2015-2016 Shield Competition – Shield Final – Albert Park – Saturday 6 February 2016

February 6, 2016


Box Hill had a great day at the shield finals, winning the men’s division 1 premiership, the women’s over 40 premiership and going incredibly close in the women’s division 1, the men’s under 18 and the men’s over 40 divisions. Thank you to all the athletes who supported the Club and competed so well on Saturday. Thanks also to all those who helped out officiating and those who were there to support the team and to those athletes who might have missed out on a finals spot but competed throughout the season to get our teams to the finals.


Men Division 1

Congratulations to Brett Nuske, Will Seton, David Grant, Mohamad Zeed, Rob Owen, David Thomson, Josiah Becker, Daniel White-Alikakos, Matt Zwarts, Antony Baldwin, Will Potter, James O’Connell, Michael Dowel, Peter Green, Steve Dinneen, Klarie McIntyre, Simon Evans, Andre Waring, Nick Baggott, Zac Hunter, Bouchaib Chefnaoui and Raymond Chan who combined to help Box Hill win the men’s open division 1 Athletics Victoria Shield premiership. Athletes and coaches have put in a real effort this season to make sure that we had our best available team competing in the finals and it paid off on Saturday with a tremendous win. Glenhuntly also had a strong team and the points were close for most of the day, but dominant results in three of the last four events of the day (High Jump, Shot Put and the 800m) saw Box Hill with the victory even before the last event (4x400m).


Box Hill           1,285

Glenhuntly       1,228

Essendon         1,182

Melb. Uni        1,171

Nunawading    1,015

Doncaster          449

Richmond          385

Frankston           230

Club Captain Mohamad Zeed started the day with a win in the 400m hurdles and this was followed by many fine performances. David Thomson was outstanding, competing well in five events, while Will Seton, Rob Owen and Josiah Becker did well in three events each. Will Potter and Michael Dowel pulled off the tough 3000m/800m double and Andre Waring ran a great PB in the 800m. But everyone performed well and the whole team deserves congratulations.


200m: Daniel White-Alikakos 22.84; David Thomson 22.90; Josiah Becker 22.90; Matt Zwarts 22.97; Robert Owen 23.82; Antony Baldwin 23.95;

800m: Andre Waring 1:54.45; Michael Dowel 1:56.15; William Potter 1:56.42; Nicholas Baggott 2:00.72; Zac Hunter 2:01.46; Bouchaib Chefnaoui 2:03.61;

3000m: William Potter 8:27.12; Stephen Dinneen 8:37.03; Peter Green 8:45.28; Michael Dowel 8:52.02; James O’Connell 9:20.33; Klarie McIntyre 9:22.72;

4x400m Relay: Box Hill (Rob Owen, Daniel White-Alikakos, Ray Chan, Matt Zwarts)  3:31.07;

400m Hurdles: Mohamad Zeed 55.37; David Thomson 57.32; Robert Owen 58.32;

3000m Walk: Simon Evans 16:10.45; Christopher O’Connor DQ;

Triple Jump: David Thomson 12.36m; Josiah Becker 12.09m; Brett Nuske 11.18m;

High Jump: David Thomson 2.00m; Josiah Becker 1.80m; William Seton 1.70m;

Shot Put: David Grant 12.53m; William Seton 12.12m; David Thomson 11.68m;

Hammer: Brett Nuske 30.38m; David Grant 23.65m; William Seton 20.54m; 


Women Division 1

Box Hill came agonizingly close to pulling off the men’s and women’s division 1 double, with our women’s team going down by one solitary point. This was the closest competition of the finals, with six teams all in with a chance of winning. Congratulations to all the athletes who competed so well in this team and let’s hope we can go one better next year.


