AV Shield Round 4, 1 November 2014

November 1, 2014


Women Division 1

Another win in this round leaves our team on top of the ladder in division 1.

100m: Natalia Krememchutskaya 13.02; Vivienne Lee 14.40; Panayiota Carabourniotis 14.45; Catherine Hibberd 14.75;

400m: Georgia Griffith 57.73; Vivienne Lee 65.39;

1500m: Georgia Griffith 4:33.0h; Grace Brown 4:40.3h; Molly Tilbrook 4:46.8h; Hannah Deal 5:12.0h; Julia Averill 5:18.2h; Amelia Savige 5:28.7h; Rachel Johnson 5:30.0h; Harriet Hodgkinson 6:01.5h; Caitlin Harrison 6:11.5h;

4x100m Relay: Sophie Schwerkolt, Panayiota Carabourniotis, Catherine Hibberd, Vivienne Lee 55.49;

3000m Walk: Cassandra Knight 18:30.8h;

Long Jump: Natalia Krememchutskaya 5.55m; Sarah Ferrier 5.34m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 4.30m; Catherine Hibberd 4.26m;

Pole Vault: Jacqueline Williams 3.15m; Annabelle Anderson 2.55m;

Javelin: Catherine McCowan 25.53m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 21.29m;

Discus: K McCowan 35.03m; Catherine McCowan 34.57m; Panayiota Carabourniotis 26.02m; Catherine Hibberd 19.98m;

Women 40+

Our over 40 women’s team now has three wins from three rounds and looks set to finish on top of this division.

100m: Talitha Crawford 14.44; Karen Carah 14.49; Simone Lovass 16.09; Amanda Harper 16.82;

400m: Karen Carah 69.92; Amanda Harper 75.92; Pia Hunter 76.93;

1500m: Pia Hunter 5:31.3h; Amanda Harper 5:35.1h;

4x100m Relay: Amanda Harper, Talitha Crawford, Pia Hunter, Karen Carah 60.61;

80m Hurdles: Karen Carah 15.36; Simone Lovass 16.52; Amanda Harper 19.32;

3000m Walk: Pia Hunter 21:22.5h;

Long Jump: Karen Carah 4.00m; Talitha Crawford 3.47m; Amanda Harper 3.01m;

Javelin: Karen Carah 17.71m;

Discus: Karen Carah 19.38m; Talitha Crawford 13.78m; Amanda Harper 13.71m; Pia Hunter 11.56m;

Women Under 18

A win this week has put the team on top of the ladder.

100m: Monique Hoskin 13.31; Imogen Purcell 13.60; Gemma Watkins 13.94; Alice Evans 15.78;

400m: Imogen Purcell 60.09; Georgia Hansen 60.19; Jessie Muirden 61.61; Zoe Schwerkolt 68.55;

1500m: Lucy Steele 5:08.3h; Zoe Schwerkolt 6:07.2h;

4x100m Relay: Monique Hoskin, Jessie Muirden, Georgia Hansen, Imogen Purcell 51.25;

100m Hurdles: Rachel Limburg 15.69; Gemma Watkins 17.07; Hannah Heathcote 24.53;

3000m Walk: Tayla-Paige Billington 15:05.3h;

Long Jump: Rachel Limburg 5.04m; Hannah Heathcote 3.78m; Alice Evans 3.70m;

Pole Vault: Madison Andrew 3.15m; Emily Andrew 2.85m;

Javelin: Kathryn Brooks 46.09m; E Taylor-Brown 31.88m; Rachel Limburg 31.28m; Emily Taylor-Brown 30.08m; Alice Evans 27.56m; Hannah Heathcote 13.46m;

Discus: Kathryn Brooks 28.60m; Emily Taylor-Brown 28.41m; Alice Evans 25.32m; Monique Hoskin 23.79m; Hannah Heathcote 13.94m;

