miler’s Club, Albert Park


Hanson Wong              1:58.83

Tom Paidoussis            2:08.50

Steve Griffin                 2:12.95

David Ayers                 2:18.47

Hannah Deal                 2:14.08

Natalie Ambrose          2:17.67

Emily Goessler             2:18.85

Georgia Hansen            2:24.27


Ban Noske                   4:04.18

Sam Mackie                 4:05.54

Sam Dipnall                  4:05.62

Nick Baggott                4:08.52

Daniel Young                4:11.10

James O’Connell          4:25.06

Zac Hunter                   4:35.34

Tom Snibson                4:37.16

Helen McRae               4:44.08