Essendon                     483

Box Hill                       482

Sandringham                472

Glenhuntly                   461

Nunawading                453

Melb Uni                     448

Doncaster                    375

Diamond Valley          176


200m: Monica Van Wynen 26.76; Sanjana Alex 27.53; Rebecca Fredricksen 27.71; Monique Briard 28.02;

800m: Georgia Griffith 2:08.22; Jessie Muirden 2:20.05; Nicole Roberts 2:22.56; Monica Van Wynen 2:32.57;

3000m: Nicole Roberts 10:22.98; Liza Henshall 12:21.21; Amelia Savige 12:25.62; Caitlin Harrison 13:14.57;

4x400m Relay: Box Hill (Georgia Griffith, Jessie Muirden, Monique Briard, Monica Van Wynen) 4:02.50;

400m Hurdles: Simone Carre 80.23;

3000m Walk: Simone Carre 21:42.14;

Triple Jump: Rachel Limburg 11.22m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 9.99m;

High Jump: Rachel Limburg 1.65m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.55m;

Shot Put: Simone Carre 10.37m; Rachel Limburg 9.51m;

Hammer: Catherine McCowan 41.87m; Rachel Limburg 29.70m;


Men 40+

Our men’s over 40 team finished second again this year. Despite our best efforts we seem to keep falling just short in this division, but next year will be our year! Thanks to Andrew Wilcox for all his work and communications with the over 40 team this season.


Diamond Valley          938

Box Hill                       889

Waverley                     812

Essendon                     694

Keilor St Bernards       538

Geelong                       487

Knox                           434

Collingwood                382

Bendigo                       375

Oakleigh                      250

Ballarat                          59


200m: Andrew Wilcox 24.20; David Featherston 25.86; Robert Mayston 25.93; David McConnell 28.94;

800m: Kynan Dawes 2:05.98; Robert Schwerkolt 2:07.12; Andrew Egginton 2:16.97; David Ayers 2:30.49;

3000m: Robert Schwerkolt 9:43.80; Tony Langelaan 10:14.14; Peter Stefanos 10:25.59; Scott Lawrence 10:45.88;

4x400m Relay: Box Hill (Andrew Wilcox, Rob Mayston, Kynan Dawes, David Featherston) 3:55.07;

300m Hurdles: David McConnell 47.33;

400m Hurdles: David Featherston 59.13;

3000m Walk: Graeme Olden 16:55.99; Andrew Egginton 17:22.51;

Triple Jump: David Featherston 11.84m; Nick Carah 9.27m;

High Jump: David Featherston 1.65m; David McConnell 1.40m;

Shot Put: Michael Seton 8.83m; Andrew Egginton 8.28m;

Hammer: Michael Seton 20.90m; Nick Carah 17.81m;


Women 40+

Our over 40 women’s team successfully defended the title that they won last year, dominating their age group. Nearly all of our team competed in multiple events and there were some terrific performances.

Thanks to Amanda Harper for organizing this team throughout the season and making sure we had the best team possible qualified to compete on the day.


Box Hill                       755

Glenhuntly                   596

Western Aths               574

Diamond Valley          566

Keilor St Bernards       424

Vic Masters                  424

Geelong                       299

Collingwood                255

Bendigo                       163

Knox                             72


200m: Talitha Crawford 28.62; Karen Carah 29.27; Kimberly Butler 31.16;

800m: Julie Norney 2:30.01; Talitha Crawford 2:34.89; Amanda Harper 2:53.53;

3000m: Julie Norney 11:02.12; Amanda Harper 12:03.87; Pia Hunter 12:48.17;

4x400m Relay: Box Hill (Karen Carah, Talitha Crawford, Kim Butler, Amanda Harper) 4:39.08;

400m Hurdles: Kimberly Butler 83.03; Amanda Harper 89.29;

3000m Walk: Pia Hunter 19:01.25; Sharron Meager 26:48.79;

Triple Jump: Karen Carah 9.43m; Kimberly Butler 8.50m;

High Jump: Karen Carah 1.40m; Julie Norney 1.30m;

Shot Put: Karen Carah 8.48m; Anna Di Medio 8.43m;

Hammer: Anna Di Medio 25.92m; Amanda Harper 17.59m;


Men Under 18

The under 18 men’s team came extremely close to winning the premiership this year. This team has been high on quality but low on numbers all season and it was an extremely good effort for this team of just eight boys to come so close to winning the premiership. Sam McDonald and Matt Harcourt did five events each, while Scott McKenzie and Alex Ritchie did the 3000m/800m/4x400m treble and Ned Snibson ran the 200m, 800m and 4x400m.


