2015-2016 Shield Competition Round 4 – Nunawading – 14 November 2015

November 14, 2015

Box Hill had some good results at Round 4 of Shield Competition. Our women’s teams (division 1, over 40, under 18 and under 16) are all now on top of the ladder in their respective divisions. Our men’s division 1 team had a very narrow win to move to within 1 point of the top fo the ladder and our over 40 team is in first position. The competition in the men’s under 18 and under 16 divisions is very tough and our teams have dropped to 3rd and 4th places on the ladder. We need more under 18 and under 16 boys competing to make sure that we get all teams through to the finals at the end of the season.

Women Division 1

200m: Monica Van Wynen 27.38; Jessie Muirden 27.67; Monique Briard 28.79; Catherine Hibberd 30.16; Grace Kirley 30.77;

800m: Georgia Griffith 2:10.0h; Monica Van Wynen 2:33.6h; Jessie Muirden 2:34.4h;

5000m: Kelly Ulf 23:30.3h;

3000m Walk: Chelsea Dyer 19:03.9h;

Triple Jump: Kelly Ulf 10.08m; Catherine Hibberd 9.08m;

High Jump: Rachel Limburg 1.62m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.52m; Kelly Ulf 1.52m;

Shot Put: Rachel Limburg 9.24m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.29m; Catherine Hibberd 6.88m;

Hammer: Rachel Limburg 26.05m; Catherine McCowan NM;

Women Over 40

200m: Talitha Crawford 29.36; Karen Carah 29.53; Kimberly Butler 32.66;

800m: Julie Norney 2:37.2h; Amanda Harper 2:54.8h; Pia Hunter 2:55.4h;

5000m: Julie Norney 18:57.9h; Amanda Harper 21:40.3h;

4x400m Relay: Talitha Crawford, Amanda Harper, Kimberly Butler, Karen Carah 4:39.1h;

400m Hurdles: Amanda Harper 88.43; Kimberly Butler 89.03;

3000m Walk: Pia Hunter 17:41.5h;

Triple Jump: Karen Carah 9.38m; Kimberly Butler 7.95m;

High Jump: Karen Carah 1.42m; Amanda Harper 1.12m;

Shot Put: Karen Carah 8.15m; Anna Di Medio 7.87m;

Women Under 18

200m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 25.24; Olivia Carah 29.16; Hannah Heathcote 33.16;

800m: Georgia Hansen 2:13.7h; Genevieve Wah 2:22.7h; Sophie Schwerkolt 2:30.6h;

4x400m Relay: Genevieve Wah, Georgia Hansen, Sophie Schwerkolt, Laura Jane Irving 4:22.8h;

400m Hurdles: Imogen Purcell 69.14; Kate Boulter 71.88;

3000m Walk: Zoe Schwerkolt 20:29.4h;

Triple Jump: Hannah Heathcote 8.20m;

High Jump: Hannah Heathcote 1.17m;

Shot Put: Kate Boulter 10.87m; Olivia Carah 7.35m; Hannah Heathcote 5.93m;

Women Under 16

200m: Sophia Davis 26.29; Tara Samaranayake 28.52; Laura Jane Irving 28.93; Emily Butler 29.09;

800m: Sophie Westcott 2:29.0h; Georgia Durham 2:32.9h;

3000m: Maddy Truong 11:19.8h;

200m Hurdles: Georgia Durham 35.44;

Triple Jump: Emily Butler 10.15m; Georgia Durham 9.30m;

High Jump: Emily Butler 1.47m; Georgia Durham 1.47m;

Shot Put: Emily Bertacco 11.06m; Charlotte Kennedy 10.10m;

Men Division 1

200m: Daniel White-Alikakos 23.10; Matt Zwarts 23.30; Josiah Becker 23.45; Mohamad Zeed 23.93; Mitchell Graham 24.42; Robert Owen 24.50; Raymond Chan 26.17;

800m: Michael Dowel 1:57.1h; William Potter 1:58.9h; Nicholas Baggott 2:00.5h; Jack Prendergast 2:10.5h; Hanson Wong 2:11.1h; Carlos Norman 2:21.9h; Peter O’Leary 2:40.6h;

5000m: Bouchaib Chefnaoui 15:34.3h; Michael Dowel 15:37.8h; Welday Mebrahtu 16:57.1h; David Jimenez 17:00.3h; Luke Crozier 18:43.8h; Christopher O’Connor 20:42.4h;

4x400m Relay: Robert Owen, Daniel White-Alikakos, Matt Zwarts, Raymond Chan 3:34.4h; Mitchell Graham, Hanson Wong, Jack Prendergast, James Baumgartner 3:50.3h;

400m Hurdles: Mohamad Zeed 57.12; James Baumgartner 65.48;

3000m Walk: Simon Evans 16:00.9h;

High Jump: James Baumgartner 1.80m; William Seton 1.47m;

Shot Put: William Seton 12.34m; Brett Nuske 10.17m; Mohamad Zeed 9.15m; James Baumgartner 7.17m; Mitchell Graham 7.15m;

Hammer: Brett Nuske 41.46m; William Seton 27.21m;

Men Over 40

200m: Andrew Wilcox 24.87; Robert Mayston 26.52; Nick Carah 28.06; David McConnell 29.04; Andrew Egginton 29.94; Steve Preece 30.80; Peter McDonald 35.78; Neville Gardner 41.94;

800m: Andrew Egginton 2:18.8h; Nick Carah 2:25.1h; David McConnell 3:12.7h; Neville Gardner 4:07.2h;

5000m: Andrew Tunne 23:13.5h; Neville Gardner 32:47.4h;

4x400m Relay: Box Hill 4:02.7h;

300m Hurdles: David McConnell 50.09;

3000m Walk: Graeme Olden 17:26.8h;

Triple Jump: Nick Carah 8.69m;

High Jump: David McConnell 1.32m; Michael Seton 1.22m; Nick Carah 1.22m;

Shot Put: Michael Seton 8.77m; Nick Carah 8.45m; Andrew Egginton 7.98m; David McConnell 7.91m; Neville Gardner 5.07m;

Hammer: Michael Seton 22.39m; Nick Carah 16.19m; Peter McDonald 15.53m;

Men Under 18

200m: Matthew Harcourt 23.55; Ned Snibson 23.68; Matthew Baumgartner 25.56; William Wu 25.95;

800m: Samuel McDonald 2:16.2h; Samuel Rattray 3:44.5h;

3000m: Sebastian Failla 9:43.8h; Lucas Pamminger 10:03.2h;

4x400m Relay: Harrison Truscott, Matthew Baumgartner, Ned Snibson, Matthew Harcourt 4:10.8h;

Triple Jump: Matthew Harcourt 12.16m;

High Jump: Matthew Harcourt 1.87m; Samuel McDonald 1.72m;

Men Under 16

200m: Lucien Male 25.51; Connor McKee 25.52; Harrison Truscott 28.99;

800m: Connor McKee 2:16.3h; Connor Ogilvie 2:22.6h;

3000m: Murray Lovass 11:32.6h;

Triple Jump: Lucien Male 10.53m;

High Jump: Lucas Rindt 1.72m;