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Shield Final, 12 April, 2013-14

April 12, 2014

BOX HILL WINS MENS DIVISION 1 PREMIERSHIP Throughout the 2000s, Box Hill won eight State League/Division 1 premierships in a row, but have not won for the past 4 years, so it was great to see the Club return to the top with a great win in the Shield final at Albert Park on Saturday. Every […]


New rules to be presented at AGM

April 7, 2014

A resolution to adopt new Rules of Association for the club will be presented at the Annual General Meeting to be held on Friday 9 May 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Club rooms at Box Hill. Please click on the following link to download a copy of the proposed rules…


Round 12, March 27, 2013-14

March 27, 2014

Women Division 1 200m: Angela Phillips 26.93; Hannah Deal 27.88; Catherine Hibberd 29.99; Brigid Davis 31.66; 800m: Grace Brown 2:14.5h; Katherine Foley 2:25.6h; Pia Hunter 2:49.3h; 5000m: Natalie Ambrose 18:53.5h; 4x400m Relay: Imogen Purcell, Rachel Limburg, Katherine Foley, Hannah Deal 4:17.25; 3000m Walk: Pia Hunter 20:53.7h; Triple Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 9.78m; Brigid Davis 9.60m; Catherine […]


Round 11, March 8, 2013-14

March 8, 2014

Women Division 1 100m: Angela Phillips 13.22; Vivienne Lee 13.76; Catherine Hibberd 14.45; Brigid Davis 15.67; 400m: Hannah Deal 63.48; Vivienne Lee 64.88; Katie Devlin 66.29; Katherine Foley 66.39; Karen Carah 67.29; 1500m: Grace Brown 4:32.8h; Hannah Deal 4:58.2h; Talitha Crawford 5:07.0h; Katherine Foley 5:19.7h; Amelia Savige 5:23.7h; Rachel Johnson 5:29.9h; Caitlin Harrison 6:00.5h; 4x100m […]


Round 10, February 22, 2013-14

February 22, 2014

Women Division 1 200m: Katie Devlin 27.70; Angela Phillips 27.84; Karen Carah 29.07; Vivienne Lee 29.23; Catherine Hibberd 31.39; Brigid Davis 32.79; 800m: Grace Brown 2:17.5h; Hannah Deal 2:23.1h; Katherine Foley 2:31.8h; Amelia Savige 2:38.5h; Pia Hunter 2:47.0h; 5000m: Rachel Johnson 19:45.9h; Caitlin Harrison 22:46.9h; Medley Relay: Angela Phillips, Catherine Hibberd, Vivienne Lee, Hannah Deal […]


Round 8, February 1, 2013-14

February 1, 2014

Women Division 1 200m: Chelsea Dyer 32.86; 800m: Grace Brown 2:18.9h; Natalie Ambrose 2:21.6h; Hannah Deal 2:30.2h; Katherine Foley 2:34.2h; Amelia Savige 2:39.7h; Pia Hunter 2:44.0h; 3000m: Julie Norney 11:02.0h; Amanda Harper 12:19.9h; Pia Hunter 12:33.3h; Talitha Crawford 12:58.3h; Caitlin Harrison 13:20.2h; 4x400m Relay: Natalie Ambrose, Grace Brown, Hannah Deal, Amelia Savige 4:23.92; 3000m Walk: […]


Round 7, January 18, 2013-14

January 18, 2014

Women Division 1 100m: Katie Devlin 13.76; Karen Carah 14.37; Brigid Davis 15.83; 400m: Natalie Ambrose 64.51; Hannah Deal 65.70; Katherine Foley 65.74; Katie Devlin 66.31; Tanya Higgs 67.81; 1500m: Natalie Ambrose 4:49.2h; Marguerite Conley 5:15.2h; Hannah Deal 5:20.3h; Amelia Savige 5:26.5h; 3000m: Grace Brown 10:07.5h; Rachel Johnson 11:43.9h; Caitlin Harrison 13:10.3h; Kerry Putt 13:21.3h; […]


Round 6, January 11, 2013-14

January 11, 2014

Women Division 1 200m: Karen Carah 29.07; Brigid Davis 31.12; 800m: Katherine Foley 2:33.8h; Hannah Deal 2:34.7h; Amelia Savige 2:38.0h; 5000m: Rachel Johnson 19:51.2h; Caitlin Harrison 23:18.3h; Triple Jump: Brigid Davis 9.59m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.92m; High Jump: Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.50m; Karen Carah 1.35m; Shot Put: Catherine McCowan 9.09m; Hannah Deal 5.74m; Hammer: Catherine McCowan 42.31m; […]