Presentation Night 2005

May 21, 2005

The following awards were made at the Box Hill Athletic Club Presentation Night held at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre on Saturday 21 May 2005:

Under 14 Females
Grace Thek (21)
Ashleigh Ward (21)
Alicia Neylan (19)

Under 14 Males
Chris Brock
Chris Hadlow

Under 16 Females
Breanna Bartlett (37)
Jennifer Chan (32)
Lucy Paterson (28)

Under 16 Males
Patrick Oughtred
Andrew Hogan
Cameron Bell

Under 18 Females
Sarah Quinn (52)
Veronica Kirby (37)
Georgia White (35)

Under 18 MalesĀ 
Grant Hodges
Alex de Greenlaw
Dion Pocklington

Interclub Awards – Female
Sarah Hewitt (89)
Leana Tilley (81)
Vivienne Lee (73)

Interclub Awards – Male
John Peavey
David Featherston
Brett Nuske

Andrew Stewart Trophy – Pole Vault Champion
Steven Hooker
Jacinta Lynn

Ross Haywood Trophy – Race Walking
Simon Evans

Vladimir Slavnic Trophy – Outstanding Thrower
Ronnie Buckley

Outstanding Finals Athlete
Mohamad Zeed

Megan Sloane Cup – Champion Winter Athlete – Female
Megan Sloane

Hansen Trophy – Champion Winter Athlete – Male
John Meagher

Grant Taggart Shield – Most Determined Junior Winter Athlete
Andrew White

Club Award
Robert Falkenberg

State League Points Award – Female (95 points and over)
Morgan Deane (63)

State League Points Award – Male (115 points and over)
Marty Duke (142)
Steven Hooker (138)
Mohamad Zeed (119)

State League Points Award – Coach
Mark Stewart (286) – equivalent men’s points

Armstrong Shield – Junior Female Athlete of the Year
Veronica Kirby

Reg Barlow Cup – Male Junior Athlete of the Year
Ronnie Buckley

Martha Fraser Sield – Female Athlete of the Year
Veronica Kirby

Allan Barlow Shield – Male Athlete of the Year
Steven Hooker