2015-2016 Shield Competition – Round 9 – Albert Park – Saturday 16 January 2016

January 16, 2016

Men Division 1:

Our open men’s team had another good result, taking us to the top of the ladder.

Scores for round 9:

Box Hill           1,137

St Kevins         1,012

Nunawading      648

Box Hill 2          270

Old Scotch         124


100m: Daniel White-Alikakos 11.43; Josiah Becker 11.65; Mohamad Zeed 11.67; Matt Zwarts 11.70; Robert Owen 12.11; Antony Baldwin 12.13; Mitchell Graham 12.17;

400m: Daniel White-Alikakos 49.68; Robert Owen 52.25; Matt Zwarts 52.80; Michael Dowel 52.99; Zac Hunter 53.08; Raymond Chan 54.50; Mitchell Graham 55.00; Hanson Wong 55.11; Nicholas Baggott 56.31;

1500m: Andre Waring 4:02.5h; Michael Dowel 4:02.8h; Stephen Dinneen 4:07.3h; Bouchaib Chefnaoui 4:16.0h; James O’Connell 4:16.51; Zac Hunter 4:26.90; Raymond Chan 4:26.95; Michael Vaughan 4:29.46; Welday Mebrahtu 4:30.55; Carlos Norman 4:49.41; Oscar Robinson 4:50.80; Luke Crozier 5:18.85;

4x100m Relay: Mohamad Zeed, Daniel White-Alikakos, Matt Zwarts, Robert Owen 44.85;

110m Hurdles: David Thomson 16.28;

2000m Walk: Simon Evans 11:07.2h; Christopher O’Connor 19:05.8h;

3000m Steeple: William Potter 9:25.30; Hanson Wong 13:29.20; Christopher O’Connor 14:03.20;

Long Jump: David Thomson 6.77m; Josiah Becker 5.87m; Mitchell Graham 5.22m;

Pole Vault: Flavien Basson 5.20m; Joel Pocklington 4.90m; James Filshie 4.60m; David Thomson 4.30m;

Javelin: David Thomson 46.36m; William Seton 43.72m; David Grant 40.43m; Josiah Becker 37.10m;

Discus: David Grant 41.39m; David Thomson 38.79m; William Seton 36.52m;  


Our team is now looking good for the finals, but we do still need one more athlete to have a go at the walk, so that we score the maximum number of points possible.


Men Over 40:

Our over 40 man’s team had another win to cement our place on top of the ladder.

Scores for round 9:

Box Hill           442

Waverley         351

Vic Masters      216

Box Hill 2        111


100m: Nick Carah 13.50; Peter McDonald 15.89; Neville Gardner 19.92;

400m: Andrew Wilcox 53.01; Kynan Dawes 56.87; Robert Mayston 59.30; Nick Carah 61.61; Andrew Egginton 63.16; Neville Gardner 1:41.81;

1500m: Robert Schwerkolt 4:19.06; Steve Preece 4:45.97; Tony Langelaan 4:47.94; Scott Lawrence 4:49.14; Peter Stefanos 4:56.45; Neville Gardner 8:20.34;

4x100m Relay: Nick Carah, Andrew Egginton, Andrew Wilcox, Robert Mayston 51.07;

2000m Walk: Peter McDonald DQ; Graeme Olden 11:23.4h; Andrew Egginton 11:41.3h;

3000m Steeple: Andrew Egginton 13:15.20;

Long Jump: Nick Carah 4.62m; Peter McDonald 2.76m;

Javelin: Nick Carah 32.14m; Andrew Egginton 30.84m; Peter McDonald 10.80m;

Discus: Andrew Egginton 25.61m; Neville Gardner 22.96m; Nick Carah 21.65m; Michael Seton 20.25m; Peter McDonald 16.74m;


After several near misses in the past, hopefully this is the year we can win the 40+ premiership!


Men Under 18:

Box Hill finished 2nd behind the strong Ringwood team.

Scores from round 9:

Ringwood        598

Box Hill           426

Nunawading    251

Yarra Ranges   103

St Kevins           91

Old Scotch         75

St Stephens        25


100m: Ned Snibson 11.80; Terry Yan 12.03; Samuel McDonald 12.21; William Wu 12.56;

400m: Ned Snibson 50.75; Alexander Ritchie 55.00;

1500m: Alexander Ritchie 4:03.7h; Scott McKenzie 4:10.64;

4x100m Relay: Matthew Harcourt, William Murphy, Ned Snibson, Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 47.18;

Long Jump: Matthew Harcourt 5.88m; William Wu 5.38m; Terry Yan 5.04m; Callum Evans 4.96m;  

Javelin: Samuel McDonald 36.31m; Matthew Harcourt 30.37m;

Discus: Matthew Harcourt 30.11m; Samuel McDonald 29.75m;


It looks like we will finish 2nd on the ladder in this division (unless we have a very poor result in round 10) and qualify for the finals. Although our numbers are low in this age group, we have several outstanding athletes and with a full strength team, have a chance of doing very well in the finals, especially if we can find someone to attempt the 3000m walk!


