2015-2016 Summer Bulletin No. 12

December 14, 2015

Round 7 of shield competition will be held at Nunawading on this Saturday, December 19. This is the last round before the Christmas break and hopefully we can have another great result.

The program starts at 1:30pm with the sprint hurdles and the steeplechase, followed by the walk, the 100m, 1500m, 4x100m relay and the 400m. The field events will be javelin, discus, long jump and pole vault. See the attached timetable.

In recent weeks some of the field events have filled up very quickly, so if you want to compete in any of the earlier field events, make sure you arrive early to check in!

Remember that you must compete in at least 3 rounds of shield competition in order to be eligible to compete in the finals on February 6.


Shield competition will resume after Christmas on Saturday, January 9. Round 8 of shield will also be held at Nunawading. Some people will be away in January, so those of you who are available to compete on this day, please make a special effort to be there.



Nana Owusu-Afriyie won the Denise Boyd, Victorian 100 yards championship in a time of 11.06. This is a great performance by Nana to win an open age title as a 16 year old. In the men’s David Baxter 100 yards championship, Daniel White-Alikakos finished 4th in 10.26


With four rounds to go, seven of our eight teams are in the top two on the ladder and are set to qualify for the finals. Hopefully we will have good results in the last four rounds and all of our teams can make it through to the finals in on February 6.

Men Open Division 1

Nunawading      34

Box Hill                31

St Kevins             30

Box Hill 2            13

Nunawading 2  13

Old Scotch          11

Men 40+

Box Hill                38

Waverley            31

Vic Masters        26

Box Hill 2            16

St Kevins             15

Vic Masters 2      2

Men U18

Ringwood           48

Box Hill                32

Nunawading      31

Yarra Ranges     18

St Kevins             16

Old Scotch          15

Waverley            10

Men U16

Ringwood           52

Old Xavs              42

Box Hill                39

Nunawading      38

St Kevins             35

Waverley            21

Old Xavs 2          12

St Stephens          6

Old Melb               1

Women Open Division 1

Box Hill                25

Nunawading      22

Ringwood           11

Nunawading 2    7

Women 40+

Box Hill                26

Vic Masters        24

Waverley            22

Ringwood           17

Vic Masters 2      6

Women U18

Box Hill                32

Old Xavs              22

Nunawading      19

Yarra Ranges     17

Waverley              6

Women U16

Box Hill                52

Ringwood           41

Croydon              35

Old Xavs              32

Nunawading      26

Waverley              3



Box Hill teams performed well in round 6 on last Thursday night. In particular our men’s division 1 team was close to full strength for the first time this season and had resounding win. Importantly our second men’s division 1 team finished 3rd, ahead of St.Kevins.

Men Open

200m: Daniel White-Alikakos 22.66; Robert Owen 22.86; Matt Zwarts 23.25; Josiah Becker 23.26; Mohamad Zeed 23.38; David Thomson 23.42; Blake Lucas 23.76; Antony Baldwin 24.26; James Baumgartner 24.81; Hanson Wong 25.63;

800m: Michael Dowel 1:57.5h; Nicholas Baggott 2:00.0h; Daniel White-Alikakos 2:00.6h; Andre Waring 2:00.7h; Ben Noske 2:02.5h; Julian Badari 2:03.0h; Peter Green 2:03.4h; Benjamin Cox 2:10.1h; Antony Baldwin 2:11.2h; Hanson Wong 2:11.5h; Matt Zwarts 2:14.8h; Carlos Norman 2:21.5h; Jack Hill 2:24.1h; Peter O’Leary 2:27.6h;

5000m: Michael Dowel 15:17.6h; Stephen Dinneen 15:33.2h; Dion Finocchiaro 15:34.2h; Klarie McIntyre 15:34.8h; Andre Waring 17:04.2h; Julian Badari 17:15.1h; William Potter 17:56.4h; Benjamin Cox 18:20.1h; Luke Crozier 19:24.8h; Christopher O’Connor 19:45.6h;

4x200m Relay: David Thomson, Mohamad Zeed, Daniel White-Alikakos, Matt Zwarts 1:33.2h; Nicholas Baggott, Antony Baldwin, James Baumgartner, Robert Owen 1:37.5h;

400m Hurdles: Mohamad Zeed 58.3h; David Thomson 63.2h; Blake Lucas 69.0h; Josiah Becker 73.5h;

3000m Walk: Simon Evans 16:38.3h; Christopher O’Connor 26:30.8h;

