XCR ’19 Round 2 – St Anne’s Winery

June 1, 2019

By Ian Sloane

After a third placing in the Cross Country Relays at Jells Park in the opening event of the winter calendar, Box Hill’s Premier Division team was determined to hit back and improve its placing in the first individual Cross Country event of the winter.  St Anne’s Winery at Myrniong was the location for Round 2 of the winter season.

It was chilly and windy, but there was no rain.  The courses were set based on a two-kilometre loop, with another one kilometre loop for those running a three kilometre distance. The open Men’s and Women’s courses were run over eight kilometres.  The courses were undulating and muddy with tight turns, which caused a few slips and falls. 

The junior races were held before the open men’s and women’s races.  Box Hill had two representatives in the Under 16 race, Izak Bibile who ran very well to place 8th and Thomas Diamond who also gave a good account of himself finishing 13th. Their race was contested over three kilometres.  Freya Henricksen placed 12th in the Under 18 women’s race.  Darcy Powne competed in the Under 20 race over four kilometres and finished 19th.  

The open Men’s race (as well as other races) were delayed slightly because of the crush of vehicles trying to get into the venue via a single road.

After Brendan Ferrari despatched the Men’s field, a pack of around 10 runners took the lead.  Included in this pack, after one kilometre were Harry Summers (BH), Joel Tobin-White (Don) who was the eventual winner, recent recruit Dejen Gebraselassie, third, Nick Earl (M Uni), David MacNeill (OXA), Andrew Buchanan (Ben), Tom Thorpe (SSH) and Andre Waring (BH) holding 8th position, Also to the fore were Will Potter (BH) holding 9th position and Callen Goldsmith (Morn).  A little further back was Nick Baggott in 12thposition, also running strongly. Alex Ritchie got off to an excellent start and was in the low thirties.  Michael Dowel was maybe 30 seconds behind Alex, probably in the first 50.  Others in the top hundred were Zac Hunter, John Meagher and Josh de Stefanis.  Box Hill had 26 starters, enough to finish five teams, which was excellent.

After the first lap, Harry Summers had applied great pressure to the field and only Joel Tobin-White was able to hang on, although Dejen Gebrasealassie (third) was close by, with Earl, Buchanan and Thorpe also leading the rest of the field.  Andre Waring held 9th position, Will Potter was 10th and Nick Baggott was 17th.  Alex Ritchie was making progress passing other athletes and Michael Dowel was also prominent.  

Tobin-White passed Harry Summers in the next kilometre and Dejen Gebraselassie dropped on position to 4th.  Will Potter and Andre Waring were still in prominent positions.

At the half way point, Tobin-White was leading followed by Summers, Buchanan, Gebraselassie, McNeill and Earl. Potter was 10th, Waring 11th and Baggott was 17th.  

At the conclusion of the third two kilometre lap, Tobin-White had been joined by Buchanan who had put in a big surge.  Harry Summers held 3rd place ahead of McNeill, with Gebraselassie, 5th.  Earl was 6th , Thorpe was 7th, with Will Potter back to 8th. Nick Baggott ran an excellent third lap, moving up to 13th.  Andre Waring found the hard early pace took the sting out of his legs and he ran through in 17th.  The sixth member of the Box Hill Division 1 team, Alex Ritchie, was in the first 30 and it appeared that our team was leading the team’s race from SSH. 

In the last lap, Tobin-White steadied and got away from Buchanan again to win the race, with McNeill surging home to place 3rd.  Dejen Gebraselassie held on for 4th, passing Harry Summers, 5th, in the last lap.  Earl was 6th, from Thorpe, 7th.  Will Potter ran a splendid last lap, passing two opponents to finish 8th, a fine effort. Nick Baggott also surged home past five opponents in the last circuit and finished 12th.  Andre Waring hung on for 17th position.  Alex Ritchie ran well the whole way passing opponents to finish 26th, to complete the Premier Division team

Our Division 2 team was made up of Michael Dowel, 42nd, Zac Hunter, 71st, John Meagher, 75th, Josh De Stefanis, 92nd, Dylan Perera, 110th and Michael Vaughan 118th. The team finished 4th.

Other results were Division 3, 5th, Division 5, 1st and Division 7, 2nd.  The 40+ team was 8th and the 50+ team was 1st

The Women’s race saw 187 finishers complete the course. Box Hill had its best turnout for many years with 12 competitors and the teams achieved excellent results.  The lead was contested by Charlotte Wilson (Ess), Alexandra Patterson (OXA), Kia Fry (Fra), Makda Haji Harun (Ess) and former National Cross Country Champion, Courtney Powell (BH), returning to compete after a long period interrupted by injury.  Wilson led for quite a way, with Patterson on her shoulder and Haji Harun also close up.  Mid race, Fry slipped back, with Courtney Powell running a prudent race in 5th position. 

In the concluding stages, Patterson surged past Wilson, with Fry passing Haji Harun who placed 4th, and Courtney Powell finishing 5th.  Marlie Campton was right at the front of the field in the early stages and this probably was the reason that she finished 22nd, albeit a good result for her and the team. Steph Kondogonis ran steadily and competitively to finish 27th and Jessie Muirden ran very well indeed to finish 39th, probably her best Cross Country race to date.

