XCR15 – Round 8 – Anglesea Ekiden Relay – Saturday 15 August 2015

August 21, 2015

The ekiden relay was held at Anglesea for the first time andf although numbers in general were down on those of the other relay events, it proved to be a testing and enjoyable event that is likely to grow in popularity in future years.

Congratulations to our men’s premier division team, the men’s over 50 team and the women’s over 40 team who all won silver medals and the men’s under 20 team who took the bronze.

Special thanks to Amy Carrig and Francis Pamminger, who volunteered to act as officials.

See below for Ian Sloane’s report.


Men Premier Division (Silver Medal)

9.8km            Steve Dinneen    31:20

8.8km            Will Potter           28:48

7.9km            Michael Dowel     26:31

6.0km            Dion Finocchiaro 22:06

5.2km            James O’Connell 16:57

4.6km            Nick Baggott       15:17

Men Division 2 (8th)

7.9km            Oscar Robinson   28:06

8.8km            Michael Vaughan 32:50

7.9km           Alex Ritchie          29:01

6.0km           Tony Langelaan   28:22

5.2km            Andrew Hester    20:14

4.6km            Lucas Pamminger 16:49

Men Division 3

9.8km            Russell Clowes    43:43

8.8km            Jack Hill              41:00

7.9km            Simon St. Hill      40:39

6.0km            Andrew Tunne


Men Under 20 (Bronze Medal)

8.8km           Carlos Norman     34:19

7.9km            Jack Prendergast 33:12

6.0km            Peter O’Leary      32:17

Women Premier Division (6th)

9.8km            Julie Norney        37:40

8.8km            Hayley Tomlinson 39:04

6.0km            Georgie Meehan  27:23

5.2km            Grace Kalac         20:38

4.6km            Sarah Cant          18:47

Women Division 2

9.8km            Amelia Savige

7.9km           Kelly Ulf


Men 50+ (Silver Medal)

9.8km            Peter Stefanos    39:28

7.9km            Graeme Olden     33:00

5.2km            Chris O’Connor   20:42

Women 40+ (Silver Medal)

8.8km            June Petrie                   38:11

6.0km            Pia Hunter           32:02

5.2km            Megan Sloane     25:33




Anglesea Ekiden Relays 15 August 2015 (Round 8)

This event was a new event on the calendar, and after a long hiatus, replaced the Coliban Relay races held near Bendigo, where they finished.  The Coliban Relays were not a popular event, because they were difficult to follow, on dangerous open roads and many clubs experienced difficulties getting athletes to the next changeover point and then ensuring athletes who had completed their leg were picked up safely and reunited safely with their (hopefully) dry gear.  Athletics Victoria (AV) discontinued the Coliban race several years ago and this event was created to replace it.

Apart from the first issue, compared with its predecessor, this event’s location proved to be a really good substitute.  It was difficult to follow the progress of athletes, but because it was an out and back course for all legs (even though of differing lengths), it did meet every one of the other concerns and had several great advantages as well.  These were the scenery and outlook were superb, the course was, by-and-large, safe and athletes could, if they wished, stay in Anglesea, Ocean Grove, Lorne, Airey’s Inlet or any number of other seaside locations the night before or stay on after the event had concluded. So AV’s decision to include it on the winter calendar was a very good one.

A tremendous amount of organisation went in to ensure that the running of the event was successful and the Anglesea Caravan Park and the local Council were exceptionally helpful.  Geelong stalwart and highly respected athlete, Brett Coleman was a driving force behind the course design and ensuring that things were in readiness for the day and deserves the highest accolades for his work.  He did a sensational job and deserves the congratulations of everyone who participated on the day.

There were fewer ill Hteams across all clubs that we had anticipated, and Box Hill’s starting contingent reflected this reality.  It was disappointing to see that a number of late withdrawals meant that we were either without any starters or couldn’t finish teams in quite a number of divisions. Hopefully, given all events’ dates are published in advance, we won’t strike this problem in the last two rounds.

There were six legs in the Men’s Premier Division of 9.8 km, 8.8 km, 7.9 km, 6.0 km, 5.2 km and 4.6 km.  These added up to 42.3 kilometres, so if the leg distances were accurate, then the race was 105 metres longer than the standard marathon distance, which is 42.195 km. These variable leg distances meant colour-coded bibs for each runner were deployed with the distance of the leg printed on them.  The Men’s Division 2 race was over the same circuit.  All other Divisions including the Women’s races had fewer runners and were therefore shorter.

Division 2 was sent off first at 12.30 p.m. and Liam Adams (Essendon) ran brilliantly, probably four or five minutes faster than was thought humanly possible.  It turned out that the Division 2 runners had been turned back without running the full lap.  This caught out the second runners from a number of clubs including Doncaster, because their second runners were running warm-up strides or putting their shoes when their first runner arrived at the changeover point.  Box Hill was up in equal fourth place with a very impressive lap from Oscar Robinson.  The first three teams to finish ahead of him fielded teams of Division 1 status.  Oscar handed over to Michael Vaughan, our second runner.

