2016 Winter Bulletin No. 15

July 12, 2016


Round 7 of the XCR’16 season will be the Albert Park Road Race, starting and finishing at Lakeside Stadium this Sunday, July 17.

Please arrive early, in time to find a car park and get to the start warmed up and ready to go.

The Box Hill table will be located in the grandstand in the back straight inside Lakeside stadium.

If you have not already entered (and do not have an XCR or Max package registration), you need to enter online by noon on Wednesday.

Don’t forget you bib numbers and your timing chip!

Note the change of start times:

8:30am: 10km Road Race: Men: Open, overage, U20 and U18

9:30am:  10km Road Race, Women: Open and overage

10:30am: 3km Road Race, U14 men and women, U16 men and women, U18 women, U20 women.




Box Hill won a thrilling race in the men’s premier division road relay championships at Sandown race course on Saturday. Despite missing three of our top runners a gutsy even team effort was enough to bring Box Hill to a narrow lead after five of the six relay legs and Steve Dinneen did the job on the last leg to carry off a convincing win. Congratulations to Nick Baggott, Matt O’Donnell, James O’Connell, Peter Green, Andre Waring and Steve Dinneen on a great team performance.

On a brilliant day for the Box Hill men, we also won the youngest age group, with Connor Ogilvie, Murray Lovass and Mac Anderson winning the U14 race, and the oldest age group as John Meagher, Peter Stefanos and Garth Calder grabbing gold in the Over 50s event.

We also had several near misses with our U20 team (Alex Ritchie, Carlos Norman and Sam Rattray), Under 18 (Darcy Powne, Lucas Pamminger and Scott McKenzie) and Over 40s (Chris Bradford, Tony Langelaan and Anthony Whitby) all winning silver medals.

A special thanks to Megan Sloane, Francis Pamminger, Graeme Olden and Rachel Johnson who helped with officiating and all those who helped as time keepers.

See the attachment for Ian Sloane’s extensive report.


Men Premier Division – 1st

  1. Nick Baggott          19:11
  2. Matt O’Donnell      19:32
  3. James O’Connell     19:08
  4. Peter Green             19:10
  5. Andre Waring         19:29
  6. Steve Dinneen         19:13

Men Division 2 – 4th

  1. Michael Vaughan    20:41
  2. Klarie McIntyre      20:10
  3. Welday Mebrahtu   21:15
  4. Ray Chan                22:16
  5. Zac Hunter              20:15
  6. David Jiminez         22:33

Men Division 4 – 3rd

  1. Andrew Hester       22:38
  2. Edward Doyle        21:53
  3. Graeme Olden         24:34
  4. Rob Ashbridge        23:51
  5. Ben Cox                  22:55

Men Division 6 – 7th

  1. Steven Ross            26:35
  2. Simon St. Hill         27:20
  3. Jack Hill                  26:26
  4. Andrew Tunne        29:52

Men Over 40 – 2nd

  1. Chris Bradford        20:35
  2. Tony Langelaan      23:06
  3. Anthony Whitby     25:01

 Men Over 50 – 1st

  1. John Meagher          20:41
  2. Peter Stefanos         23:04
  3. Garth Calder           23:31

Men Under 20 – 2nd

  1. Alex Ritchie            20:36
  2. Carlos Norman        22:08
  3. Sam Rattray             20:54

Men Under 18 – 2nd

  1. Darcy Powne          9:46
  2. Lucas Pamminger    10:04
  3. Scott McKenzie      9:23

Men Under 14 – 1st

  1. Conor Ogilvie         10:48
  2. Murray Lovass        12:19
  3. Mac Anderson        10:47

Women Premier Division – 5th

  1. Georgie Meehan      22:49
  2. Amy Carrig             24:47
  3. Louise Ton              25:06
  4. Amanda Harper      25:56
  5. Julie Norney            22:53

Women Division 2 – 5th

  1. Jess Muirden           26:47
  2. Caitlin Harrison       28:59
  3. Pia Hunter               25:30
  4. Rachel Johnson       26:05

Women Over 40

  1. Kerry Putt               28:40





It has been brought to our attention that the gate to the athletics track has at times been left open overnight and, at times, the club rooms themselves have been left unlocked.

It is important that the last ones to leave the track at night make sure that the rooms are shut and that the gate is closed. When you are leaving, please remind other track users that the track must be locked up at night




Round 7 – Albert Park Road Race                         Date: Sunday 17 July

10km open race, 3km junior race

Round 8 – Anglesea Surf Coast Ekiden Relay       Date: Saturday 6 August

Various distances

Round 9 – Victorian Half Marathon                       Date: Sunday 4 September

21.1km along Burnley boulevard (including junior 6km race).

Round 10 – Tan Relays                                            Date: Saturday 17 September

Each runner complete the 3.8km lap of the tan.