Triumphs and near misses at relay championships

November 11, 2017

Box Hill teams performed extremely well at the Victorian relay championships at Lakeside Stadium on 11 November. All 16 of our teams made the final, winning two gold medals, seven silver medals and picking up five fourth placings.
Our open women’s 4x400m team qualified second fastest for the final that it to be held at the Zatopek 10 meet on December 14.
Congratulations to all thos who took part and thank you to Andrew Wilcox, Colin Woods, Chris Tayler and all the others who helped with organising the teams.
Women U16 Medley, 1st
(Anastasia Purcell, Wednesday Shiel, Carla Dreyer, Nicola Hogg)
Men 50 + 4x1500m, 1st
(Michael Eury, Tony Langelaan, John Meagher, Rob Schwerkolt)
Open Men 4x1500m, 2nd
(Nick Baggott, Steve Dinneen, Will Potter, Andre Waring)
Women Open 4x800m, 2nd
(Jess Mourney, Zoe Buckman, Natalia Vanzo, Georgia Griffith)
Men U18 Medley, 2nd
(Nick Jones, William Latchford, Jack Stummer, Darcy Powne)
Women U14 4x400m, 2nd
(Ruby Maher, Eden Lloyd, Aimee Traverso, Dee Dee Deng)
Women U14 4x100m, 2nd
(Aimee Traverso, Mia Wilson, Dee Dee Deng, Eden Lloyd)
Men 40+ 4x400m, 2nd
(Cameron Baker, Kynan Dawes, Simon Watson, David Featherston)
Men 40+ 4x100m, 2nd
(Alexis Kokkinos, David Featherston, Simon Watson, Andrew Wilcox)
Men U18 4x400m, 4th
(James Yuan, Jack Stummer, Dalton Di Medio, Darcy Powne)
Men U18 4x100m, 4th
(Dalton Di Medio, Jacky Fan, James Yuan, Nick Jones)
Men U16 Medley, 4th
(Axel Woods, Matthew Dougan, Lachlan Doehmann, Connor Ogilvie)
Men U16 4x100m, 4th
(Jeremy Shum, Anton Zangl, Bailey Culbert/Ewan Webber, Axel Woods)
Men 50+ 4x400m, 4th
(Rob Schwerkolt, Chris O’Connor, Michael Eury, David Dougan)
Men U16 4x400m, 8th
(Ewan Webber, Lachlan Doehmann, Darcy Beamish, Connor Ogilvie)
Women Open 4x400m (Heat), 2nd fastest
(Anastasia Purcell, Wednesday Shiel, Jess Mourney, Georgia Griffith)