2015 Winter Bulletin No. 15

July 7, 2015


The next round of the XCR’15 season will be the Sandown Road Relays on this Saturday, July 11. Enter the Sandown Racecourse via Racecourse Drive off the Princes Highway.

The open and overage (and under 20 men) ran 2 laps each of the motor racing circuit (6.2km), while all other junior age groups run 1 lap each (3.1km).

Draft teams are listed below, but some people have not yet confirmed their availability, so there are likely to be changes made.

All open and overage (and under 20 men) races start at 12:45pm. So please arrive by noon. Junior races start at 1:15pm and again, please try to arrive at least 45 minutes before your race just in case any changes need to be made.

If anyone listed below is unable to run, please let us know as soon as possible. Likewise, if your name is not listed but you want to compete, please let us know.

HELP NEEDED: WE ALSO NEED PEOPLE TO HELP AS TIMEKEEPERS AND VOLUNTEER OFFICIALS. If you can help please let us know as soon as possible.

Likely teams:

Men Premier Division

  1. Will Potter
  2. Michael Dowel
  3. Steve Dinneen
  4. Peter Green
  5. James O’Connell
  6. Steve Kelly

Men Division 2

  1. Nick Baggott
  2. Klarie McIntyre
  3. David Jiminez
  4. Michael Vaughan
  5. Oscar Robinson
  6. Dion Finocchiaro

Men Division 3

  1. Raymond Chan
  2. Trent Collins
  3. Luke Crozier
  4. Jack Prendergast
  5. Welday Mebrahtu

Men Division 6

  1. Carlos Norman
  2. Russell Clowes
  3. Jack Hill
  4. Simon St. Hill

Men 40+

  1. Tony Langelaan
  2. Dino Crivelli
  3. Graeme Olden

Men 50+

  1. John Meagher
  2. Andrew Egginton
  3. Peter Stefanos

Men Under 20

  1. Ben Cox
  2. Zac Hunter
  3. Vaughan Smith

Men Under 18 (team 1)

  1. Alex Ritchie
  2. Scott McKenzie
  3. Tom Selwood

Men Under 18 (team 2)

  1. Lucas Pamminger
  2. James Bernstein
  3. Aidan McCormack?

Women Premier Division

  1. Sarah Cant
  2. Julie Norney
  3. Grace Kalac
  4. Hayley Tomlinson
  5. Courtney Powell

Women Division 2

  1. Liza Henshall
  2. Megan Sloane
  3. Amelia Savige
  4. Caitlin Harrison

Women Division 5

  1. Kelly Ulf
  2. Nicole Smith
  3. Pia Hunter

Women 40+

  1. June Petrie
  2. Meagan Harvey
  3. Amanda Harper

Women Under 20

  1. Chloe Metzeling
  2. Lucy Steele
  3. One More

Women Under 18

  1. Georgia Hansen
  2. Paris Powell
  3. Holly Pedersen (Genevieve Wah?)

Women Under 16

  1. Tamsyn Lovass
  2. Amy Atkinson
  3. Molly McCarthy



Winter Calendar

July 11, Saturday, XCR’15 Round 6, Sandown Road Relays

August 1, Saturday, XCR’15 Round 7, Brimbank Park Cross Country

August 15, Saturday, XCR’15 Round 8, Ekiden Relay, Angelsea

August 29, Saturday, National Cross Country Championships, Melbourne

September 6, Sunday, XCR’15 Round 9, Burnley half-marathon

September 19, Saturday, XCR’15 Round 10, Tan Relays



Congratulations to Julie Norney who won her age group at the Gold Coast half marathon running the distance in 79:48