2015-2016 Summer Bulletin No. 3

October 13, 2015

Invite your friends, invite your family, everyone is welcome!
The Club’s biggest social and fund raising event of the year will be held on this Saturday, October 17, from 7:00pm at the Chatham Primary School hall. We encourage all members to bring their friends and family to this fun night. You can book a table of 6 – 10 people of just come on your own and we will place you with a team. Book via return email or contact Grace Brown at gracelowdenbrown@gmail.com
We are also still looking for auction items for the silent auction, if you can donate anything, big or small, please let us know.

Round 2 of shield competition will be held at the Yarra Ranges track at Mt. Evelyn on Saturday week, October 24.
This is the first time this track has been used for Shield Competition and we hope that all available athletes can take part and try out this new facility.

There are a number of ways that you can help the Club and help the summer competition run smoothly. All help no matter how great or small is highly appreciated.
1. We need volunteers to help out on shield competition days. This may involve helping to record results or measuring throws or raking a sandpit. If you can help please let us know and we will organise a roster. Even if you can just help once for a few hours, let us know.
2. We need team managers! This is not an onerous task, but it does mean being present for the whole afternoon on most weeks of shield competition. Please let us know if you can help.
3. The white zone needs a scorer. This is a paid position. ($80 for each round of shield). If you are interested we can send you the job description.

October 24, Saturday, Round 2, Yarra Ranges (Mt. Evelyn)
October 31, Saturday, Round 3, Casey Fields (zone vs zone)
November 14, Saturday, Round 4, Nunawading
November 22, Sunday, Round 5, Doncaster
December 10, Thursday, Round 6, Nunawading
December 17, Saturday, Round 7, Nunawading
January 9, Saturday, Round 8, Nunawading (zone vs zone)
January 16, Saturday, Round 9, Lakeside Stadium (zone vs zone)
January 30, Saturday, Round 10, Nunawading
February 6, Saturday, Shield Final, Lakeside Stadium

Numbers were down for the first round of shield competition. It is important that we have as many athletes as possible competing in the early rounds of shield to make sure our teams qualify for the finals next February. We understand that some athletes have school athletics at this time of the year or have exams coming up soon, but if you are available, please try to make it to shield competition to score points for your team. The results below are from the AV website, please let us know if there are any mistakes.
We finished 2nd in division 1 this week. In men’s division 1 we can have up to 6 scoring athletes in the 100, 400 and 1500m and three scoring athletes in other events. We only filled our quota in one event this week. Best performances were from Will Potter winning the 1500m, Joel Pocklington the pole vault and David Grant in the javelin. James Baumgartner competed in four individual events and a relay to be our top points scorer.
Nunawading 865
Box Hill 528
St Kevins 345
Old Scotch 152
Box Hill 2 20
Men Open Division 1 100m
James Baumgartner 11.70
Men Open Division 1 400m
Michael Dowel 52.2
Mohamad Zeed 52.56
Peter Hill 55.47
Men Open Division 1 1500m
William Potter 3:53.5
Michael Dowel 3:56.9
Nicholas Baggott 4:02.4
James O’Connell 4:12.1
Zac Hunter 4:13.4
Raymond Chan 4:26.9
Carlos Norman 4:50.0
Men Open Division 1 110m Hurdles
James Baumgartner 17.04
Men Open Division 1 2000m Walk
Simon Evans 10:33.5
Men Open Division 1 Pole Vault
Joel Pocklington 5.10m
Men Open Division 1 Long Jump
James Baumgartner 5.54m
Men Open Division 1 Javelin
David Grant BOH 53.09m
James Baumgartner 28.70m
Men Open Division 1 Discus
Blake Lucas 23.35m
James Filshie 14.36m

Our women’s team won a close encounter, despite numbers being low on the track. As in most of the other divisions, we can have up to 4 points scorers in the 100, 400 and 1500m and 2 points scorers in the other events. Fortunately our field event athletes performed well to score enough points to win. Monica Van Wynen performed well in the 100m and 400m in her first competition for the club.
Box Hill 195
Ringwood 183
Nunawading 125
St Stephens 75
Women Open Division 1 100m
Monica Van Wynen 13.00
Catherine Hibberd 14.41
Women Open Division 1 400m
Monica Van Wynen 61.27
Women Open Division 1 1500m
Caitlin Harrison 6:00.70
Women Open Division 1 3000m Steeple
Liza Henshall 14:35.1
Women Open Division 1 Pole Vault
Isabelle Napier 3.30m
Jacqueline Williams 3.30m
Brigid Davis 2.40m
Women Open Division 1 Long Jump
Kelly Ulf 4.70m
Catherine Hibberd 4.24m
Women Open Division 1 Javelin
Irene Margaronis 20.18m
Catherine McCowan 19.79m
Women Open Division 1 Discus
Catherine McCowan 35.70m
Angela Phillips 31.88m
Catherine Hibberd 20.14m