The Premier Division runners came into view soon after, and Steve Dinneen had run a cracker of a leg, bursting clear of the field to hold a 42 second advantage over all the other teams.  This was the fastest time of the day (Division 3 and 4 first leg runners also ran a short leg).  Knox, through Jordan Nelson, were second, with Zac Newman (Melbourne University) crossing in third, seven seconds in arrears.  Geelong, represented by Julian Spence, crossed in fourth place four seconds behind third, in striking distance, APS, Ballarat, Frankston and Glenhuntly, out of touch, behind the leading four clubs. However, it is always possible for a great athlete to bridge the gap in one leg and to get their team into contention.

Our Division 2 athlete, Michael Vaughan appears to have run the seventh fastest second leg in Division 2, but there were many errors in the provisional results, so this will need final confirmation. He ran solidly in this challenging leg.

Will Potter took over from Steve Dinneen and set off purposefully.  He performed well, and although overtaken by Nick Wightman, currently the top in-form runner in Victoria this year, Will held onto second place and ran the fourth fastest time for this leg, eclipsed only by Wightman (Geelong), Mitch Brown (Essendon – Division 2) and Jack Rayner (WES – also Division 2). Will should be well-satisfied with this effort and there will be two more opportunities for him to improve further in the winter season.  Michael Dowel was our third runner out and was up against Harry Smithers who increased Geelong’s lead by 17 seconds, so at the end of the third lap.  Meanwhile, Melbourne University made up ground on Box Hill and crossed the line just behind us.  Michael ran desperately hard in the last 100 metres to try to ensure that Box Hill maintained second place.

In Division 2, our third runner, Alex Ritchie performed really well and recorded 29:01 for the lap.  This was the fourth fastest time recorded in this leg by a Division 2 runner and was faster than two Premier Division runners.  Alex should be well-pleased with his performance, which was very competitive.

Dion Finocchiaro was next up in Division 1 and he ran a “blinder”, running away from his Melbourne University opponent, and reeling in Mark de Campo (Geelong) and overtaking him in a dazzling and extremely determined display of distance running.  His leg time of 22 m. 06 was the third fastest time on this leg, and the two runners who marginally eclipsed his effort were in teams well behind Box Hill, which had no chance of getting amongst the medals. This put us in with a reasonable chance and ensured a medal would come Box Hill’s way. We held a lead of 14 seconds over Geelong and 44 seconds over Melbourne University at the conclusion of this leg.

Division 2’s team was represented by Tony Langelaan, and he ran 28:22 for his leg. This was the 11th fastest time for this leg in Division 2. Tony put in his usual honest effort.

James O’Connell set out determinedly and managed to pull 70 seconds ahead of Melbourne University.  But the gap to Geelong shrank and Thompson (Geelong) got past him and pulled in to the changeover zone with a 12 second lead over Box Hill.  James ran the third fastest fifth leg, 15:57, a smart time for the 5.2 lap, eclipsed only by Thompson (Geelong) and Kelly (Glenhuntly). He has good reason to be satisfied with this effort.

Andrew Hester was our fifth Box Hill representative in Division 2.  He recorded 20:14, the ninth fastest Division 2 performance, and it was evident that he gave 100% on the day.

Nick Baggott set off chasing Julien Oey (Geelong).  He anchored the team home in the silver medal position and ran very creditably.  His sixth leg time of 15:17 was impressive and was the second fastest of the entire race.  Nick also should be proud of his team-oriented effort. We finished just 43 seconds down on Geelong, and 68 seconds clear of Melbourne University, which finished third.

Our Division 2 team was brought home by Lucas Pamminger, who ran very well to record 16:49, a very creditable effort.  This was the seventh fastest time in the leg and Box Hill finished eighth.

Other notable efforts occurred with a Bronze Medal in the under 20 race (Carlos Norman, Jack Prendergast and Peter O’Leary).

Our 50 Plus Men’s team won the Silver Medal (Peter Stefanos, Graeme Olden and Chris O’Connor).

Our 40+ Women won the Silver Medal (June Petrie, Pia Hunter and Megan Sloane).

The Division 1 Women’s team were 6th (Julie Norney 37:40, Hayley Tomlinson, 39:04, Georgie Meehan, 27:23, Grace Kalac, 20:38 and Sarah Cant, 18:47).  Julie Norney’s effort to cross the line in second position in the first leg of Division 1 was exceptional.  She is in really great form this year.

We lead clearly in Division 1 premiership points score and if we have strong teams for the final two rounds we can improve our positions in other Divisions, Men and Women.

Premier Division Times

Name                 Leg             Time      Elapsed Time Position      Leading team

Steve Dinneen     9.8k            31:20           31:20           1                  Box Hill (42s ahead)

Will Potter           8.8k            28:48           60:08           2                  Geelong (BH 8 s behind)

Michael Dowel      7.9k           26:31           86:39            2                  Geelong (BH 18 s behind)

Dion Finocchiaro   6.0k?         22:06           118:45          1                  Box Hill (14 s ahead)

James O’Connell   5.2k           16:57           125:42          2                  Geelong (BH 12 behind)

Nick Baggott        4.6k           15:17           140:59          2                  Geelong (BH 43 s behind)