2015-2016 Summer Bulletin No. 16

January 12, 2016


Please note that round 9 of shield competition is on this Saturday, January 16 at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park. Field events commence at 9:00am and track events start at 10:00am. The program will conclude at about 3:00pm. See the attached program for details. In most age groups the competition is very tight and our teams need to perform well this Saturday to make sure that we make it through to the finals.



Please note that the Milers Club will be holding competition at Box Hill on Tuesday, January 19 from 7:00pm. The track will be closed to training shortly before this time.



Some good results on Saturday have left all our teams in the top two in their divisions and therefore in a place to qualify for the finals, but the scores are very close in most divisions. There were some terrific performances on the day. Special mention to Amanda Harper who did seven events in the women’s over 40 competition and to David Thomson who did six events in the men’s division one.

Women Division 1

200m: Monica Van Wynen 27.08; Sanjana Alex 27.41; Jessie Muirden 27.95; Rebecca Fredricksen 28.26; Monique Briard 29.24; Gemma Watkins 29.57; Grace Kirley 30.94;

800m: Jessie Muirden 2:34.28;

3000m: Nicole Roberts 10:03.65; Amelia Savige 13:00.80; Caitlin Harrison 13:18.46;

4x400m Relay: Monique Briard, Jess Hepworth, Monica Van Wynen, Sophia Davis 4:23.73;

400m Hurdles: Monique Briard 71.44; Gemma Watkins 78.60;

Triple Jump: Kelly Ulf 10.65m; Simone Carre 10.06m;

High Jump: Kelly Ulf 1.50m; Simone Carre 1.50m;

Shot Put: Simone Carre 9.26m; Irene Margaronis 6.57m;

Hammer: Simone Carre 19.69m;

Women Over 40

200m: Kimberly Butler 32.23; Amanda Harper 35.43; Sharron Meager 39.72;

800m: Kimberly Butler 2:58.78; Amanda Harper 3:00.33; Sharron Meager 3:44.78;

3000m: Amanda Harper 12:45.21;

400m Hurdles: Kimberly Butler 84.71; Amanda Harper 89.55;

3000m Walk: Sharron Meager 26:59.53;

Triple Jump: Kimberly Butler 8.29m; Amanda Harper 6.67m;

High Jump: Amanda Harper 1.05m;

Shot Put: Anna Di Medio 7.90m; Amanda Harper 5.58m;

Women Under 18

200m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 25.37; Hannah Heathcote 32.88;

800m: Sarah Billings 2:08.54;

3000m: Holly Pedersen 11:26.35;

Triple Jump: Hannah Heathcote 8.18m;

High Jump: Hannah Heathcote 1.15m;

Shot Put: Phillipa Hajdasz 9.35m; Hannah Heathcote 5.75m;

Women Under 16

200m: Sophia Davis 25.94; Ella Squires 26.79; Ellie Masters 27.08; Emily Butler 28.71; Simone Lin 28.91; Laura Jane Irving 29.43; Alana Hayes Chen 30.41;

800m: Jess Hepworth 2:31.40; Carla Dreyer 2:40.73; Jessica MacKenzie 2:59.34;

3000m: Molly McCarthy 10:55.45; Sophie Westcott 10:59.73; Maddy Truong 10:59.97;

Triple Jump: Emily Butler 10.08m; Jessica MacKenzie 9.21m;

High Jump: Emily Butler 1.50m; Jessica MacKenzie 1.30m;

Shot Put: Jessica MacKenzie 8.78m;

Men Division 1

200m: Matt Zwarts 23.20; Josiah Becker 23.44; David Thomson 24.45; Hanson Wong 25.41; William Seton 29.45; Jack Hill 30.11;

800m: Andre Waring 1:56.92; Zac Hunter 2:03.47; Bouchaib Chefnaoui 2:05.11; Klarie McIntyre 2:10.87; Russell Clowes 2:12.70; Jack Prendergast 2:16.03; Welday Mebrahtu 2:16.04; Hanson Wong 2:17.22; Jack Hill 2:22.77;

