2015-2016 Summer Bulletin No. 6

November 3, 2015



Round 4 of shield competition will be held at Nunawading on Saturday week, November 14.

There are still a number of registered athletes who have not competed in the first three rounds. Remember that you must compete in at least 3 rounds of Shield Competition in order to be eligible to compete for the Club in the finals. We also need more athletes taking part to make sure that all our teams make it to the finals!


A big thank you to all those who have helped as volunteer officials over the first 3 rounds of shield competition. Box Hill has helped run the pole vault in round 1, the triple jump in round 2 and the discus in round 3. If we get enough volunteers, then each person will only have to help out once throughout the season.


Good luck to all the Box Hill athletes who are competing in the Victorian All Schools Championships this weekend. Hopefully Box Hill competitors can win a swag of medals!


November 14, Saturday, Round 4, Nunawading

November 22, Sunday, Round 5, Doncaster

December 10, Thursday, Round 6, Nunawading

December 17, Saturday, Round 7, Nunawading

January 9, Saturday, Round 8, Nunawading (zone vs zone)

January 16, Saturday, Round 9, Lakeside Stadium (zone vs zone)

January 30, Saturday, Round 10, Nunawading

February 6, Saturday, Shield Final, Lakeside Stadium


As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, our annual Trivia Night was again a great success. Thank you to Nick Carah, Angela Robbie, Andrew White, Kerry Putt, Tess Brooks, Bill Dyer, Chris and Nerida Muirden and Graham Ford who all donated auction items.

A big thanks also to the following companies who donated to the Trivia Night. 2xU, Athletes Foot at Eastland, Funch, Sherrin, The City of Whitehorse, Dymocks Book Shop at Comberwell, USANA (Mike Gurry), Forest Hill Massage Therapy (Mike Gurry), Breadstreet at Mont Albert, MacMillan Publishers,  Coco Latte, Churchill Café, Cornehls and Blackburn Butchers, Lynn Hunter Design, Belmore Dry Cleaners, Danny Lee Design, Ella Bache, Strachan Eyewear and Body Knots Massage (Tom Chuang).

It is great to have such strong support for the Club.



The round 3 results are listed below.

We are aware that each week there have been some mistakes in the results.

We have no control over these, but we pass them on the zone committee, who tell us that all incorrect results will be corrected eventually. Please let us know if there are any mistakes in your results, so that these can be passed on and dealt with.

Women Division 1

A close win over Nunawading has put our team on top of the ladder after 3 rounds. It looks like this division will be a close tussle at the top of the table.
Four events by Rachel Limburg and a stunning 4:23 1500m by Georgia Griffith helped the team to victory.
100m: Angela Phillips 13.25; Grace Kirley 14.14; Monique Briard 15.10;
400m: Monique Briard 65.67;
1500m: Georgia Griffith 4:23.75; Caitlin Harrison 6:00.15;
4x100m Relay: Angela Phillips, Monique Briard, Rachel Limburg, Grace Kirley 54.22;
100m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 20.08;
Long Jump: Rachel Limburg 5.30m; Lucy Steele? 5.21m; Kelly Ulf 5.01m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.98m;
Pole Vault: Jacqueline Williams 3.25m; Isabelle Napier 3.25m; Brigid Davis 2.50m; Annabelle Anderson NM;
Javelin: Kathryn Brooks 39.81m; Rachel Limburg 31.51m; Irene Margaronis 21.89m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 21.16m; Shannon O’Dempsey 18.60m; Isabelle Napier 18.02m;
Discus: Angela Phillips 34.20m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 22.53m; Isabelle Napier 21.54m;

Women 40+
The small team of Amanda Harper, Karen Carah, Kerry Putt, Pia Hunter, Kim Butler and Anna Di Medio, managed to cover nearly every event and just missed out on the victory this week. Our 40+ women are sitting on top of the ladder by just one point, in what appears to be the most closely fought division of all.
100m: Karen Carah 14.05; Kimberly Butler 15.77; Amanda Harper 16.82;
400m: Kimberly Butler 75.25; Pia Hunter 79.91; Kerry Putt 85.57;
1500m: Amanda Harper 5:49.62; Pia Hunter 6:07.58; Kerry Putt 6:10.72;
4x100m Relay: Karen Carah, Amanda Harper, Kimberly Butler, Kerry Putt 61.84;
80m Hurdles: Karen Carah 14.79; Amanda Harper 18.83;
2000m Walk: Pia Hunter 11:12.83;
Long Jump: Karen Carah DQ; Kimberly Butler 3.67m; Amanda Harper 2.98m;
Pole Vault: Amanda Harper 1.60m;
Javelin: Karen Carah 23.74m; Anna Di Medio 16.84m;
Discus: Anna Di Medio 21.75m; Pia Hunter 10.47m;

