2015-2016 Summer Bulletin No. 5

October 28, 2015



Round 3 of shield competition will be held at Casey Fields in East Cranbourne, this Saturday, October 31. This is also a zone versus zone competition, so the competition will include blue zone athletes as well as white zone.

Although it is some distance to travel for most athletes, Casey Fields is a nice facility and we need as many athletes as possible competing to make sure our teams make it through to the shield finals at the end of the season.

The program starts at 1:30pm (1:00pm for the long jump).

Please allow yourself plenty of travel time.

See the attached program of events.



There are a number of ways that you can help the Club and help the summer competition run smoothly. All help no matter how great or small is highly appreciated.

  1. We need volunteers to help out on shield competition days. This may involve helping to record results or measuring throws or raking a sandpit. If you can help please let us know and we will organise a roster. Even if you can just help once for a few hours, let us know.
  2. We need team managers! This is not an onerous task, but it does mean being present for the whole afternoon on most weeks of shield competition. Please let us know if you can help.



A diamond pendant was lost at the training last week. If anyone has seen it, please let us know so that it can be reunited with its owner.



October 31, Saturday, Round 3, Casey Fields (zone vs zone)

November 14, Saturday, Round 4, Nunawading

November 22, Sunday, Round 5, Doncaster

December 10, Thursday, Round 6, Nunawading

December 17, Saturday, Round 7, Nunawading

January 9, Saturday, Round 8, Nunawading (zone vs zone)

January 16, Saturday, Round 9, Lakeside Stadium (zone vs zone)

January 30, Saturday, Round 10, Nunawading

February 6, Saturday, Shield Final, Lakeside Stadium



Women division 1

It appears that we finished 3rd, behind Nunawading and Ringwood. This was due to the fact that we only had eight of our forty registered open women athletes competing. At full strength, we have a good chance of winning the premiership this year, but we won’t get to the finals unless we have more athletes regularly taking part.

200m: Angela Phillips 27.52; Isabelle Napier 30.40; Panayiota Carabourniotis 31.28; Grace Kirley 31.56;

800m: Jessica Mourney 2:18.7h;

3000m: Hannah Deal 11:53.6h; Caitlin Harrison 13:13.8h;

4x200m Relay: Kelly Ulf, Grace Kirley, Angela Phillips, Panayiota Carabourniotis 1:57.1h;

Triple Jump: Kelly Ulf 10.21m;

High Jump: Kelly Ulf 1.55m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 1.45m; Isabelle Napier 1.30m;

Shot Put: Angela Phillips 11.62m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 8.95m;


Women 40+

The team finished 3rd or fourth this week (points are still being finalised, as there was some problem scoring the relay results), Great efforts from Amanda Harper (six events) and Karen Carah (five events).

200m: Karen Carah 29.47; Kimberly Butler 32.74; Amanda Harper 34.40;

800m: Amanda Harper 2:54.5h; Kimberly Butler 2:55.9h; Kerry Putt 3:03.6h;

3000m: Amanda Harper 12:19.6h; Kerry Putt 13:10.0h; Pia Hunter 13:19.6h;

4x200m Relay: Pia Hunter, Kerry Putt, Amanda Harper, Karen Carah 2:13.4h;

3000m Walk: Pia Hunter 18:02.4h;

Triple Jump: Karen Carah 9.39m; Amanda Harper 7.33m;

High Jump: Karen Carah 1.45m;

Shot Put: Karen Carah 8.34m; Amanda Harper 5.55m; Pia Hunter 5.22m;


Women under 18

The under 18 women finished 2nd to Ringwood. Hopefully with a few more athletes competing, they can go one better this week.

200m: Kate Boulter 28.33; Hannah Heathcote 32.63;

800m: Sophie Schwerkolt 2:20.1h; Genevieve Wah 2:20.9h;

3000m: Louise Ton 11:22.0h;

400m Hurdles: Hannah Heathcote 1:35.12;

Triple Jump: Bec Maynes 8.85m; Hannah Heathcote 7.97m;

Shot Put: Kate Boulter 9.74m; Hannah Heathcote 5.90m;


Women Under 16

The under 16 women had another win in round 2. There were a number of great performances, in particular Sophia Davis running 25.78 in the 200m. To win the premiership this year we will also need athletes competing in the 3000m, hammer throw and 1500m walk

200m: Sophia Davis 25.78; Emily Butler 28.48; Georgie Monsell-Butler 28.49; Tara Samaranayake 28.91; Sophie Tadgell 29.10;

800m: Amy Atkinson 2:20.3h; Molly McCarthy 2:21.0h; Jess Hepworth 2:26.7h; Georgia Durham 2:31.0h; Carla Dreyer 2:42.6h; Carly Atkinson 2:53.4h;

4x200m Relay: Sophie Tadgell, Jess Hepworth, Meredith Rule, Georgie Monsell-Butler 1:52.9h;

200m Hurdles: Jessica MacKenzie 36.66;

400m Hurdles: Meredith Rule 71.81;

Triple Jump: Emily Butler 10.22m; Jessica MacKenzie 9.76m; Georgia Durham 9.29m; Georgie Monsell-Butler 7.67m; Sophie Tadgell 7.41m;

High Jump: Emily Butler 1.55m; Georgia Durham 1.50m; Jessica MacKenzie 1.40m;

Shot Put: Charlotte Kennedy 10.39m; Meredith Rule 9.46m; Jessica MacKenzie 8.39m;


Men Division 1

We finished 3rd this week, behind Nunawading and St. Kevins. There were some good performances in the 3000m, 800m and 200m, but we only has one athlete in each of the hurdles, hammer throw and walk, and nobody competing in the triple jump, so we were beaten by inferior teams who filled all their events. Hopefully this week we have more athletes taking part in the throws and jumps.

