XCR Round 10 – Tan Relays

September 22, 2019

It was a good day for Box Hill at the Tan in the final event of the XCR ’19 season, with a win in the women’s Division 2 competition, 2nd place to our Premier Division men and Over 50 women and third place to the Over 50 men, the Under 20 men, the Under 20 women and the Under 16 men.
Despite several withdrawals from our Premier Division men’s team, the team ran very well to put our team in contention all the way and finish a close 2nd. Special mention to Adrian Potter, who ran a brilliant first leg in the fast time of 10:49 for his lap of the Tan and to 16 year Doug Buckeridge, who stepped up to the open Premier Division team and held his own against older more experienced opponents.

Our Division 2 women’s team were clear winners and cemented their place on top of the ladder and will now be promoted back to the Premier division next year.


Men Premier Division (Team place: 2nd)
Adrian Potter         10:49
Nick Baggott           11:18
Doug Buckeridge    11:41
Michael Dowel       11:36
Alex Ritchie            11:37
Andre Waring         11:14 
Men Division 2 (Team place: 10th)
Michael Vaughan    12:58
Russell Clowes      13:03
Dylan Perera          13:08
Josh de Stefanis      12:47
Paul Prentice           13:56
Raymond Chan       13:30 
Men Division 3  (Team place: 14th)
Kennedy Chen        14:17
Simon St. Hill         16:18
Jack Ewinson         13:46
Shane Holt             13:36
Ross Thomas         13:13 
Men Division 5
Andrew Tunne        
Scott Bowman          
Men Over 50  (Team place: 3rd)
Peter Stefanos         15:00
Chris O’Connor       15:14
John Meagher         12:48 
Men Under 20  (Team place: 3rd)
Jack Stummer         12:572
Darcy Powne          12:373
Josh McLeod           12:17 
Men Under 16  (Team place: 3rd)
Jordan Abbott         12:40
Thomas Diamond   14:17
Izak Bibile              12:42 
Women Division 2  (Team place: 1st)
Marlie Campton      13:50
Steph Kondogonis  14:11
Katherine Foley      14:33
Courtney Powell     13:02 
Women Over 40  (Team place: 4th)
Caitlin Harrison      18:19
Kerry Putt               17:57
Kamaan Ip              17:11 
Women Over 50  (Team place: 2nd)
June Petrie              15:53
Amanda Harper      16:43
Pia Hunter               15:53 
Women Under 20 (Team place: 3rd)
Breanna Croall        15:14
Christine Ashton     15:45 
Sophie Westcott      15:05 
Women Under 161. Khushi Deol            16:02

XCR’19 Premierships¬†
Congratulations to our Women’s Division 2 team, Women over 50 and Men over 50,¬† who all won XCR’19 premierships.
Our men’s Premier division team also performed extremely well this year. Having won four of the last five premierships, we encountered tough opposition and some back luck throughout the year to finish in second place
Let’s hope that we can get back on top next year.