3000m: Michael Dowel 8:59.13; Klarie McIntyre 9:20.02; Andre Waring 9:32.21; Welday Mebrahtu 9:41.87; Michael Vaughan 9:45.83; Peter Green 9:53.26; Andrew Hester 10:29.49; Carlos Norman 10:34.48; Jack Hill 11:31.98; Christopher O’Connor 11:38.15;

4x400m Relay: Ned Snibson, Andrew Wilcox, Matt Zwarts, Zac Hunter 3:32.36;

400m Hurdles: Robert Owen 58.37; David Thomson 65.83;

3000m Walk: Simon Evans 17:16.14; Christopher O’Connor 27:39.55;

Triple Jump: David Thomson 11.09m; Josiah Becker 10.52m; Jack Hill 7.81m;

High Jump: David Thomson 1.90m; Josiah Becker 1.80m; William Seton 1.70m; Simon Evans 1.20m;

Shot Put: David Grant 11.97m; William Seton 11.82m; David Thomson 10.32m; Josiah Becker 10.09m;

Hammer: Brett Nuske 36.49m; William Seton 28.41m; David Grant 28.22m; David Thomson 19.68m;

Men Over 40

200m: Andrew Wilcox 24.27; Robert Mayston 26.59; Nick Carah 27.89; Peter McDonald 35.49; Neville Gardner 43.32;

800m: Kynan Dawes 2:04.87; Andrew Egginton 2:14.99; David Featherston 2:15.36; Tony Langelaan 2:21.30; Nick Carah 2:22.64; Simon St Hill 3:02.96; Neville Gardner 4:11.63;

3000m: Robert Schwerkolt 9:45.47; Peter Stefanos 10:38.61; Scott Lawrence 10:42.49; Tony Langelaan 10:49.23; Simon St Hill 13:14.06; Neville Gardner 19:24.21;

4x400m Relay: Robert Mayston, Andrew Egginton, Nick Carah, Tony Langelaan 4:15.81;

400m Hurdles: David Featherston 60.21;

Triple Jump: Nick Carah 9.03m;

High Jump: David Featherston 1.60m; Michael Seton 1.25m;

Shot Put: David Featherston 8.93m; Nick Carah 7.94m; Peter McDonald 5.99m; Neville Gardner 5.62m;

Hammer: Michael Seton 19.54m; David Featherston 19.29m; Peter McDonald 16.44m;

Men Under 18

200m: Ned Snibson 23.33; Samuel McDonald 24.47; William Wu 25.24;

3000m: Callum Evans 9:46.29; Samuel Rattray 9:49.90;

Triple Jump: Callum Evans 10.83m;

High Jump: Samuel McDonald 1.70m;

Shot Put: Samuel McDonald 10.37m;

Men Under 16

200m: William Murphy 25.36; Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 25.53; Dalton Di Medio 26.62;

800m: Darcy Powne 2:01.74; Austin Hunter 2:06.53; Mac Anderson 2:20.38; Connor Ogilvie 2:20.77; Lachlan Doehmann 2:35.97;

3000m: Thomas Sellwood 9:14.26;

Triple Jump: William Murphy 11.50m;

Shot Put: Dalton Di Medio 9.71m; Cameron MacKenzie 7.21m;



With two rounds of shield competition remaining before the shield final, most Box Hill teams look set to finish in the top two and qualify for the final on February 6.

Remember to compete for your team in the final you must have competed in at least three rounds of shield competition and have competed at least once in that particular event.



A flat is available over summer at Falls Creek.

It sleeps eight comfortably and Box Hill athletes can receive the discount price of $700 per week.

Let us know if you would like further details.



January 16, Saturday, Round 9, Lakeside Stadium (zone vs zone)

January 30, Saturday, Round 10, Nunawading

February 6, Saturday, Shield Final, Lakeside Stadium