2016 Winter Bulletin No. 14

July 5, 2016


Round 6 of the XCR’16 season will be the Sandown road relays, held at Sandown racecourse on this Saturday, July 9. This is one of the biggest events on the winter calendar, with the open men and women running 2 laps of the motor racing circuit (6.2km) and the juniors running one lap (3.1km). Draft teams are listed below, but they are subject to change as a number of people are still to confirm their availability.

If your name is listed but you are not available to run, please let us know as soon as possible. If your name is not listed but you wish to run, please let us know.

We also need volunteer helpers and timekeepers. Please let us know if you can help.


Men Premier Division

  1. Nick Baggott
  2. Matt O’Donnell
  3. James O’Connell
  4. Peter Green
  5. Andre Waring
  6. Steve Dinneen

Men Division 2

  1. Welday Mebrahtu
  2. Michael Vaughan
  3. David Jiminez
  4. Jackson Deane
  5. Ray Chan
  6. Zac Hunter

Men Division 4

  1. Andrew Hester
  2. Edward Doyle
  3. Jack Prendergast
  4. Carlos Norman
  5. Chris O’Connor

Men Division 6

  1. Rob Ashbridge
  2. Graeme Olden
  3. Conor Yung
  4. Steven Ross

Men Division 7

  1. Andrew Tunne


Men Over 40

  1. Chris Bradford
  2. Anthony Whitby
  3. Tony Langelaan

Men Over 50

  1. John Meagher
  2. Peter Stefanos
  3. Garth Calder

Men Under 20

  1. Alex Ritchie
  2. Ben Cox?
  3. Sam Rattray

Men Under 18

  1. Darcy Powne?
  2. Lucas Pamminger
  3. Scott McKenzie

Men Under 14

  1. Murray Lovass
  2. Conor Ogilvie
  3. Mac Anderson?/Thomas Diamond?

Women Premier Division

  1. Georgie Meehan
  2. Amy Carrig
  3. Louise Ton
  4. Julie Norney?
  5. Amanda Harper

Women Division 2

  1. Caitlin Harrison
  2. Rachel Johnson
  3. Amelia Savige?

Women Over 40

  1. Pia Hunter
  2. Carolyn Fox?
  3. Kerry Putt

Women Under 16





Round 7 of the XCR’16 season will be held on the weekend after Sandown Relays, Sunday July 17. Note that this is a Sunday morning event, with the junior 3km race starting at 8:30am and the open 10km (including men U18 and men U20) commencing at 9:00am.





This Saturday, Box Hill must supply 3 official “club helpers”. We also need as many timekeepers as possible (ideally each of our teams will have its own time keeper). If you can help at all, please let us know as soon as possible.





Congratulations to the Box Hill athletes who performed well at the Gold Coast Marathon Running Festival.

Dion Finocchiaro faded a little in last 10k but still managed to run a PB of 2:27:30 to finish 23rd in a strong international field.

Julie Norney ran a brilliant 78:41 for the half-marathon to finish 12th (and first in her age group) and Andre Waring ran a PB of 31:53 in finishing 30th in the 10km event.





Round 6 – Sandown Road Relay                            Date: Saturday 9 July

6.2km legs for open ages, 3.1km for juniors

Round 7 – Albert Park Road Race                         Date: Sunday 17 July

10km open race, 3km junior race

Round 8 – Anglesea Surf Coast Ekiden Relay       Date: Saturday 6 August

Various distances

Round 9 – Victorian Half Marathon                       Date: Sunday 4 September

21.1km along Burnley boulevard (including junior 6km race).

Round 10 – Tan Relays                                            Date: Saturday 17 September

Each runner complete the 3.8km lap of the tan.