Essendon                     711

Box Hill                       699

Keilor St Bernards       662

Ringwood                    656

Doncaster                    630

Diamond Valley          585

Casey Cardinia           345

Geelong                       313

Knox                           222

Bendigo                       202

Ballarat                          38


200m: Matthew Harcourt 23.16; Ned Snibson 23.20; Samuel McDonald 24.03;

800m: Ned Snibson 2:00.54; Alexander Ritchie 2:03.31; Scott McKenzie 2:05.15; Lucas Pamminger 2:11.43;

3000m: Scott McKenzie 9:17.85; Alexander Ritchie 9:19.31; Callum Evans 9:44.62; Samuel Rattray 9:59.59;

4x400m Relay: Box Hill (Ned Snibson, Scott McKenzie, Alex Ritchie, Lucas Pamminger) 3:35.82;

400m Hurdles: Matthew Harcourt 55.58;

Triple Jump: Matthew Harcourt 12.89m; Samuel McDonald 11.22m;

High Jump: Samuel McDonald 1.75m;

Shot Put: Matthew Harcourt 10.86m; Samuel McDonald 10.73m;

Hammer: Matthew Harcourt 20.88m; Samuel McDonald 18.43m;


Women Under 18

Our under 18 women’s team did well to finish in fourth place not too far behind the leading teams. Unfortunately a couple of our top runners were unavailable but those who were there competed extremely well. Kate Boulter competed in six events, Hannah Heathcote did five and Zoe Schwerkolt four.


Doncaster                    796

Diamond Valley          745

Essendon                     704

Box Hill                       690

Keilor St Bernards       556

Old Xaverians              528

Geelong                       411

Frankston                     275

Knox                           260

Ballarat                          42


200m: Imogen Purcell 27.88; Kate Boulter 28.19; Sophie Schwerkolt 28.28; Hannah Heathcote 32.63;

800m: Georgia Hansen 2:10.44; Genevieve Wah 2:21.25; Sophie Schwerkolt 2:27.76; Zoe Schwerkolt 2:43.13;

3000m: Holly Pedersen 11:36.23; Zoe Schwerkolt 13:54.54;

4x400m Relay: Box Hill (Imogen Purcell, Genevieve Wah, Kate Boulter, Georgia Hansen) 4:10.00;

400m Hurdles: Kate Boulter 69.47; Imogen Purcell 76.48;

3000m Walk: Zoe Schwerkolt 20:12.21; Hannah Heathcote 30:02.58;

Triple Jump: Zoe Schwerkolt 8.76m; Hannah Heathcote 7.75m;

High Jump: Kate Boulter 1.40m; Hannah Heathcote 1.10m;

Shot Put: Kate Boulter 9.53m; Phillipa Hajdasz 9.45m;

Hammer: Kate Boulter 22.02m; Hannah Heathcote 17.90m;


Women Under 16

The Box Hill under 16 women’s team finished fourth, despite having a number of athletes unavailable. Many of these girls will be under 16 again next year and it looks like we can do very well in this age group next season.


Essendon                     882

Diamond Valley          796

Collingwood                663

Box Hill                       626

Geelong                       518

Keilor St Bernards       418

Ringwood                    282

Bendigo                       231

Frankston                     219

Casey Cardinia           155

Ballarat                          84


200m: Ellie Masters 26.60; Emily Butler 28.39; Emily Bertacco 28.64; Tara Samaranayake 29.36;

800m: Amy Atkinson 2:20.38; Tamsyn Lovass 2:23.85; Molly McCarthy 2:24.12; Jess Hepworth 2:27.36;

200m Hurdles: Meredith Rule 36.30; Georgia Durham 38.29;

Triple Jump: Jessica MacKenzie 9.92m; Georgia Durham 8.41m;

High Jump: Emily Butler 1.55m; Georgia Durham 1.45m;

Shot Put: Charlotte Kennedy 10.49m; Emily Bertacco 9.55m;

Hammer: Charlotte Kennedy 22.27m; Emily Bertacco 20.53m;