Triple Jump: David Thomson 12.47m; Blake Lucas 11.99m; Josiah Becker 11.44m; Brett Nuske 10.91m; James Baumgartner 9.30m; Simon Evans NM;

High Jump: David Thomson 1.95m; Josiah Becker 1.80m; James Baumgartner 1.75m; Blake Lucas 1.60m; William Seton 1.60m; Benjamin Cox 1.50m;

Shot Put: David Thomson 12.21m; William Seton 12.18m; David Grant 11.55m; Blake Lucas 10.59m; Brett Nuske 10.40m; Josiah Becker 10.28m; Mohamad Zeed 8.77m;

Hammer: Brett Nuske 42.12m; William Seton 28.28m; David Grant 27.09m; Josiah Becker 23.40m; Blake Lucas 21.08m; David Thomson 19.82m; James Baumgartner 16.75m;

Men 40+

200m: Andrew Wilcox 24.19; Robert Mayston 26.06; David Featherston 27.17; David Ayers 29.73; Steve Preece 30.25; Peter McDonald 34.37; Neville Gardner 43.49;

800m: Kynan Dawes 2:04.7h; Robert Schwerkolt 2:05.4h; David Featherston 2:14.6h; Andrew Egginton 2:15.8h; Steve Preece 2:20.6h; David Ayers 2:27.2h;

5000m: Tony Langelaan 17:39.4h; Peter Stefanos 18:43.6h; Steve Preece 18:45.2h; Graeme Olden 19:12.6h; Simon St Hill 21:42.0h;

4x200m Relay: Andrew Wilcox, Robert Mayston, Andrew Egginton, David McConnell 1:46.3h;

300m Hurdles: David McConnell 49.11;

400m Hurdles: David Featherston 64.0h;

Triple Jump: David Featherston 11.16m; Peter McDonald 5.73m;

High Jump: David Featherston 1.60m; David McConnell 1.35m;

Shot Put: Andrew Egginton 8.10m; Michael Seton 8.00m; David McConnell 7.64m; Peter McDonald 6.53m; Neville Gardner 5.63m;

Hammer: Michael Seton 20.46m; Andrew Egginton 16.99m; Peter McDonald 15.72m;

Men U18

200m: Samuel McDonald 24.51; Terry Yan 24.91; Matthew Baumgartner 25.21; William Wu 25.38;

800m: Scott McKenzie 2:00.6h; Sebastian Failla 2:04.0h; Callum Evans 2:12.3h; Lucas Pamminger 2:12.3h; Samuel McDonald 2:15.2h; Samuel Rattray 2:15.5h;

3000m: Alexander Ritchie 9:02.3h; Samuel Rattray 9:52.1h;

5000m: Scott McKenzie 17:24.7h;

4x200m Relay: Thomas Sellwood, Matthew Baumgartner, Samuel McDonald, Scott McKenzie 1:42.3h;

Triple Jump: Matthew Harcourt 12.08m; Samuel McDonald NM; Callum Evans NM;

High Jump: Samuel McDonald 1.65m;

Shot Put: Matthew Harcourt 10.39m; Samuel McDonald NM; Matthew Baumgartner NM;

Men U16

200m: William Murphy 25.13; Connor McKee 25.78; Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 25.85;

800m: Connor McKee 2:13.6h; Mac Anderson 2:28.0h;

3000m: Isaac Holberton 10:13.6h; Thomas Sellwood 10:41.5h; Murray Lovass 11:12.2h;

High Jump: Lucas Rindt 1.70m;

Women Open

200m: Angela Phillips 27.55; Sanjana Alex 27.60; Monica Van Wynen 27.60; Rebecca Fredricksen 28.20; Jessie Muirden 28.51; Monique Briard 28.51; Kelly Ulf 29.14; Grace Kirley 30.65;

800m: Nicole Roberts 2:23.4h; Amelia Savige 2:43.0h;

3000m: Audrey Campkin-Smith 10:40.9h; Chloe Rosenberg 13:14.9h;

5000m: Nicole Roberts 17:56.0h; Liza Henshall 22:06.9h; Caitlin Harrison 23:13.3h;

4x200m Relay: Angela Phillips, Monique Briard, Sanjana Alex, Grace Kirley 1:55.1h;

400m Hurdles: Simone Carre 86.0h;

Triple Jump: Kelly Ulf 9.78m;

High Jump: Kelly Ulf 1.55m;

