XCR15 – Round 1 – Jells Park Cross Country Relays – 18 April 2015

April 27, 2015


Box Hill juniors performed extremely well at the Jells Park cross country relays on Saturday, winning one gold and three silver medals. Our over 40 teams also picked up two medals.

Of the 13 divisions in which Box Hill fielded complete teams, we picked up 6 medals and two 4th places.

The Box Hill under 14 men’s team of Murray Lovass, Spencer Anderson and Mac Anderson won the gold medal, while Scott McKenzie, Lucas Pamminger and Alex Ritchie (under 18 men), Amy Rives, Georgia Hansen, Paris Powell (under 18 women) and Tamsyn Lovass, Molly McCarthy and Amy Atkinson (under 16 women) all won silver. Box Hill also picked up bronze medals in the Over 40 women’s race (Amanda Harper, Pia Hunter, Talitha Crawford) and the Over 49 men’s event (Simon Watson, Tony Langelaan and John Meagher).

Our men’s division 1 team was below full strength but finished 4th only about 40 seconds outside of second place. For a full report on the Open Men’s Race, please refer to the report by Ian Sloane below.

Our under 20 men’s team came up against some extremely strong competition and was also unlucky to miss out on a medal.

Special thanks to Hanson Wong who came ready to race if needed and then helped officiating all day and to Rachel Johnson and Martine Prendergast who also helped as officials. Thanks also to everyone who helped with timekeeping, your help is very much appreciated.


Men Division 1(Team place: 4th)

  1. Daniel Clark            19:47
  2. Michael Dowel        19:55
  3. Peter Green             19:37
  4. Steve Dinneen         18:55
  5. Will Potter               19:06
  6. Steve Kelly             18:40

Men Division 2 (Team place: 6th)

  1. Trent Collins           22:34
  2. Welday Mebrahtu   21:28
  3. James O’Connell     19:54
  4. Nick Baggott          20:15
  5. David Jiminez         22:53
  6. Andrew Hester       22:02

Men Over 40  (Team place: 3rd)

  1. John Meagher          20:45
  2. Tony Langelaan      22:21
  3. Simon Watson         22:38

Men Over 50 (Team place: 10th)

  1. Bill Dyer                 27:10
  2. Simon St. Hill         28:46
  3. Chris O’Connor      24:46

Men Under 20 (Team 1: place: 4th)

  1. Zac Hunter              20:58
  2. Ben Cox                  20:38
  3. Mitch Dyer              19:51

Men Under 20 (Team 2: place: 11th)

  1. Carlos Norman        24:12
  2. Jack Predergast       25:21
  3. Ray Chan                22:16

Men Under 18 (Team place: 2nd)

  1. Scott McKenzie      9:36
  2. Lucas Pamminger    10:15
  3. Alex Ritchie            9:43

Men Under 14 (Team place: 1st)

  1. Murray Lovass        11:22
  2. Mac Anderson        11:08
  3. Spencer Anderson   10:57

Women Division 1 (Team place: 7th)

  1. Grace Brown           22:40
  2. Hannh Deal             25:42
  3. Julie Norney            22:40
  4. Hayley Tomlinson   24:52
  5. Sarah Cant              24:54

Women Division 2 (Team place: 11th)

  1. Liza Henshall          27:15
  2. Grace Kalac                        25:08
  3. Louise Rait              26:55
  4. Caitlin Harrison       29:54

Women Division 4

  1. Kelly Ulf                 31:33
  2. Megan Sloane         29:51

Women Over 40 (Team place: 3rd)

  1. Amanda Harper      26:16
  2. Pia Hunter               28:04
  3. Talitha Crawford    27:18

Women Under 20 (Team place: 8th)

  1. Chloe Metzelling     12:37
  2. Imogen Purcell        13:02
  3. Zoe Schwerkolt       13:34

Women Under 18 (Team 1: place: 2nd)

  1. Georgia Hansen      11:02
  2. Amy Rives              11:27
  3. Paris Powell            11:37

Women Under 18 (Team 2: place: 7th)

  1. Sophie Schwerkolt  12:15
  2. Louise Ton              12:15
  3. Carly Atkinson        14:38

Women Under 16 (Team place: 2nd)

  1. Molly McCarthy     11:07
  2. Amy Atkinson        11:57
  3. Tamsyn Lovass       11:25


Ian Sloane’s Report on the Men’s Open Races:

Box Hill had a modest commencement to the winter season with our senior teams and an excellent beginning with our junior teams.

Our Premier Division male team finished fourth just out of the medals after a strong back-end performance.  The team started out in 7th position slipping to 8th and regaining 7th position at the end of the third leg. Steve Dinneen passed a number of opponents in the fourth leg to bring Box Hill up to fourth position 15 seconds behind third-placed Melbourne University. Ballarat had a commanding lead as one would have expected with Stuart McSweyn, Collis Birmingham, Ryan Gregson and Brett Robinson in their team.  Steve Moneghetti was a late inclusion in the Ballarat team after expecting to run in the 50 + team.

Geelong were also very competitive and as the race progressed Knox came into the picture with a surge towards the end.  Will Potter and Steve Kelly can very creditably to maintain fourth place. Will got past Melbourne University but was unable to hold off Zak Patterson who ran a very fast leg.  Knox’ momentum carried them into the silver medal position, over five minutes behind Ballarat.  Steve Kelly ran an almost identical time to his Knox opponent, and he just missed catching his Geelong opponent.  Geelong won the bronze medal and Box Hill was next over the line, fourth.

The Division 2 team had a hard battle, with the three top placed teams performing extremely well.  Essendon, relegated from Division 1 won the race from Doncaster, which is on the rise again, and Western Suburbs which took the early lead and fell back later when its depth was slightly less than its opponents. Nick Baggott and James McConnell were our standout performers.

Unfortunately, we did not field any other senior men’s teams, which is a surprising turnabout form previous seasons when we have been competitive in four divisions.

Premier Division

  1. Ballarat                  109:55
  2. Knox                      115:09
  3. Geelong                 115:27
  4. Box Hill                 115:51
  5. SSH                       119:01
  6. Melbourne Uni       120:12

Division 2

  1. Essendon                119:05
  2. Doncaster               121:26
  3. Western Suburbs    122:17
  4. Glenhuntly             124:55
  5. Diamond Valley     127:04
  6. Box Hill                  128:56