Women Under 16The under 16 team is now on top of the ladder after a fine win this week.100m: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 12.52; Ella Squires 12.66; Emily Butler 13.95; Jessica MacKenzie 14.62; 400m: Sophie Schwerkolt 63.85; Carla Dreyer 71.34; 1500m: Tamsyn Lovass 5:03.1h; Sophie Schwerkolt 5:31.7h; 4x100m Relay: Emily Butler, Olivia Carah, Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie, Ella Squires 52.14; 90m Hurdles: Olivia Carah 14.60; Emily Butler 16.01; Long Jump: Nana-Adoma Owusu-Afriyie 5.04m; Emily Butler 4.54m; Olivia Carah 4.81m; Jessica MacKenzie 3.62m; Pole Vault: Olivia Carah 3.15m; Javelin: Jessica MacKenzie 29.41m; Discus: Jessica MacKenzie 22.90m; Men Division 1Some great performances, with lots of runners competing for the Club, especially in the 1500m. Unfortunately we did not have any hurdlers, only had one walker, one long jumper and two pole vaulters, so we narrowly lost out to Nunawading and have slipped to second place on the ladder.100m: Mohamad Zeed 11.46; David Thomson 11.78; James Baumgartner 12.07; Cameron Sherry 12.23; Robert Owen 12.25; Marcus Johnson 13.10; Liam Dwyer 13.27; 400m: Daniel White-Alikakos 49.14; Matthew Clarke 53.04; Robert Owen 53.11; Mohamad Zeed 55.46; Michael Dowel 55.95; James Baumgartner 58.37; Marcus Johnson 58.47; Liam Dwyer 62.89; 1500m: Daniel Clark 3:58.9h; Stephen Dinneen 4:01.8h; William Potter 4:03.0h; Nicholas Baggott 4:04.4h; Matthew Clarke 4:05.8h; Peter Green 4:07.1h; Michael Dowel 4:12.4h; Ben Noske 4:13.5h; Zac Hunter 4:16.1h; Mitchell Cooper 4:22.5h; James O’Connell 4:24.7h; Klarie McIntyre 4:33.8h; David Jimenez 4:36.2h; Hanson Wong 4:38.4h; Jack Hill 5:06.6h; 4x100m Relay: Robert Owen, Daniel White-Alikakos, James Baumgartner, Mohamad Zeed 44.43; 5000m Walk: Simon Evans 27:50.5h; Long Jump: James Baumgartner 5.72m; Pole Vault: David Thomson 4.35m; Cameron Sherry 4.20m; Javelin: David Thomson 49.23m; Brett Nuske 38.43m; James Baumgartner 31.83m; Discus: Brett Nuske 35.36m; Mohamad Zeed 23.91m; James Baumgartner 22.36m; Men 40+A good win for the men’s over 40 team, sees the team sitting on top of the ladder.100m: David Featherston 13.70; Nick Carah 13.82; Andrew Egginton 14.64; Grant MacKenzie 15.70; Peter McDonald 16.38; Neville Gardner 20.88; 400m: Anthony Whitby 58.38; David Featherston 59.59; Hendrik Dreyer 59.86; Robert Schwerkolt 60.08; Andrew Egginton 62.43; David Ayers 67.25; Grant MacKenzie 77.96; Simon St Hill 1:31.11; Neville Gardner 1:55.33; 1500m: Kynan Dawes 4:11.1h; Robert Schwerkolt 4:21.6h; Anthony Whitby 4:47.9h; Tony Langelaan 4:53.6h; David Ayers 4:54.6h; Peter Stefanos 5:03.2h; Nick Carah 5:19.3h; David Featherston 5:24.0h; Andrew Tunne B3 5:59.4h; Simon St Hill 6:03.2h; Neville Gardner 9:11.8h; 4x100m Relay: Grant Mackenzie, Nick Carah, Andrew Egginton, David Featherston 55.59; 100m Hurdles: Grant MacKenzie 21.49; 3000m Steeple: David Featherston 12:31.1h; Graeme Olden 12:37.7h; Long Jump: Nick Carah 4.51m; David Featherston 4.50m; Grant MacKenzie 4.30m; Andrew Egginton 3.75m; Peter McDonald 2.76m; Javelin: David Featherston 34.76m; Andrew Egginton 33.26m; Nick Carah 33.05m; Peter McDonald 13.27m; Neville Gardner 12.19m; Discus: David Featherston 27.79m; Andrew Egginton 24.75m; John Nomikoudis 24.13m; Nick Carah 19.85m; Neville Gardner 19.26m; Greg Varigos 16.56m; Men Under 18The team finished in second place this week, but are still on top of the ladder after wins in the first two rounds.100m: Ned Snibson 11.89; Matthew Harcourt 12.03; Connor Sullivan 12.24; 400m: Ned Snibson 50.79; Edan Runge 51.91; Matthew Harcourt 53.34; 1500m: Vaughan Smith 4:15.3h; Alexander Ritchie 4:19.5h; Benjamin Cox 4:20.0h; Sebastian Failla 4:22.1h; Jack Prendergast 4:44.7h; Carlos Norman 5:05.2h; 4x100m Relay: Ned Snibson, Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie, Nickolas Kronenburg, Matthew Harcourt 47.45; 110m Hurdles: Matthew Harcourt 15.07; Long Jump: Matthew Harcourt 5.91m; Men Under 16The team finished in second place, which leaves Box Hill third on the ladder, but just one point behind second place (the first two teams will qualify for the finals)100m: Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 12.73; Samuel McDonald 12.78; Nickolas Kronenburg 12.87; 400m: Austin Hunter 62.38; William Lindsay 64.67; 1500m: Scott McKenzie 4:32.4h; William Lindsay 4:37.4h; Lucas Pamminger 4:38.7h; Austin Hunter 4:42.9h; 100m Hurdles: Harvey Edmanson 16.51; 2000m Steeple: Scott McKenzie 6:57.3h; Long Jump: Osei-Kwame Owusu-Afriyie 5.37m; Harvey Edmanson 4.68m; Pole Vault: Dalton Di Medio 3.15m; Javelin: Samuel McDonald 36.91m; Discus: Samuel McDonald 32.58m; Nickolas Kronenburg 20.81m;