2015 Winter Bulletin No. 26

September 23, 2015


October 6, Tuesday, Season Launch, Club Rooms

October 10, Saturday, Shield Competition, Round 1, Nunawading

October 17, Saturday, TRIVIA NIGHT, Chatham Primary School

October 24, Saturday, Shield Competition, Round 2, Yarra Ranges (Mt. Evelyn)




The Club will be holding a season launch at the club rooms on the evening of Tuesday, October 6, from 7pm. This is great opportunity to meet the club coaches, committee members and fellow athletes and pick up information about the upcoming track and field season. You can purchase new uniforms and if you do not have your registration bib numbers for this season, you can collect them at the season launch.

Pizza and soft drink provided.

We encourage all members (especially new members) to attend.

See the attached flyer.



TRACK SEASON IS COMING! Are you registered?

The 2015/16 track and field season Shield competition starts in just over 2 weeks! If you plan to compete this summer, please make sure you are registered. The Athletics year starts on April 1, so those who have registered since then are covered for the summer season up until March 31 2016.. If you have not registered for the 2015/16 season do so as soon as possible in order to be eligible to compete. Register online via the AV website.

Shield Calendar

October 10, Saturday, Round 1, Nunawading

October 24, Saturday, Round 2, Yarra Ranges (Mt. Evelyn)

October 31, Saturday, Round 3, Casey Fields (zone vs zone)

November 14, Saturday, Round 4, Nunawading

November 22, Sunday, Round 5, Doncaster

December 10, Thursday, Round 6, Nunawading

December 17, Saturday, Round 7, Nunawading

January 9, Saturday, Round 8, Nunawading (zone vs zone)

January 16, Saturday, Round 9, Lakeside Stadium (zone vs zone)

January 30, Saturday, Round 10, Nunawading

February 6, Saturday, Shield Final, Lakeside Stadium




There are a number of ways that you can help the Club and help the summer competition run smoothly. All help no matter how great or small is highly appreciated.

1. We need volunteers to help out on shield competition days. This may involve helping to record results or measuring throws or raking a sandpit. If you can help please let us know and we will organise a roster.

2. We need team managers! This is not an onerous task, but it does mean being present for the whole afternoon on most weeks of shield competition. Please let us know if you can help.

3. The white zone needs a scorer. This is a paid position. ($80 for each round of shield). See the attached job description.




After being on top of the ladder in the men’s premier division for most of the XCR’15 season, we unfortunately fell down in the last 2 events and finished 2nd on the ladder 9see Ian Sloane’s reports below). Our men’s team, without a number of our best runners finished in 5th place at the Tan relays, the last event of the winter season.

Our women’s team performed brilliantly to finish in 2nd place at the Tan, while our Over 50 men’s team won the gold medal in their division. We also had some outstanding performances in the Under 18 age group, where bot our men’s and women’s teams picked up bronze medals.


Men Premier Division (5th):

1. Nick Baggott               11:48

2. Will Potter                             11:33

3. Michael Dowel             11:35

4. Dion Finocchiaro                   11:40

5. James O’Connell                   11:56

6. Oscar Robinson           12:15

Men Division 2    (5th)

1. Sam Dipnall                11:38

2. Trent Collins               13:35

3. Ryan Martin                12:38

4. Welday Mebrahtu        13:05

5. Michael Vaughan        13:06

6. Peter Green                12:02

Men Division 3    (9th)

1. Andrew Hester            14:03

2. Russell Clowes            14:49

3. Jack Hill                      16:00

4. Simon St. Hill              17:19

5. Peter O’Leary              16:46

Men 40+    (6th)

1. Tony Langelaan           14:02

2. Simon Watson             13:48

3. Chris O’Connor           15:32

Men 50+    (1st)

1. John Meagher             12:23

2. Peter Stefanos            14:08

3. Graeme Olden             14:04

Men Under 20 (4th)

1. Ben Cox                      12:10

2. Vaughan Smith           12:25

3. Zac Hunter                  12:22

1. Carlos Norman            14:17

2. Raymond Chan


Men Under 18 (3rd and 8th)

