2016-2017 February 12, Sunday, Shield Final, Albert Park

February 12, 2017


Box Hill had a great day at the 2016/17 Shield Competition Finals at Albert Park on Sunday, with four of our eight teams winning the premiership in their division.

Congratulations to our men’s U14, men’s U18 and men’s and women’s 40+ teams who were all triumphant on Sunday.

Despite some bad luck with injuries/unavailability that dashed the hopes of a couple of our teams, it was still a great day for the Club, with Box Hill being the only club to win more than one premiership.

A special thank you to Andrew Wilcox, Amanda Harper, Leanne Bertacco and Simone Lovass who helped with team management and to Mark Doehmann, Rachel Johnson, Simon Evans, Nick Carah, Sharron Meager, Mark Stewart and all the others who worked as club helpers on the day.


Men Division 1

Glenhuntly                  15,377

Box Hill                      13,732

Nunawading                12,363

Essendon                     12,349

Melb Uni                     11,279

Collingwood                9,565

Doncaster                     7,754

Knox                            3,252

Box Hill finished 2nd in the open men’s division and failed to defend the title we won last year. Unfortunately the team was not at full strength, with Mo Zeed unable to hurdle and Matt Harcourt fronting up with a dodgy hamstring and a very heavy cold unable to hurdle or pole vault. It was a brave effort to finish 2nd under the circumstances and with just a little bit of luck we can hopefully return to the top of the table next year.


100m: Matt Zwarts 11.54; Mohamad Zeed 11.59; Mitchell Graham 12.02; Edan Runge 12.11; Robert Owen 12.34; James Shaw 12.70;

400m: Andre Waring 52.20; Edan Runge 53.94; Robert Owen 54.02; Matt Zwarts 54.13; Mohamad Zeed 58.35;

1500m: Andre Waring 3:51.8h; Michael Dowel 4:00.0h; Nicholas Baggott 4:01.5h; Stephen Dinneen 4:03.3h; Daniel Clark 4:04.1h; Peter Green 4:05.4h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill 45.12;

110m Hurdles: William Seton 16.98;

2000m Walk: Simon Evans 10:20.2h;

3000m Steeple: James O’Connell 10:17.77; Klarie McIntyre 10:23.61; Alexander Ritchie 10:45.51;

Long Jump: Mohamad Zeed 5.82m; William Seton 5.72m; Matthew Harcourt 4.69m;

Pole Vault: Joel Pocklington 4.75m; William Seton 3.10m;

Javelin: David Grant 54.62m; Matthew Harcourt 39.01m; William Seton 35.69m;

Discus: William Seton 43.21m; David Grant 41.15m; Matthew Harcourt 28.10m;


Men Over 40

Box Hill                      11,153

Diamond Valley          10,325

Essendon                      9,407

Vic Masters                  8,880

Bendigo                        8,276

Keilor St Bern             7,042

Glenhuntly                   6,453

Knox                            5,675

Doncaster                     5,527

Geelong                        4,797

Ballarat                        2,488

After years of close misses, our men’s over 40 team finally broke through to win the shield premiership. Pushed hard by Diamond Valley, our boys put in some great performances to make sure that we stayed ahead of the opposition. Consistent performances right throughout the season made sure that we had athletes qualified for every event with competition for spots in many events.


100m: Andrew Wilcox 12.26; Robert Mayston 12.91; David Featherston 13.00; David McConnell 13.38;

400m: Andrew Wilcox 56.90; David Featherston 57.55; Robert Mayston 60.78; David McConnell 66.93;

1500m: John Meagher 4:34.1h; Robert Schwerkolt 4:41.2h; Scott Lawrence 4:46.5h; Tony Langelaan 4:56.7h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill 50.22;

100m Hurdles: David McConnell 18.56;

110m Hurdles: David Featherston 17.84;

2000m Walk: Graeme Olden 11:24.7h; Andrew Egginton 11:27.9h;

3000m Steeple: Kynan Dawes 10:55.67; John Meagher 11:14.94;

Long Jump: David Featherston 5.58m; Robert Mayston 4.98m;

Pole Vault: George Schillinger 2.95m; David McConnell 2.50m;

Javelin: David Featherston 42.89m; Simon Watson 30.49m;

Discus: David Featherston 31.35m; David McConnell 28.48m;


Men Under 18

Box Hill                      8,852

Doncaster                    7,066

Ringwood                   6,761

Western Aths             6,471

Essendon                     5,659

Geelong                       5,412

Diamond Valley          4,263

Casey Cardinia            4,047

Frankston                    3,879

Bendigo                       2,384

Ballarat                       1,702

After finishing a close 2nd last year, our under 18 boys ran away with the premiership this year. Strong performances across all events and multiple good performances from Sam McDonald and Harry Blackburn led to a big win.