Women Under 18
The number of athletes competing for the Club in this division is slowly increasing (but we still need more!). Hannah Heathcote, Kate Boulter and Olivia Carah all did multiple events and a great PB of 4:29 by Georgia Hansen in the 1500m helped this team win round 3 and move to the top of the ladder.
100m: Hannah Heathcote 15.65;
400m: Kate Boulter 61.86;
1500m: Georgia Hansen 4:29.22; Genevieve Wah 4:55.45;
4x100m Relay: Georgie Monsell-Butler, Meredith Rule, Jessica Mackenzie, Kate Boulter 54.37;
100m Hurdles: Hannah Heathcote 15.73;
Long Jump: Olivia Carah 4.84m;
Pole Vault: Olivia Carah 0.00m;
Javelin: Kate Boulter 29.54m;
Discus: Hannah Heathcote 15.50m;
Women Under 16
The under 16 women have won the first 2 rounds, but only finished second this week. They remain on top of the ladder. Jessica Mackenzie did three individual events, plus an under 18 relay to score many points for the club.
100m: Georgie Monsell-Butler 13.95; Meredith Rule 14.58; Georgia Durham 15.24; Tara Samaranayake 13.50;
400m: Meredith Rule 65.43; Carla Dreyer 66.89; Georgie Monsell-Butler 70.03;
1500m: Georgia Durham 5:08.86; Jess Hepworth 5:10.87;
90m Hurdles: Meredith Rule 15.39;
Long Jump: Jessica MacKenzie 4.46m;
Javelin: Jessica MacKenzie 29.73m;
Discus: Jessica MacKenzie 26.71m;

Men Division 1
Our Division 1 men’s team defeated Nunawading for the first time this season, but went down to St. Kevins. We sit precariously in second place on the ladder.
Although we dominated the 1500m and pole vault and scored well in the 100m and 400m, we had only one athlete (with up to 3 athletes scoring) in the hurdles, javelin and long jump – and it was David Thomson each time! We also had only one walker and no participants in the steeplechase. Hopefully we can fill our quota of athletes in the field events in round 4 (high jump, triple jump, hammer throw and shot put)
100m: Daniel White-Alikakos 11.17; Matt Zwarts 11.35; Mohamad Zeed 11.41; David Thomson 11.79; Robert Owen 12.08; Mitchell Graham 12.12;
400m: Daniel White-Alikakos 50.07; Matt Zwarts 52.70; Mohamad Zeed 54.14; Robert Owen 54.70; Mitchell Graham 56.50; Peter Hill 58.75; Carlos Norman 62.35; Peter O’Leary 68.58;
1500m: William Potter 3:55.2h; Michael Dowel 3:58.5h; Peter Green 3:59.4h; Nicholas Baggott 4:00.7h; James O’Connell 4:11.86; Raymond Chan 4:20.38; Michael Vaughan 4:31.35; Carlos Norman 4:45.85; Russell Clowes 4:48.57; Luke Crozier 4:59.11; Jack Hill 5:02.60; Peter O’Leary 5:20.42;
4x100m Relay: Daniel White-Alikakos, Ned Snibson, Mohamad Zeed, Matt Zwarts 44.29; William Murphy, Mitchell Graham, Peter Hill, Robert Owen 48.56;
110m Hurdles: David Thomson 16.56;
2000m Walk: Simon Evans 10:13.68;
Long Jump: David Thomson 6.00m;
Pole Vault: Joel Pocklington 4.75m; James Filshie 4.45m; Blake Lucas 3.85m; David Thomson 3.85m;
Javelin: David Thomson 46.92m;
Discus: David Thomson 43.29m; Mohamad Zeed 24.24m; Mitchell Graham 17.93m;
Men 40+
We had a big win in this division in round 3 and the team is on top of the ladder.
Nick Cartah, David McConnell, Andrew Egginton and Andrew Wilcox all did multiple events to help the team to victory.
100m: Andrew Wilcox 12.06; Nick Carah 13.40; David McConnell 13.77;
400m: Andrew Wilcox 52.82; Nick Carah 62.75; David Ayers 62.85; David McConnell 68.46;
1500m: Andrew Egginton 4:43.05; Scott Lawrence 4:55.08; Christopher O’Connor 5:44.85; Andrew Tunne 6:16.06;
4x100m Relay: David Ayers, Andrew Wilcox, Nick Carah, David McConnell 53.25;
100m Hurdles: David McConnell 21.59;
2000m Walk: Andrew Egginton 11:56.21;
Long Jump: Nick Carah 4.47m;
Pole Vault: Rob Barclay 2.35m; David McConnell 2.20m;
Javelin: Nick Carah 31.17m; David McConnell NM;
Discus: Andrew Egginton 24.90m; Nick Carah 21.63m; Michael Seton 21.30m; Peter McDonald 16.74m;
Men Under 18
With a number of athletes in this age group competing for Box Hill for the first time, we managed to score enough points to finish second in round three and hang on to second place on the ladder.
100m: Ned Snibson 11.63; Terry Yan 11.83; Harvey Edmanson 13.25;
400m: Ned Snibson 50.62;
1500m: Alexander Ritchie 4:08.52; Scott McKenzie 4:09.37; Sebastian Failla 4:16.77; James Dakin 4:27.10; Samuel Rattray 4:40.51;
110m Hurdles: Matthew Harcourt 14.76; Harvey Edmanson 17.58;
3000m Steeple: Jordan Hesse 12:22.27;
Long Jump: Matthew Harcourt 6.12m; Terry Yan 4.81m;
Men Under 16
The number of athletes competing in this age group is slowly increasing. And the managed to pull off a win for the first time this season. This moves the team up to second place on the ladder
100m: William Murphy 12.23; Michael Toso 14.07;
1500m: Austin Hunter 4:25.23; Finnian MacKen 4:46.08; Connor Ogilvie 4:51.04; Murray Lovass 5:24.28;
2000m Steeple: Kieran Hesse 7:31.19;
Long Jump: Parmeshvar Sandhu 4.53m;
Javelin: Cameron MacKenzie 16.95m;
Discus: Cameron MacKenzie 22.38m;