1. Sebastian Failla           12:30

2. Alex Ritchie                 12:32

3. Scott McKenzie           12:25


1. Sam Rattray                13:04

2. Lucas Pamminger        13:06

3. Kieren Hesse               13:47


Women Premier Division (2nd)

1. Georgia Meehan                    13:48

2. Courtney Powell           12:28

3. Georgia Hansen           13:54

4. Grace Kalac                 14:51

5. Julie Norney                13:47

Women Division 2 (10th)

1. Amanda Harper           15:43

2. Hannah Deal               16:12

3. Zoe Schwerkolt            19:13

4. Amwelia Savige           17:13

Women Division 5  (9th)

1. Caitlin Harrison           17:26

2. Nicole Smith                18:33

3. Kelly Ulf                      17:17

Women Under 18 (3rd)

1. Louise Ton                  15:00

2. Sophie Schwerkolt       16:25

3. Holly Pedersen            14:56


Tan Relays 19 September 2015

Box Hill’s Men’s Division 1 team held a one point advantage over going to the last race of the 2015 winter calendar.  After an ordinary showing at the Half Marathon where we had a very depleted turnout.  We needed to either win the race or finish one or more places ahead of Geelong.  Unfortunately this did not happen and although our Division 1 team members did their best, we were only able to secure fifth position whilst Geelong turned out a really solid team and won the race and thus the winter championship. 

Our female Premier Division team performed really well and won the silver medal, being overtaken by Glenhuntly later in the race.  Courtney Powell ran a brilliant lap pulling Box Hill into the lead and the other team members gave everything they had to try and hold the lead.  However, Glenhuntly had too much depth and defeated our team.

The Men’s Premier Division race started with Luke Matthews (APS) leading the runners in in the very fast time of 10:55.  Zak Patterson (Knox) held second place (11:01) and Nick Wightman had Geelong in third place (11:12).  Frankston were just behind Geelong, followed by the University of Melbourne, Glenhuntly and Box Hill seventh with Nick Baggott recording 11:48 for his lap.  Will Potter was next up for Box Hill and he ran a PB on the course, knocking five seconds of his previous best to run 11:33.  During this lap, Frankston got to the lead, with APS dropping back to second eight seconds behind.  Geelong were third a second behind second, with Knox, fourth, 23 seconds further back, Melbourne University, fifth, eight seconds behind Knox and Box Hill, now sixth, 21 seconds behind Melbourne University.

The third leg saw another club take the lead, Geelong, and from this point on, they dominated the race.  They crossed five seconds in front of Frankston, with APS almost level with second place.  Melbourne University were fourth, forty-five seconds behind the leader, and a second ahead of Knox in fifth place. Box Hill was next to reach the changeover point 19 seconds behind Knox.  Glenhuntly was a minute behind Box Hill in seventh and SSH held eighth position.  Michael Dowel ran 11:35 for his leg.

Box Hill’s next runner was Dion Finocchiaro ran a solid fourth leg recording 11:40 to hold sixth position.  Harry Smithers (Geelong) extended Geelong’s lead over Frankston to 39 seconds.  Knox was 19 seconds behind in third place.  In fourth place, Melbourne University were in a close tussle with APS a couple of seconds behind third.  Box Hill was sixth, 18 seconds behind fifth.

James O’Connell ran the fifth leg, maintaining our sixth position (11:56).  Julian Spence (Geelong) handed over to Craig Mottram for the last leg with a lead of 55 seconds. Jordan Nelson (Knox) overtook his Frankston opponent to move into second, four seconds clear.  APS were 28 seconds down on third and 32 seconds ahead of Melbourne University with Box Hill four seconds adrift in sixth place. 

Mottram ran a great last lap of 10:43 to anchor Geelong to the win. Sam Crowther brought Knox in to the silver medal position92 seconds later with Frankston securing the bronze medal 39 seconds later. APS finished fourth 48 seconds behind third.  Oscar Robinson ran 12:15, overtaking Melbourne University’s final runner to come in 26 seconds behind fourth, in fifth position, and he was eight seconds in front of sixth-placed Melbourne University. 

