2015 Winter Bulletin No. 10

June 5, 2015


The next round of the XCR’15 season will be held at Bundoora Park, on Saturday week, June 13. For open age and under 20 athletes, if you have not already purchased an XCR’15 series ticket, you must enter via the AV website before noon on Wednesday, June 10.

This event also incorporates the Victorian All Schools Championships and will be the selection trial for the national cross country championships to be held in Melbourne in August.

Box Hill must provide three officials for the morning session at Bundoora, please let us know as soon as possible if you can help.



Box Hill had another successful day at round 3 of the XCR’15 series at Ballarat on Saturday. Steve Kelly won the silver medal in the 15km road event and he led a team of 12 Box Hill runners in the first 61 places in the men’s event. In the women’s event, Julie Norney put in a great performance to finish 9th and to win her age group. Box Hill won the men’s premier division and division 2 as well as the men’s over 50 team event. See below for Ian Sloane’s full report.

Men Premier Division (Team Place: 1st)

  1. Steve Kelly                       46:01
  2. Peter Green                    48:22
  3. James O’Connell             48:26
  4. Will Potter                     48:36
  5. Dino Finocchiaro            48:56
  6. Michael Dowel               49:23

Men Division 2 (Team Place: 1st)

  1. Oscar Robinson              49:31
  2. Klarie McIntyre              49:41
  3. Nick Baggott                 50:33
  4. John Meagher                50:50 (1st 50-54)
  5. Welday Mebrahtu          51:25
  6. David Jimenez               52:03

Men Division 3 (Team Place: 6th)

  1. Trent Collins                  54:33

167.Luke Crosier                  57:48

189.Peter Stefanos               58:25

214.Tony Langelaan             59:56

228.Chris O’Connor              61:00

Men Division 6 (Team Place: 3rd)

245.Dino Crivelli                   61:44

246.Graeme Olden               61:45

373.Simon St Hill                 73:10

405.Andrew Tunne               84:04

Women Premier Division (Team Place: 5th)

  1.    Julie Norney                  55:47 (1st 45-49)
  2. Bec Rosel (Inv)              57:22
  3. Grace Brown                 58:28
  4. June Petrie                   62:07 (2nd 50-54)
  5. Amanda Harper             64:06
  6. Pia Hunter                   68:28

Women Division 2

120.Amelia Savage               69:50

188.Nicole Smith                  86:53

Junior 5km Road Race

  1. Murray Lovass      Men U14        19:35
  2. Lucas Pamminger  Men U18       18:10
  3. Zac Hunter            Men U20        16:50
  4. Carlos Norman      Men U20        19:16
  5. Zoe Schwerkolt     Women U18   24:16



Winter Calendar

June 13, Saturday, XCR’15 Round 4, Bundoora Cross Country Champs

June 28, Sunday, XCR’15 Round 5, Albert Park Road Race

August 1, Saturday, XCR’15 Round 7, Brimbank Park Cross Country

August 15, Saturday, XCR’15 Round 8, Ekiden Relay, Angelsea

August 29, Saturday, National Cross Country Championships, Melbourne

September 6, Sunday, XCR’15 Round 9, Burnley half-marathon

September 19, Saturday, XCR’15 Round 10, Tan Relays