100m: Nick Jones 11.74; Samuel McDonald 11.93; William Latchford 12.00; Matt McKenna 12.13;

400m: Harry Blackburn 52.97; Darcy Powne 53.31; Dalton Di Medio 53.59; Thomas Sellwood 55.74;

1500m: Thomas Sellwood 4:02.7h; Scott McKenzie 4:05.7h; Darcy Powne 4:07.7h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill 46.20;

110m Hurdles: Harry Blackburn 17.38; Samuel McDonald 21.13;

2000m Steeple: Callum Evans 6:42.6h; Lucas Hudson 7:36.6h;

Long Jump: Samuel McDonald 5.99m; William Latchford 5.89m;

Pole Vault: Dalton Di Medio 4.15m;

Javelin: Harry Blackburn 43.12m; Alistair Fitzgerald 34.33m;

Discus: Harry Blackburn 32.38m; Samuel McDonald 31.66m;


Men Under 14

Box Hill                      5,436

Western Athletics       5,239

St Kevins                    5,106

Essendon                     4,198

Knox                           4,060

Frankston                    3,401

Doncaster                    3,210

Geelong                       3,191

Bendigo                       2,584

Ballarat                       1,960

Diamond Valley             930

A terrific team effort saw the under 14 boys win a close battle. This is the first time that we have entered an U14 team in a number of years and it was great to see the boys pull off the win. Special mention to Thomas Diamond who ran the tough 400m, 1500m, steeplechase treble.


100m: Axel Woods 12.25; Bailey Culbert 13.14; Harrison Truscott 13.17; Matthew Dougan 13.81;

400m: Matthew Dougan 61.31; Axel Woods 61.36; Ewan Webber 62.40; Thomas Diamond 68.81;

1500m: Connor Ogilvie 4:28.6h; Lachlan Doehmann 4:55.1h; Thomas Diamond 4:59.9h; Murray Lovass 5:10.8h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill 53.45;

90m Hurdles: Bailey Culbert 14.69; Matthew Dougan 14.72;

2000m Walk: Ewan Webber 12:22.6h;

2000m Steeple: Thomas Diamond 7:29.1h; Murray Lovass 7:33.1h;

Long Jump: Harrison Truscott 4.50m; Bailey Culbert NM;

Pole Vault: Andre Di Medio 2.80m;

Javelin: Andre Di Medio 20.02m; Murray Lovass 13.84m;

Discus: Lachlan Doehmann 30.52m; Bailey Culbert 21.26m;

Women Division 1

Melbourne Uni            10,677

Glenhuntly                   9,815

Box Hill                       9,517

Sandringham                8,525

Western Athletics        7,127

Nunawading                 6,814

Diamond Valley           5,649

Doncaster                     5,089

We were not able to get our very best team on the track in the women’s division 1 competition, but our women performed extremely well to finish in 3rd position. Hopefully next year will be our year.


100m: Rachel Limburg 13.35; Jessie Muirden 13.66; Anna Carrig 13.84; Phillipa Hajdasz 13.93;

400m: Georgia Griffith 56.43; Jessie Muirden 61.55; Jessica Mourney 61.82; Anna Carrig 64.08;

1500m: Georgia Griffith 4:31.4h; Georgie Meehan 4:59.5h; Anna Carrig 5:07.1h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill 53.90;

100m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 15.81; Hannah Heathcote 20.51;

2000m Walk: Cassandra Knight 10:44.5h; Hannah Heathcote 16:58.6h;

Long Jump: Rachel Limburg 5.49m; Jacinta Lynn 4.38m;