Shot Put: Simone Carre 9.82m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.75m; Angela Phillips NM;

Hammer: Simone Carre 19.07m;

Women 40+

200m: Karen Carah 28.93; Amanda Harper 34.90; Talitha Crawford 39.09;

800m: Talitha Crawford 2:40.8h; Amanda Harper 2:59.3h; Pia Hunter 3:01.4h;

5000m: Amanda Harper 22:16.6h;

4x200m Relay: Amanda Harper, Talitha Crawford, Pia Hunter, Karen Carah 2:06.5h;

400m Hurdles: Amanda Harper 1:30.9h;

3000m Walk: Pia Hunter 17:45.7h;

Triple Jump: Karen Carah 9.38m; Amanda Harper 6.81m;

High Jump: Karen Carah 1.40m; Amanda Harper 1.05m;

Shot Put: Karen Carah 8.18m; Anna Di Medio 7.44m;

Hammer: Karen Carah 12.58m; Amanda Harper 8.31m;

Women U18

200m: Olivia Carah 28.88; Hannah Heathcote 33.09;

800m: Sarah Billings 2:12.5h; Genevieve Wah 2:20.4h; Sophie Schwerkolt 2:29.3h; Zoe Schwerkolt 2:41.9h; Hannah Rosenberg 2:49.8h;

3000m: Louise Ton 11:01.6h;

4x200m Relay: anastasia purcell, Laura Jane Irving, Sophie Schwerkolt, Olivia Carah 1:54.7h;

400m Hurdles: Kate Boulter 72.9h; Olivia Carah 75.8h;

Triple Jump: Hannah Heathcote 7.88m;

High Jump: Hannah Heathcote 1.05m;

Shot Put: Hannah Heathcote 5.70m;

Women U16

200m: Sophia Davis 26.02; Ellie Masters 27.40; Tara Samaranayake 28.95; Laura Jane Irving 29.46;

800m: Jess Hepworth 2:26.3h; Tamsyn Lovass 2:26.4h; Hayley McGoldrick 2:30.7h; Georgia Durham 2:37.7h; Carly Atkinson 2:50.0h; Nela Debicki 3:00.0h;

3000m: Amy Atkinson 10:42.3h; Olivia Harper 10:59.5h; Maddy Truong 11:01.0h; Sophie Westcott 11:02.7h;

200m Hurdles: Anastasia Purcell 33.12; Jessica MacKenzie 35.51;

Triple Jump: Anastasia Purcell 9.93m; Jessica MacKenzie 9.62m; Georgia Durham 8.27m;

High Jump: Georgia Durham 1.45m; Jessica MacKenzie 1.35m;

Shot Put: Nela Debicki 9.36m; Jessica MacKenzie 8.69m;




Olivia Carah                       U18       Pole Vault           3.45m

Sophia Davis                     U18       400m                    58.68

Karen Carah                       40+        200m                    28.67,

Long Jump         4.36m

Georgia Durham              U16       High Jump          1.40m

Jessica Mackenzie           U16       Javelin                  28.26m,

Pole Vault           2.20m

Jacqueline Williams       Open     Pole Vault           3.15m

Belle Anderson                 Open     Pole Vault           3.00m


Andrew Wilcox                40+        100m                    12.13,

400m                    52.67

Sam McDonald                 U18       200m                    24.07

High Jump          1.70

Pole Vault           2.55m

110m Hurdles  19.55

Lucien Male                       U16       200m                    24.90

Long Jump         5.23m

Triple jump       10.79m

Connor McKee                  U16       400m                    55.66

James Baumgartner       Open     110m Hurdles  16.29

Matt Harcourt                  U20       110m Hurdles  14.80

Joel Pocklington              Open     Pole Vault           5.00m

Blake Lucas                       Open     Pole Vault           4.55m

David Thomson               Open     Pole Vault           4.25m

Discus                  40.93m

Javelin                  52.46m

Michael Toso                    U18       Pole Vault           3.00m

Cameron Mackenzie      U16       Pole Vault           1.60m

Discus                  21.21m

Nick Carah                         40+        Long Jump         4.63m

Javelin                  32.77m


December 19, Saturday, Round 7, Nunawading
January 9, Saturday, Round 8, Nunawading (zone vs zone)
January 16, Saturday, Round 9, Lakeside Stadium (zone vs zone)
January 30, Saturday, Round 10, Nunawading
February 6, Saturday, Shield Final, Lakeside Stadium