Tom and Will shine in Wollongong

September 1, 2017

Tom Sellwood and Will Potter were among a successful Box Hill contingent at the national cross country championships last month.

Will finished just outside the medals in the open men’s division, covering the 10km cross country course in 30:52 to take 4th place. Tom was an impressive third in the Under 18 6km event, with the super fast time of 18:56.

Other standout performances came from Nicola Hogg, who was 5th in the under 16 women’s race, followed by Ashlee Treagus in 10th place. Both girls were bottom age in the under 16s, making their results even more impressive.

Box Hill’s results

Open men 10km cross country

  1. Will Potter              30:52

Under 20 men 8km cross country

  1. Sam Rattray          26:52
  2. Will Lindsay         27:28
  3. Alex Ritchie          27:29

Under 20 women 6km cross country

  1. Louise Ton            24:27

Under 18 men 6km cross country

  1. Tom Sellwood         18:56
  2. Darcy Powne        20:47

Under 16 men 4km cross country

  1. Mac Anderson       12:58
  2. Josh Macken         14:00

Under 16 women 4km cross country

5. Nicole Hogg            14:14

10. Ashlee Treagus     14:21

Under 14 men 3km cross country

  1. Thomas Diamond 11:06

Under 14 women 3km cross country

  1. Breanna Croall      12:01