Our Division 2 team performed creditably, recording fifth place.  Essendon won be a very large margin, ahead of Doncaster and Western Athletic Club. Our runners were Sam Dipnall (11:38), Trent Collins (13:35), Ryan Martin (12:38), Welday Mebrahtu (13:05), Michael Vaughan (13:06) and Peter Green (12:02).


 Athletics Victoria Half Marathon Championship at Burnley, 6 September 2015

Box Hill turned in a mediocre effort in the Half Marathon Championship.  Most of the Box Hill runners put in their best effort on the day, but we simply didn’t have the firepower at the front end of the field.  We now have to win the last event on the calendar and unless we win the race, there is a high probability that Geelong will capture the winter title.

This year’s race used the same venue but on a redesigned course of four and a bit laps. The course runs parallel with the Yarra River in Burnley and is relatively fast being flat with several small rises.  Teams of five score the points, one fewer than the other races (in Division 1 and Division 2) There were over 300 starters on a greyish day and there was a slight wind, which did get stronger during the race several times.  When the starter despatched the field, two Essendon runners cleared out immediately.  Liam Adams, fresh from his National Cross Country title win at Moonee Valley race course last Saturday and Mitch Brown, who had a top four placing gained an early lead and ran out of sight of the field.  These two athletes, who traded positions 1 and 2 throughout the race, were unchallenged for the 21.1 journey.  Further back, a pack of around ten athletes coalesced. This pack was made up Zac Newman (Melb. Uni), Nick Earl (Melb. Uni), Nick Wightman (Geelong), Mark de Luca (APS), Craig Semple (Essendon), Chapman (APS) and two Collingwood runners, Justin Delaney and Jai Edmonds, Joshua Papanikolaou (GH),  Sam Crowther (Knox) and John Dutton (Frankston) were not far behind.  John Meagher was our first athlete, holding 18th position at this early stage. David Jimenez and Welday Mebrahtu were close together, in 43rd and 50th positions respectively. Trent Collins was around 55th with Nick Baggott being about thirty places down on Trent.  Then there was a long gap to our other athletes who included James O’Connell, Peter Stefanos, Luke Crosier, Tony Langelaan, Graeme Olden, Oscar Robinson, Dino Crivelli, Chris O’Connor, Simon St Hill and Andrew Tunne.

The women’s race turned out to be a battle between Virginia Moloney (Collingwood) and Karina Fyffe.  Tarli Bird (Glenhuntly was close to these two leaders and Cassie Higham was also well placed.  Julie Norney looked impressive from the start and she moved up well in the early laps.  Our other competitors were June Petrie, Amanda Harper, Kelly Ulf and Nicky Smith.

In the concluding stages of the Men’s race, Brown and Adams extended their lead from 98 seconds to over two minutes. In the end Mitch Brown took the lead to win the race from Liam Adams by 32 seconds. Nicholas Earl (M. Uni) surged and chased down Zac Newman (M. Uni), to collect the bronze medal. Our best placed athlete was John Meagher, 19th.  Other Premier Division team members for Box Hill were David Jimenez, 41st, Welday Mebrahtu, 45th, Trent Collins, 51st and Nick Baggott, 80th. This result (Box Hill was sixth) puts us under pressure and we have to win the Tan Relays to win the winter championship, or beat Geelong by two positions.  To do this we will need to field our best team possible, and hope that Geelong doesn’t have a star-studded team, which appears unlikely to happen. 

The women’s race was won by Virginia Moloney (Collingwood) in a breakthrough performance. She defeated Kainna Fyfe (GH) by nine seconds with Cassie Higham (GH) a further 13 seconds astern in third place.  Julie Norney ran brilliantly to place 7th and win the 40 + age division. June Petrie also went well to place 29th. Amanda Harper, 77th, Kelly Ulf, 98th and Nicky Smith, 125th were our other finishers.