Men Under 16:

Unfortunately we had a number of athletes unavailable and could only manage 4th place.

Scores from round 9:

St Kevins         459

Ringwood        348

Old Xaverians  332

Box Hill           269

Nunawading    262

St Stephens        74

Old Melb.          55

Waverley           46

Old Xaverians 2  30


100m: William Murphy 12.24; Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 12.29;

1500m: Connor Ogilvie 4:48.84; Lachlan Doehmann 5:19.72;

100m Hurdles: Arjun Ravindran 15.35;

Long Jump: Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 5.59m;

Pole Vault: Dalton Di Medio 3.70m;

Discus: Lachlan Doehmann 23.00m;


This team is barely hanging onto 2nd place on the ladder and will need a good result (with more athletes competing) in round 10 to make sure that we make it through to the finals.


Women Division 1

A loss to Nunawading means that our women’s open team has slipped to 2nd place on the ladder.

Scores from round 9:

Nunawading    298

Box Hill           197

Ringwood          95

Nunawading 2   75


100m: Rebecca Fredricksen 13.57; Monique Briard 13.75; Kelly Ulf 13.81; Gemma Watkins 14.32; Grace Kirley 14.55;

400m: Monica Van Wynen 60.21; Jessie Muirden 60.37; Monique Briard 62.53;

1500m: Caitlin Harrison 6:12.1h;

4x100m Relay: Gemma Watkins, Monique Briard, Rebecca Fredricksen, Grace Kirley 53.72;

Long Jump: Kelly Ulf 4.78m; Rachel Limburg 4.73m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.31m;

Pole Vault: Simone Carre 3.25m; Isabelle Napier 3.25m; Jacqueline Williams 3.10m; Annabelle Anderson 2.65m; Brigid Davis 2.50m;

Javelin: Kathryn Brooks 42.85m; Rachel Limburg 25.60m; Irene Margaronis 21.58m;

Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 32.41m;


Our women’s team, when at full strength is looking good this season, but we must find two walkers to qualify to do this event in the finals.


Women Over 40

Our over 40 women’s team had another win to stay clear on top of the ladder with one round to go.

Scores from round 9:

Box Hill           329

Vic Masters      255

Waverley         168

Ringwood        154

Vic Masters 2     12


100m: Talitha Crawford 14.03; Karen Carah 14.37; Pia Hunter 17.33;

400m: Talitha Crawford 67.60; Karen Carah 68.81;

1500m: Pia Hunter 6:06.4h;

4x100m Relay: Karen Carah, Amanda Harper, Pia Hunter, Talitha Crawford 60.00;

80m Hurdles: Karen Carah 14.28; Amanda Harper 19.09;

2000m Walk: Pia Hunter 12:22.6h; Sharron Meager 19:02.6h;

2000m Steeple: Amanda Harper 9:06.00; Sharron Meager 11:22.80;

Long Jump: Karen Carah 4.31m; Amanda Harper 2.92m;

Pole Vault: Amanda Harper NM;

Javelin: Karen Carah 25.72m; Anna Di Medio 17.45m;

Discus: Anna Di Medio 23.88m; Karen Carah 22.57m;


Hopefully our over 40 women’s team can repeat their premiership from last season.


Women Under 18

Our under 18 women won a very close battle this week to remain on top of the ladder

Scores from round 9:

Box Hill           223

Old Xaverians  221

Yarra Ranges   159

Waverley           29

Nunawading      25


100m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 12.52; Hannah Heathcote 15.51;

400m: Kate Boulter 63.20; Holly Pedersen 71.21;

100m Hurdles: Kate Boulter 17.34; Hannah Heathcote 20.07;

Long Jump: Kate Boulter 4.91m; Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 4.67m; Hannah Heathcote 3.77m;

Pole Vault: Phillipa Hajdasz 3.25m; Olivia Carah 3.10m;

Javelin: Kate Boulter 27.94m; Hannah Heathcote 16.64m;

Discus: Hannah Heathcote 12.52m;


This team has stayed on top of the ladder all season, but we need to find athletes to do the hammer throw and the walk if we are to do well in the finals


Women Under 16

The under 16 girls had a good win to move further ahead on top of the ladder.

Scores from round 9:

Box Hill           354

Ringwood        297

Old Xaverians  229

Croydon          162

Nunawading    104


100m: Simone Lin 13.41; Emily Bertacco 13.91; Emily Butler 13.95; Tara Samaranayake 14.03;

400m: Sophie Tadgell 62.13; Tamsyn Lovass 65.36; Carla Dreyer 68.14;

1500m: Tamsyn Lovass 5:00.92; Ashlee Treagus 5:01.70;

4x100m Relay: Simone Lin, Emily Bertacco, Tara Samaranayake, Laura Jane Irving 54.87;

100m Hurdles: Emily Butler 16.82;

Long Jump: Emily Butler 4.56m; Laura Jane Irving 4.54m; Emily Bertacco 4.17m;


As with several of our other teams, we have a good chance of doing well in the finals, but need to find girls to compete in the walk and the hammer throw.