2016 Winter Bulletin No. 19

August 9, 2016


Have you booked yet?

The annual Box Hill Trivia night is just over 2 weeks away!

We urge all members and friends to come along and have a great night supporting the Club.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend.

Where: Upstairs at the clubrooms

When: Saturday, August 27

Time: 7:00pm (questions from 7:30pm)

Cost: $20


Also let us know if you can donate any items for the silent auction.



Round 9 of the XCR’16 season will be the Burnley half marathon (and 6km junior race) to be held on Sunday morning, September 4.



The XCR’16 season has been a very successful one for the Club so far, but we had many of our runners unavailable for the Ekiden relay at Anglesea on the weekend. Although not achieving the sorts of results that became routine in the early rounds this season, there were still some good performances over the rough hilly tracks.

Notably our men’s under 20 team of Alex Ritchie, Lucas Pamminger and Carlos Norman won a silver medal, while our men’s premier division team and men’s over 50 team both finished in 4th position, just a few seconds out of the medals.

It was also great to see the return of Daniel Clark and Mitch Dyer to the team and Georgia Griffith running extremely well in her first race of the winter season.

Special thanks to Megan Sloane and to Conor Yung and Zac Hunter who helped with officiating and to Kirsty Ritchie and Bert Pelgrim, who along with Ian Sloane helped with timekeeping.

Results (note that a last minute course change means that runners covered at least 300m more than the designated distance)

Men Premier Division          4th

  1. Nick Baggott           34:22   9.8km
  2. Peter Green             32:34   8.8km
  3. James O’Connell    28:58   7.9km
  4. Mitch Dyer              21:13   6.0km
  5. Andre Waring         18:01   5.2km
  6. Daniel Clark            16:30   4.6km


Men Division 2                    9th

  1. Zac Hunter              39:34   9.8km
  2. Michael Vaughan    34:49   8.8km
  3. Michael Dowel       32:26   7.9km
  4. David Jiminez         25:03   6.0km
  5. Andrew Hester        21:44   5.2km
  6. Conor Yung            20:08   4.6km


Men Division 4                      DNF

  1. Ron Ashbridge        42:07   9.8km
  2. Jack Prendergast     40:06   8.8km
  3. Bill Dyer                 41:13   7.9km
  4. Andrew Tunne        34:52   6.0km


Men Over 50                         4th

  1. Peter Stefanos         42:30   9.8km
  2. Chris O’Connor      36:13   7.9km
  3. Simon St. Hill         25:45   5.2km


Men Under 20                       2nd

  1. Alex Ritchie            32:18   8.8km
  2. Lucas Pamminger   31:57   7.9km
  3. Carlos Norman        23:57   6.0km


Women Premier Division     7th

  1. Amy Carrig             45:11   9.8km
  2. June Petrie              39:35   8.8km
  3. Georgia Griffith      24:25   6.0km
  4. Pia Hunter               23:31   5.2km
  5. Kerry Putt               25:31   4.6km




Klarie McIntyre ran and impressive 11 minute PB to win the Brisbane marathon by 3 minutes in a time of 2:35:28. Congratulations to Klarie on this terrific performance.

Meanwhile in Sydney, Dion Finocchiaro has won the Centennial Park Ultra, 50km event in a time of 3:07:05.

These are two great results from the Box Hill distance running team!


IT might be hard to believe while training through a Melbourne winter, but the summer track and field season is not far off.

The Athletics Victoria Summer Calendar has just been released.

October 8, Saturday, Shield Round 1

October 15, Saturday, Shield Round 2

October 22, Saturday, Shield Round 3 (zone v zone)

October 29, Saturday, Shield Round 4

November 4-6 All schools championships

November 12, Saturday, Shield Round 5

November 20, Sunday, Shield Round 6

November 26, Saturday, Victorian Relay Championships

December 3, Saturday, Shield Round 7

December 8, Thursday, Zatopek 10

December 10, Saturday, Shield Round 8 (zone v zone)

December 15, Thursday, Shield Round 9

January 7, Saturday, Shield Round 10

January 14, Saturday, Shield Round 11 (zone v zone)

January 21, Saturday, Shield Round 12

January 26-28, Country Championships

February 4-5, Multi Event Championships

February 11, Saturday, SHIELD FINAL

February 24-26, Victorian Open and Junior Championships

March 3-5, Victorian Open and Junior Championships



Remember that to train at the track you need to be a registered member (or have paid a training fee). If you have not registered for the 2016/17 athletics year, we encourage you to do so now. Your registration is valid until April 1 next year. Register online via the AV website.