Pole Vault: Olivia Green 3.40m; Jacqueline Williams 3.25m;

Javelin: Kathryn Brooks 46.83m; Rachel Limburg 35.11m;

Discus: Catherine McCowan 32.23m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 26.91m;


Women Over 40

Box Hill                      9,083

Diamond Valley          8,208

Waverley                     7,916

Western Athletics       7,170

Glenhuntly                  6,895

Keilor St Bernards      6,762

Bendigo                       6,458

Geelong                       4,329

Collingwood               2,717

Ballarat                       1,322

Knox                              480

For the third year in a row our over 40 women’s team proved unbeatable. Good planning throughout the season meant that injuries could be covered and athletes did multiple events to make sure the team scored well in every event.


100m: Talitha Crawford 14.17; Jaynie Bloss 14.52; Karen Carah 15.90; Carolyn Fox 16.08;

400m: Talitha Crawford 68.02; Jaynie Bloss 72.43; Carolyn Fox 73.75; Pia Hunter 79.78;

1500m: Talitha Crawford 5:24.3h; Pia Hunter 5:29.8h; Amanda Harper 5:52.2h; Kerry Putt 6:17.4h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill 60.03;

80m Hurdles: Jaynie Bloss 15.75; Carolyn Fox 16.14;

2000m Walk: Pia Hunter 11:19.9h; Anna Dimedio 16:12.8h;

2000m Steeple: Amanda Harper 9:21.3h; Sharron Meager 10:03.8h;

Long Jump: Karen Carah 4.29m; Jaynie Bloss 3.80m;

Pole Vault: Karen Carah 1.90m; Amanda Harper 1.60m;

Javelin: Karen Carah 20.50m; Anna Dimedio 18.04m;

Discus: Anna Dimedio 24.86m; Karen Carah 16.47m;

Women Under 18

Western Athletics       8,740

Diamond Valley          8,340

Keilor St Bernards      7,594

Geelong                       6,209

Frankston                    5,530

Ringwood                   5,264

Diamond Valley 2       4,435

Box Hill                      4,165

Glenhuntly                  3,301

Ballarat                       1,364

Bendigo                          964

Unfortunately our under 18 women’s team has been short on numbers this season and then several injuries in the past few weeks weakened the team further. It was nevertheless a good effort to qualify for the finals this year.


100m: Ella Squires DQ; Emily Bertacco 13.65; Skye Cody 14.11;

400m: Ella Squires 62.31; Amy Rives 63.66; Genevieve Wah 64.51;

1500m: Genevieve Wah 4:53.1h; Amy Rives 4:53.2h; Jess Hepworth 5:05.5h;

100m Hurdles: Emily Bertacco 15.89;

Long Jump: Skye Cody 4.84m;

Discus: Emily Bertacco 20.50m;

Women Under 16

Bendigo                       8,096

Diamond Valley          8,047

Geelong                       7,474

Box Hill                      7,375

Essendon                     7,323

Yarra Ranges              6,296

Collingwood               6,210

Frankston                    5,162

Casey Cardinia            4,595

Wyndham                   3,303

Ballarat                       2,006

The under 16 women’s team finished fourth in what was one of the most closely fought divisions, with 5 teams all looking to have a chance to win. With most of the girls still under 16 next year we are hoping for a winning performance next year.


100m: Ellie Masters 13.22; Indy Cairns-Cowan 13.40; Wednesday Shiel 13.44; Blaze Demase 13.58;

400m: Carla Dreyer DQ; Amy Atkinson 60.73; Anastasia Purcell 62.27; Wednesday Shiel 62.56;

1500m: Amy Atkinson 4:54.5h; Ashlee Treagus 5:04.1h; Breanna Croall 5:25.1h;

4x100m Relay: Box Hill 52.96;

90m Hurdles: Jessica MacKenzie 14.41; Ella Doherty 14.94;

2000m Steeple: Sophie Westcott 7:31.8h;

Long Jump: Laura Jane Irving 4.49m; Aimee Traverso 4.16m;

Pole Vault: Georgia Tayler 2.95m; Jessica MacKenzie 2.35m;

Javelin: Jessica MacKenzie 35.71m;

Discus: Jessica MacKenzie 28.05m;