200m: Daniel White-Alikakos 22.92; Matt Zwarts 23.08; Mohamad Zeed 23.56; James Baumgartner 23.72; Robert Owen 24.22; Mitchell Graham 24.46;

800m: Michael Dowel 1:55.9h; William Potter 1:57.0h; Nicholas Baggott 1:59.0h; Raymond Chan 2:03.6h; James O’Connell 2:07.5h; Jack Prendergast 2:10.4h; Russell Clowes 2:17.8h; Carlos Norman 2:18.0h;

3000m: William Potter 8:33.9h; James O’Connell 8:58.0h; Michael Dowel 9:00.8h; Oscar Robinson 9:01.6h; Nicholas Baggott 9:12.1h; Klarie McIntyre 9:17.4h; Zac Hunter 9:32.1h; Vaughan Smith 9:37.4h; Welday Mebrahtu 9:38.7h; Michael Vaughan 10:00.1h; David Jimenez 10:01.1h; Russell Clowes 11:40.1h;

4x200m Relay: Matt Zwarts, Robert Owen, Mohamad Zeed, Daniel White-Alikakos 1:32.6h;

400m Hurdles: Mohamad Zeed 55.26;

3000m Walk: Simon Evans 15:42.3h;

High Jump: James Baumgartner 1.75m; Russell Clowes 1.60m;

Shot Put: Mohamad Zeed 9.09m; Mitchell Graham 7.68m;

Hammer: James Baumgartner 16.04m;


Men 40+

Our 40+ men had a win in round 2. New club members Dave McConnell, Michael Eury and Steve Preece have added depth to this team. We also have many athletes willing to do multiple events, which helps the team score extra points.

200m: Andrew Wilcox 24.08; Nick Carah 27.96; David McConnell 29.08; Steve Preece 31.76; Peter McDonald 35.34; Neville Gardner 43.32;

800m: Robert Schwerkolt 2:04.9h; Andrew Egginton 2:15.2h; Steve Preece 2:16.7h; David Ayers 2:23.3h; John Meagher 2:24.6h; Nick Carah 2:27.3h; Michael Eury 2:32.1h; David McConnell 3:08.5h; Neville Gardner 4:05.9h;

3000m: Robert Schwerkolt 9:41.0h; John Meagher 10:25.5h; Andrew Egginton 10:45.8h; Scott Lawrence 10:50.2h; Steve Preece 10:58.9h; Nick Carah 11:47.0h; Neville Gardner 19:19.4h;

4x200m Relay: Peter McDonald, Nick Carah, Andrew Egginton, Andrew Wilcox 1:57.0h;

300m Hurdles: David McConnell 50.94;

Triple Jump: Nick Carah 8.65m; Peter McDonald 7.66m;

High Jump: David Featherston 1.40m; David McConnell 1.35m; Nick Carah 1.30m; Michael Seton 1.20m; Peter McDonald 1.20m;

Shot Put: Michael Seton 8.65m; Andrew Egginton 8.61m; Nick Carah 8.18m; David Featherston 7.49m; Peter McDonald 5.77m; Neville Gardner 5.49m;

Hammer: Michael Seton 19.90m; David Featherston 19.76m; Nick Carah 18.26m; Peter McDonald 15.58m;


Men Under 18

The under 18 boys finished 2nd in round 2. Sam McDonald competed in five events and Ned Snibson (800m) and Matt Harcourt (400m hurdles) put in great poerformances.

200m: Samuel McDonald 24.21; Matthew Baumgartner 25.19;

800m: Ned Snibson 1:56.4h; Sebastian Failla 2:01.9h; Alexander Ritchie 2:03.4h; Lucas Pamminger 2:10.6h;

3000m: Scott McKenzie 9:16.7h;

4x200m Relay: Matthew Baumgartner, Lucas Pamminger, Samuel McDonald, Ned Snibson 1:40.1h;

400m Hurdles: Matthew Harcourt 53.82;

Triple Jump: Samuel McDonald 11.09m;

High Jump: Samuel McDonald 1.65m;

Hammer: Samuel McDonald 18.03m;


Men Under 16

The under 16s finished 5th out of 7 teams. There were some outstanding performances by the boys in this team, but unfortunately we did not have enough athletes taking part to score sufficient points to finish better than 5th. Hopefully more of the under 16 boys will compete at Casey fields in round 3.

800m: Darcy Powne 1:58.2h; Thomas Sellwood 2:03.6h; Connor McKee 2:19.5h; Finnian MacKen 2:22.5h;

3000m: Isaac Holberton 10:28.5h;

High Jump: Lucas Rindt 1.70m;

Shot Put: Parmeshvar Sandhu 10.67m;