Julie Norney ran exceptionally well to place 50th and win her age division, with Kat Foley finishing 62nd, with Pia Hunter, 79th, making up the winning Division 4 team. June Petrie, 90th, Rachel Johnson, 97th, Kaman Ip, 131st and Kerry Putt, 133rd, combined to win Division 5.  It is a long time since we have seen results like these. 

Our Women’s 40+ team place second and the Women’s 50+ team won the gold medal, reinforcing what a great day it was for our female teams.

The next event will be the 10 K championships for men and women at Bundoora on June 15.

 Individual Results

Open Men

1.      Joel Tobin-White                    Don 24:22

2.      Andrew Buchanan                  Ben 24:31

3.      David McNeill                         OXA 24:34

4      Dejen Gebraselassie             BH        25:06

5      Harry Summers                   BH        25:16

8      Will Potter                             BH        25:28

12    Nick Baggott                         BH        25:48

16    Andre Waring                      BH        25:56

26    Alex Ritchie                           BH        26:31

42    Michael Dowel                      BH        27:15

71    Zac Hunter                            BH        28:31

75    John Meagher                       BH        28:46

92    Josh De Stefanis                   BH        29:17

110  Dylan Perera                         BH        29:49

118  Michael Vaughan                 BH        30:01

128  Ross Thomas                         BH        30:33

139  Russel Clowes                       BH        30:56

151  Jackson Deane                      BH        31:12

169 Tony Langelaan                   BH        31:38

174  Kennedy Chen                      BH        31:55

188  Shane Holt                             BH        32:20

224  Peter Stefanos                       BH        33:27

229  Chris O’Connor                   BH        33:42

253  Jack Hill                                BH        34:36

269  Andrew Searle                      BH        35:24

281  Dino Crivelli                         BH        35:50

330  Simon St Hill                         BH        38:18

341  Dave Dougan                        BH        38:56

Under 20 4 k

19    Darcy Powne                         BH        14:46

Under 16 3 k

8      Izak Bibile                             BH        10:02

13    Thomas Diamond                 BH        10:12

Men’s Team Results

Premier Division Team Score 

1 Box Hill 71 

2 St Stephens Harriers 114 

3 Western Athletics 220 

4 Melbourne University 224 

5 Glenhuntly 244 

6 Doncaster 275 

Division 2 Team Score 

1 APS United 458 

2 Frankston 461 

3 Bendigo Region 473 

4 Box Hill #2 508 

Division 3 Team Score 

1 Mornington Peninsula 326 

2 Victorian Cross Country League 387 

3 Athletics Waverley 582 

4 St Stephens Harriers #2 625 

5 Box Hill #3 759 

Division 5 Team Score 

1 Box Hill #4 889 

2 Bendigo Region #2 907 

3 Richmond Harriers #2 954 

Division 7 Team Score 

1 APS United 1099 

2 Box Hill 1206 

3 Williamstown 1387 

Men 40 – 49 Team Score 

1 APS United 26 

2 Geelong Region 30 

3 Collingwood Harriers 44 

4 Athletics Essendon 45 

5 Old Xaverians 46

6 Athletics Waverley 47 

7 APS United #2 79

8 Box Hill 89 

Men 50 – 59 Team Score 

1 Box Hill 27 

2 APS United 31 

3 Old Xavierians 57 

Women’s Individual Results

1.      Alex Patterson                         OXA 28:39

2.      Charlotte Wilson                     Ess 28;41

3.      Kia Fry                                     Fra 28:44

5      Courtney Powell                   BH        29:12

22    Marlie Campton                   BH        31:38

27    Steph Kondogonis                BH        32:06

39    Jessie Muirden                      BH        33:12

50    Julie Norney                          BH        33:52 (Winner 50-54 age group)

62    Kat Foley                               BH        34:30

79    Pia Hunter                             BH        36:21  (Fourth 50 – 54 age group)

90    June Petrie                            BH        36:27 (Winner 55 – 59 age group)

97    Rachel Johnson                    BH        37:20 (10th 40 – 44 age group)

131  Kaman Ip                              BH        40:40                                       

133 Kerry Putt                             BH        40:56

174  Samantha Culbert                BH        48:15

Under 18 female 3 k

12    Freya Henriksen                   BH        12:14

Women’s Team Results

Division 2 Team Score 

1 Box Hill 93 

2 Geelong Region 121 

3 Diamond Valley 237 

Division 4 Team Score 

1 Box Hill #2 186 

2 Bendigo Region 269 

3 Collingwood Harriers #3 326 

Division 5 Team Score 

1 Box Hill 306 

2 Collingwood Harriers 419 

Women 40 – 49 Team Score 

1 Ballarat Region 31 

2 Box Hill 42  

3 Collingwood Harriers 49 

8 Box Hill  #2 104 

Women 50+ Team Score 

1 Box Hill 10 

2 Bendigo Region 22 

3 Athletics Waverley 54