Our over 40 men’s team finished 2nd behind our constant rivals, Waverley. New club member, David McConnell scored well in the 400m, pole vault and javelin, Nick Carah competed in five events and David Featherston in four, while Andrew Wilcox put in a superb run in the 400m producing a time of 51.42
Waverley 365
Box Hill 294
Yarra Ranges 134
Box Hill 2 41
Old Xaverians 13
Men 40+ 100m
Andrew Wilcox 11.76
Nick Carah 13.55
Men 40+ 400m
Andrew Wilcox 51.52
David Featherston 54.61
David McConnell 64.93 (57.78 M60)
David Ayers 62.09 (58.98 M50)
Nick Carah 64.58
Men 40+ 1500m
John Meagher 4:53.8 (4:33.2 M50)
Steve Preece 4:54.6
Tony Langelaan 5:13.7
Andrew Tunne 6:29.1 (6:01.8 M50)
David Featherston 6:11.6
Men 40+ 2000m Walk
Graeme Olden 11:25.2 (10:37.2 M50)
Men 40+ Pole Vault
David McConnell 2.40m (3.02m M60)
Men 40+ Long Jump
David Featherston 4.87m
Nick Carah 4.48m
Men 40+ Javelin
Nick Carah 31.00m
David McConnell 22.73m (28.86m M60)
Michael Seton 15.92m (17.98m M50)
Men 40+ Discus
Michael Seton 23.02m (24.17m M50)
David Featherston 23.35m
Nick Carah 22.42m

Our over 40 women’s team won a very close competition. Thanks largely to Amanda Harper doing four individual events and a relay and Karen Carah, 3 events and a relay. Pia Hunter and Anna Di Medio joined them to score 18 points for 2nd place in the relay, without which the tea would have finished 3rd.
Box Hill 165
Waverley 159
Ringwood 152
Yarra Ranges 121
Women 40+ 100m
Karen Carah 13.92
Amanda Harper 16.06
Women 40+ 400m
Amanda Harper 76.18
Women 40+ 1500m
Amanda Harper 5:44.5
Kerry Putt 6:10.6
Women 40+ 2000m Walk
Pia Hunter 11:52.8
Women 40+ Long Jump
Karen Carah 4.49m
Amanda Harper 2.79m
Women 40+ Javelin
Karen Carah 22.98m
Anna Di Medio 16.67m
Women 40+ Discus
Anna Di Medio 23.58m
Pia Hunter 13.11m

The under 18 boys finished 3rd. Matt Harcourt ran a good hurdles, Ned Snibson ran a fast 400m and Scott McKenzie did well in the 1500, but we need more under 18 boys competing to make sure we can finish in the top two and make it to the finals at the end of the season.
Ringwood 516
Nunawading 324
Box Hill 261
Waverley 115
Yarra Ranges 108
Men U18 100m
Ned Snibson 11.41
William Wu 12.22
Men U18 400m
Ned Snibson 50.46
Men U18 1500m
Scott McKenzie 4:10.5
Sebastian Failla 4:15.8
Lucas Pamminger 4:31.4
Samuel Rattray 4:41.3
James Dakin 4:42.7
Men U18 110m Hurdles
Matthew Harcourt 14.81
Men U18 Pole Vault
Matthew Harcourt 4.05m
Men U18 Long Jump
William Wu 5.24m

The under 18 girls finished 4th. We need more under 18 girls taking part to improve this team’s performance. Imogen Purcell and Kate Boulter did three events each and then Imogen stepped up to the open team for the relay.
Old Xaverians 235
Nunawading 232
Ringwood 184
Box Hill 152
Yarra Ranges 78
Waverley 36
Women U18 100m
Imogen Purcell 13.64
Women U18 400m
Imogen Purcell 62.05
Kate Boulter 62.82
Women U18 100m Hurdles
Imogen Purcell 16.78
Women U18 Pole Vault
Olivia Carah 3.15m
Women U18 Javelin
Kate Boulter 25.40m
Women U18 Discus
Kate Boulter 27.18m

The under 16 boys also finished 3rd, a good effort considering we only had 4 boys competing in this age group on the day. Hopefully we have a few more of our under 16 boys taking part in round 2.
Ringwood 421
Nunawading 200
Box Hill 168
Old Xaverians 114
Yarra Ranges 88
Men U16 100m
Harrison Truscott 13.29
Men U16 1500m
Murray Lovass 5:31.3
Men U16 Pole Vault
Michael Toso 3.00m
Men U16 Long Jump
Harrison Truscott 4.88m
Men U16 Discus
Cameron Mackenzie 22.20m
Men U16 Javelin
Cameron Mackenzie 18.01m

The under 16 girls had a great win with a number of excellent performances. Jessica Mackenzie and Georgia Durham both did three individual events, scoring well for the team.
Box Hill 527
Croydon 372
Ringwood 318
Old Xaverians 280
Yarra Ranges 157
Nunawading 127
Women U16 100m
Ellie Masters 13.34
Georgie Monsell-Butler 13.80
Sophie Tadgell 14.21
Georgia Durham 14.91
Tara Samaranayake
Women U16 400m
Sophie Tadgell 65.21
Georgie Monsell-Butler 66.17
Georgia Durham 67.21
Carla Dreyer 69.15
Women U16 1500m
Amy Atkinson 4:51.4
Molly McCarthy 4:55.6
Georgia Durham 5:16.3
Jess Hepworth 5:38.3
Carly Atkinson 5:58.1
Women U16 90m Hurdles
Ellie Masters 13.42
Emily Butler 14.69
Women U16 Long Jump
Emily Butler 4.59m
Jessica Mackenzie 4.54m
Women U16 Javelin
Jessica Mackenzie 28.96m
Women U16 Discus
Jessica Mackenzie 25.77m