Two AV Shield Premierships for Box Hill!

February 26, 2019

Box Hill had five teams qualify for the shield finals at Lakeside Stadium on Saturday and we came away with two premierships, a second place and two fifth placings. Congratulations to our Under 16 boys and our Under 16 girls who won the premiership in their age groups.

The Under 16 boys team of Axel Woods,  Jordan Liang, Jeremy Shum, William Moxey, Matthew Dougan, Bailey Culbert, Advaith Prabha, Jack Armstrong, Jack Mclean, Ewan Webber, Harry Chen, Jordan Abbott, Zachary Matters, Bede Waters, Milton Simopoulos, Eli Taylor, Andre Di Medio and Johnny Suares who dominated their age group to win by over 1200 points. Congratulations to all these boys and to all the other U16 boys who helped the team get through to the final and to team manager, Colin Woods, for all his help and organisation of the team.

The Under 16 girls team of Jennifer Lim, Holly Nieuwenhuizen, Carly Senior, Ella Doherty, Charli Power, Eve Parry, Carla Dreyer, Ashlee Treagus, Ruby Maher, Mia Pope, Breanna Croall, Sienna Hillberg, Georgia Tayler and Tess Parry put in some great performances to win a closely fought contest. Congratulations to these girls and all the others who competed for this team throughout the year. Thanks also to Jeremy Taylor for all his help in organising this team.

The men Over 40 put in a very good performance to finish 2nd. Our Open Men and Open Women teams were, unfortunately, not at full strength and both finished in fifth position.

There were so many outstanding performances, but a special mention to Harry Blackburn, Will Seton, Rob Mayston, Cameron Baker, David McConnell, Ella Doherty and Jeremy Shum, all of whom competed in at least 4 events for their team on Saturday. 

Shield Final Performances:

Men Open

100m: Harry Blackburn 11.69 (0.3); Matthew Harcourt 11.76 (-0.7); Jiakai Fan 11.94 (0.5); Michael Tempone 12.21 (0.8); James Shaw 12.33 (-0.3); William Seton 12.67 (0.7); 

400m: Matthew Harcourt 50.96; Harry Blackburn 51.79; James Shaw 56.42; Marcus Johnson 67.73; 

1500m: Alexander Ritchie 4:01.6h; 

110m Hurdles: William Seton 18.32 (1.1); 

2000m Walk: Simon Evans 10:52.4h; 

Discus: William Seton 41.19m; Samuel McDonald 31.56m; Harry Blackburn 28.84m; 

Javelin: William Seton 50.50m; Harry Blackburn 45.17m; Samuel McDonald 42.85m; 

Long Jump: Harry Blackburn 5.89m (0.3); Jiakai Fan 5.22m (-0.8); Marcus Johnson 3.76m (-1.3); 

Pole Vault: Dalton Di Medio 4.60m; Harry Blackburn 3.70m; 

Men Over 40

100m: Robert Mayston 13.03 (-0.4); Andrew Wilcox 12.25 (-0.3); David McConnell 14.03 (0.2); Cameron Baker 12.96 (-0.2); 

400m: Andrew Wilcox 53.16; Robert Mayston 60.95; David McConnell 65.21; David Dougan 64.50; 

1500m: John Meagher 4:35.2h; Andrew Egginton 4:50.8h; David Dougan 5:13.1h; Andrew Tunne 6:19.2h; 

3000m Steeple: John Meagher 11:23.6h; Cameron Baker 14:57.1h; 

100m Hurdles: David McConnell 19.71 (0.9); 

110m Hurdles: Cameron Baker 19.46 (0.2); 

2000m Walk: Andrew Egginton 11:48.0h; 

400m Relay: Box Hill 52.55; 

Discus: Robert Mayston 29.18m; Andrew Egginton 21.94m; 

Javelin: Andrew Egginton 27.70m; Cameron Baker 30.91m; 

Long Jump: Robert Mayston 4.96m; Peter McDonald 3.16m (2.1); 

Pole Vault: George Schillinger 2.80m; 

Men Under 16

100m: Axel Woods 11.54 (1.0); Jordan Liang 11.97 (-0.4); Jeremy Shum 12.30 (-0.3); William Moxey 12.38 (-0.5); 

400m: Matthew Dougan 51.97; Bailey Culbert 53.87; William Moxey 58.49; Advaith Prabha 63.30; 

1500m: Jack Armstrong 4:12.0h; Jack Mclean 4:26.2h; Ewan Webber 4:36.3h; Harry Chen 5:00.4h; 

2000m Steeple: Jordan Abbott 6:33.0h; Zachary Matters 8:47.9h; 

100m Hurdles: Bede Waters 15.28 (-0.2); 

110m Hurdles: Jeremy Shum 17.22 (-0.8); 

2000m Walk: Zachary Matters 10:43.3h; 

400m Relay: Box Hill 48.24; 

Discus: Milton Simopoulos 39.69m; Jeremy Shum 26.26m; 

Javelin: Eli Taylor 37.41m; Bede Waters 37.33m; 

Long Jump: Bailey Culbert 6.27m; Axel Woods 5.21m; 

Pole Vault: Andre Di Medio 4.15m; Johnny Suares 2.95m; 

Women Open

100m: Kate Walker 13.51 (0.1); Catherine Hoh 14.12 (-0.1); 

400m: Samantha Olsen 56.17; Sophia Davis 63.07; Catherine Hoh 71.84; 

1500m: Marlie Campton 4:39.9h; Sharron Meager 7:06.0h; 

2000m Walk: Sharron Meager 14:17.7h; 

Discus: Panayiota Carabourniotis 24.81m; 

Javelin: Panayiota Carabourniotis 25.92m; Rachel Limburg DNS; 

Long Jump: Adelaid Hawkins 4.17m (-0.1); Panayiota Carabourniotis 3.79m (2.4); 

Pole Vault: Phillipa Hajdasz 3.55m; Adelaid Hawkins 2.65m; 

Women Under 16

100m: Jennifer Lim 12.60 (1.4); Holly Nieuwenhuizen 12.81 (1.5); Carly Senior 13.17 (-0.1); Ella Doherty 13.64 (-0.6); 

400m: Charli Power 58.68; Eve Parry 59.67; Carla Dreyer 61.43; Ashlee Treagus 61.58; 

1500m: Ruby Maher 4:44.1h; Ashlee Treagus 4:52.0h; Mia Pope 5:01.0h; Breanna Croall 5:08.2h; 

100m Hurdles: Ella Doherty 15.73 (0.9); 

400m Relay: Box Hill 50.40; 

Discus: Carly Senior 16.81m; Ella Doherty 16.54m; 

Javelin: Holly Nieuwenhuizen 27.62m; Ella Doherty 11.56m; 

Long Jump: Sienna Hillberg 4.52m; Ella Doherty 4.34m; 

Pole Vault: Georgia Tayler 3.55m; Tess Parry 2.80m;